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Sunday, December 7
RVLL celebrates 60 years, makes changes for upcoming 2015 season!

As Raccoon Valley Little League moves into its 60th year, our board strives to promote the development of our players, the quality of their play and to keep them engaged with the great game of baseball. Toward these ends, we've made some changes with our league structures for the upcoming 2015 season.
In an effort to keep the 9-year old league competitive we have folded them in with the 10-year olds. Combining 9- and 10-year olds should create a more competitive league, improve the level of play and keep the players more focused.

In a parallel move, the AAA and Majors divisions will both become Intermediate Leagues which means the age groupings will now be comprised of 11-, 12- and 13-year olds. It also means a larger field. Almost immediately, work will begin to adapt the infields, move the bases and pitching mounds back slightly, as well as modify the fences by either moving them back or higher (or some combination of the two). This might be done over the winter or early next spring.

This Intermediate League, and larger field, should allow players to transition more smoothly from the AAA and Majors divisions to Seniors. Our hope is that this move will keep more kids in that 13-year old age group playing ball for at least another year as they grow and develop, putting them in a better position to join the Seniors division when they turn 14.
We are tentatively scheduled to start the 2015 season on Saturday, April 10.

Check back for more details.

Sunday, December 7
Expanded boundaries drawn for 2015 season!

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Little League Baseball, Inc. has redrawn our official boundaries for the 2015 season, adding territory to the west that once fell under the jurisdiction of Walnut Creek, which is no longer a Little League affiliate. The boundary markers for our new territory are:

- STARTING POINT: Intersection of 73rd Street and Franklin
- EAST on Franklin Avenue to 48th Street
- SOUTH on 48th Street to Forest Avenue
- EAST on Forest to MLK Parkway
- SOUTH on MLK Parkway to University Avenue
- EAST on University Avenue to the Des Moines River
- SOUTH on the Des Moines River to intersection of the Raccoon River
- WEST on the Raccoon River to V Place/V Court (extended)
- NORTH on V Place/ V Court to Interstate 80
- WEST on Interstate 80 to Ute Avenue/R22
- NORTH Ute Avenue/R22 to Painted Woods Drive 
- WEST on Painted Woods Drive (extended) to T Avenue
- NORTH on T Avenue to University Avenue
- EAST on University Avenue to 73rd Street
- NORTH on 73th Street to Franklin Starting Point 

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Sunday, December 7
Registration opens next month

Due to low walk-in turnout last year, registration for the upcoming 2015 season will be handled online only. Registration is scheduled to go live on Monday, January 5. Here's looking forward to a great 60th anniversary season at RVLL!


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