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Sunday, November 11
RTP All In Poker League

This season 13 has come to it's close.  Satellite Game and Final table is set. Please check the standings to see where you ended up.  The Satellite Game will be at 8pm on Friday 12/7 and the Final game will be the next night on Saturday 12/8 at 8pm.  Stay tuned for locations. 

Remember that if you need a sub for the Satellite game you will have to use someone who is not a league member.  If you need a sub for the Final game you will need to use a league member only.  Please let Steve T or I know if you plan on using a sub for either game.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and Good luck.

Ben Paxton

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Keep checking this website for details and updates as well as your emails.  See you soon.

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