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The Rhode Island Southeastern Massachusetts Football and Spirit Conference sponsors and promotes youth tackle football and cheerleading for children in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are a Pop Warner organization.




Thursday, March 27

All 10 of our associations had athletes that qualified for Pop Warner All-American!  RISMA had 225 scholars!  Out of that 225 RISMA had 65 first team, 149 second team and 10 honorable mention out of the 1,700 New England All-American scholars.  We also had 13 national 1st team scholars!  A total of $21,500 was given at the New England banquet with $8,700 for RISMA scholars! 

Congratulations to the top scholars that received awards at the RISMA scholar banquet on March 1st!  All 225 RISMA All-American scholars received a plaque and an Amazon gift card.  Top of each grade awardee also received a Kindle Fire HD.  Our two top overall scholars received a windows tablet and keyboard.
 Top Overall Cheer:  Jordan Soufy       Top Overall Football:  Robert Cahill

5th Grade Cheer 

Jordan Soufy  Dighton Rehoboth 
5th Grade Football   Aidan Fyfe Dighton Rehoboth
6th Grade Cheer  Molly Thibeaudeau  East Bay
6th Grade Football   Seamus Fennelly Dighton Rehoboth 
7th Grade Cheer   Sara Campopiano  Fairhaven
7th Grade Football   Robert Cahill  Barrington
8th Grade Cheer   Laurie Hall  Middletown
8th Grade Football  Andrew Yang  Middletown

  Congratulations to the following that received scholarships at the New England Scholar banquet on March 14 and 15:

Sydney Viveiros  Fairhaven  $1,000 
Alexandra Mitchell  Fairhaven $1,000
Riley Tetreault  Fairhaven  $600 
Kathryn Kenney  Fairhaven  $500
Maranda Dutra Dartmouth $500
Camryn Kruger  Fairhaven $500
Andrew Yang Middletown $500
William Wheaton Dartmouth $500
Emily Leonard  Dighton Rehoboth $500
Kaitlyn Costa Fairhaven $500
Kaily Humason Dartmouth $500 
Gianna McNally Portsmouth $500
Julie Dextraze Fairhaven $500
Lisa Reed East Bay $500
Julia Theodore Dartmouth $500

Also, congratulations to the following for awarded the top scholar of their grade for New England:
5th Grade Cheer Kendall Ferris Portsmouth
5th Grade Football Aidan Fyfe Dighton Rehoboth
5th Grade Football Matthew Fraticelli-Crook Middletown
6th Grade Cheer Lauren Fennely Dighton Rehoboth
8th Grade Cheer Sydney Viveiros Fairhaven
8th Grade Cheer Alexandra Mitchell Fairhaven