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This site is dedicated to recognizing and promoting the efforts of all schools and student/athletes throughout Riverside County. We hope to offer all coaches, student/athletes and parents a web site that they can continually go to for information regarding Prep Track & Field in Riverside County.

2018 Riverside County Boys' Top Marks

With league finals on deck, we FINALLY found some time to update the Riverside County lists!   We've restricted the list to Top 30, while indicating who is within the Top 10!    


And those damn wind readings, especially for the jumps.    We need to mandate that all jumps have a wind reader with an accurate wind reading present!     

 Top Ten Boys' Teams

1) Great Oak    Div. I Champions + California State Runner-Ups
2) Vista Murrieta   (beat Great Oak and Murrieta Mesa in dual meets)
3) Roosevelt
4) Murrieta Mesa    California State Champs!!!   + Div. II Champs
5) Rancho Verde
6) Elsinore
7) Centennial
8) ML King
9) Santiago
10) Chaparral 


100 meters
Christian Shakir Ricks (Murrieta Mesa) 10.51 (#7 AT)
Carlton Johnson (Rancho Verde) 10.77
Matthew Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) 10.79
*Dorien Mars (Roosevelt) 10.84
*Kamari Maddox (Elsinore) 10.84   
*Nick Beam (ML King) 10.89
*Myles Martin (Vista Murrieta) 10.90
**Marcello Watson (Centennial) 10.91
Mikel Barkley (Great Oak) 10.91
*Jamar Simpson (Rancho Verde) 10.91
Ryan Ellis (Norco) 10.92
*Jace MacConell (Xavier Prep) 10.92
Grant Edwards (Centennial) 10.93
Dominic Evans (Centennial) 10.93
Parris Samaniego (Vista Murrieta) 10.94
Donovan Witherspoon (Santiago) 10.95
Corey Howland (Vista Murrieta) 10.95
Martin Graise (San Jacinto) 10.99
Jedidiah Jackson (Palm Desert) 10.99
Chandler Barbato (Xavier Prep) 11.00
Joel Collins (Great Oak) 11.02
*Grant Gaskins (Great Oak) 11.05
Elisha Guidry (Vista Murrieta) 11.06
*Malique Owens (Santiago) 11.07
Daniel Smith (Chaparral) 11.08
**Elijah Richards (Chaparral) 11.09
Jasiah Richard Lewis (Rancho Verde) 11.09
Jeremiah Queen (Murrieta Mesa) 11.15
**Emmanuel Jones (Vista Murrieta) 11.15
*Fabrice Voyne (Xavier Prep) 11.15
Isaiah Battle (Vista Murrieta) 11.19
James Phillips (Heritage) 11.19
Pierce Carter (Rancho Mirage) 11.21
Chandler Owens (Rancho Verde) 11.22 

Wind aided or nwi: 
James Green (Cathedral City) 10.76   nwi
Matthew Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) 10.76    nwi
*Kamari Maddox (Elsinore) 10.80     +2.7
Corey Howland (Vista Murrieta) 10.80     +4.0
Jabriel Smith (JW North) 10.82    +2.4
Carlton Johnson (Rancho Verde) 10.82    +2.4
*Jace MacConell (Xavier Prep) 10.83      nwi
*Myles Martin (Vista Murrieta) 10.84   +2.3
Parris Samaniego (Vista Murrieta) 10.86     +2.3
Donovan Witherspoon (Santiago) 10.86   +2.6
Dominic Evans (Centennial) 10.87w
Darnell Richardson (Heritage) 10.88   +2.7
James Phillips (Heritage) 10.96   nwi
Cole Cruz (Palm Springs) 10.99   nwi
Daniel Smith (Chaparral) 11.01    nwi
*Orlando Ornelas (Chaparral) 11.02     +4.0
**Emmanuel Jones (Vista Murrieta) 11.04   +4.4

200 meters
Christian Shakir Ricks (Murrieta Mesa) 20.98  (#4 AT) STATE CHAMP!!!
Matthew Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) 21.52
Parris Samaniego (Vista Murrieta) 21.54
Carlton Johnson (Rancho Verde) 21.85
Davonte Williams (Murrieta Mesa) 21.86
*Kamari Maddox (Elsinore) 22.09
Grant Edwards (Centennial) 22.21
*Ismail Turner (West Valley) 22.22
**Donovan Nelson (La Sierra) 22.24
Corey Howland (Vista Murrieta) 22.24
Daniel Smith (Chaparral) 22.24
Ryan Ellis (Norco) 22.26
Cole Cruz (Palm Springs) 22.26
Hassan Gates (Temecula Valley) 22.32
*Myles Martin (Vista Murrieta) 22.35
Darnell Richardson (Heritage) 22.36
Donovan Witherspoon (Santiago) 22.40
Mikel Barkley (Great Oak) 22.45
*Malique Owens (Santiago) 22.47
**Emmanuel Jones (Great Oak) 22.48
*Grant Gaskins (Great Oak) 22.50
*Nick Beam (ML King) 22.51
*Jace MacConnel (Xavier Prep) 22.51
*Martin Graise (San Jacinto) 22.51
Fabian Bodden (Great Oak) 22.58
Isaiah Battle (Vista Murrieta) 22.63
DeShawn Nendel (Riverside Poly) 22.64
*Jermarcus Tate (Murrieta Mesa) 22.65
*Mason Carvalho (Paloma Valley) 22.68
Dominic Evans (Centennial) 22.68
Nizar Jackson (Canyon Springs) 22.70

Wind aided or NWI: 
Christian Shakir Ricks (Murrieta Mesa) 21.00    +2.5
Matthew Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) 21.49   nwi
*Kamari Maddox (Elsinore) 21.91   nwi
*Gregory Lapit (Centennial) 21.97   nwi
Ryan Ellis (Norco) 22.05   +2.5
Cole Cruz (Palm Springs) 22.18   nwi
Daniel Smith (Chaparral) 22.23    nwi
Lucas Anotado (Roosevelt) 22.24   nwi
**Liam Carr (Palm Desert) 22.30  nwi
*Jace McConnell (Xavier Prep) 22.31  nwi
Martin Graise (San Jacinto) 22.33   nwi
*Mason Carvahlo (Paloma Valley) 22.34  nwi
Dominic Evans (Centennial) 22.35   nwi
Orlando Ornelas (Chaparral) 22.35   nwi
Jermarcus Tate (Murrieta Mesa) 22.40   nwi
Fabian Bodden (Great Oak) 22.42 nwi
*Dorien Mars (Roosevelt) 22.45  nwi

400 meters
Parris Samaniego (Vista Murrieta) 47.40 (#6 AT)
Matthew Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) 47.47  (#7 AT)
*Ismael Turner (West Valley) 47.97 (#19 AT)
*Gregory Lapit (Centennial) 48.32
*Jalen Jackson (Roosevelt) 48.61
Christian Shakir Ricks (Murrieta Mesa) 48.93
Jackson Taylor (Roosevelt) 49.06
Torre Smith (Rancho Verde) 49.09
Davonte Williams (Murrieta Mesa) 49.54 
**Donovan Nelson (La Sierra) 49.59
Jermarcus Tate (Murrieta Mesa) 49.99
Fabian Bodden (Great Oak) 50.07
Adelou Adefouora (Roosevelt) 50.11
***Menelik Israel (Norco) 50.21
**Liam Carr (Palm Desert) 50.26
**Elijah Richards (Chaparral) 50.27
Ethan Hemminger (Great Oak) 50.29
Bryan Payne (Elsinore) 50.31
Jamari Jackson (Temecula Valley) 50.34
*Josh Wilcox (Roosevelt) 50.41
Daniel Smith (Chaparral) 50.45
*Travion Brown (Linfield Christian) 50.49
*Sebastian Flores (Temecula Prep) 50.56
Joseph Halman (West Valley) 50.69
Ezekiel Armstrong (Temecula Valley) 50.86
Andrew Lazelle (Great Oak) 50.87
*Mason Carvalho (Paloma Valley) 51.04
Jacob Shields (Riverside Poly) 51.04
Marcus Ayala (Vista del Lago) 51.05
*Anthony Sparks (Valley View) 51.28
Divine Iloputaife (Beaumont) 51.29
Eric Roman (ML King) 51.32
Parker Wallace (La Quinta) 51.32

800 meters
Jackson Taylor (Roosevelt) 1:53.21 (#23 AT)
*Willie Coleman (Vista Murrieta) 1:54.60 
Parker Wallace (La Quinta) 1:55.09
Jared Angle (Vista Murrieta) 1:55.37
Jacob Korgan (Great Oak) 1:56.43
Kyle Pendleton (Santiago) 1:56.83
**Chris Verdugo (Great Oak) 1:57.37
*Dylan Woodward (Centennial) 1:57.61
*Grayson Boyce (Great Oak) 1:57.62
Andrew Lazelle (Great Oak) 1:57.66   
Raymon Ornelas (Roosevelt) 1:57.71
Gavin Korby (Great Oak)  1:57.77
Joey Sanchez (Valley View) 1:57.98
**Edgar Lizarraga (Murrieta Mesa) 1:58.29
Carlos Carvajal (Great Oak) 1:58.32
*Elvis Rojas (Beaumont) 1:58.34
*Israel Echeverria (Corona) 1:58.40
Wayne Richards (Roosevelt) 1:58.61
*Garrett Vasta (ML King) 1:58.73
Matthew Lieberman (Roosevelt) 1:58.73
***Sam Medure (Riverside Poly) 1:58.81
Andres Romero (Coachella Valley) 1:58.82
*Trevor Nguru (Rancho Verde) 1:58.91
*Josh Wilcox (Roosevelt) 1:59.15
***Mateo Joseph (Great Oak) 1:59.23
Trevor Woodward (Centennial) 1:59.27
Humberto Gonzalez (Rancho Verde) 1:59.62
Josh Hunck (Chaparral) 1:59.74
*Ryan Shields (Great Oak) 1:59.75
**Angel Sanchez (Perris) 1:59.86
Jose Morales (Indio) 2:00.07
Mohammed Mohamed (JW North) 2:00.16
Justin Velarde (Great Oak) 2:00.28
**Ricardo Sainz (Roosevelt) 2:00.38

1600 meters
Carlos Carvajal (Great Oak) 4:13.92 (#22 AT)
Edgard Villa (Vista Murrieta) 4:14.30 (#24 AT)
Gavin Korby (Great Oak) 4:15.01
Raymon Ornelas (Roosevelt) 4:15.82
Trevor Woodward (Centennial) 4:16.56
**Chris Verdugo (Great Oak) 4:17.47
Vincent Martinez (Chaparral) 4:17.63
Kyle Pendleton (Santiago) 4:18.13c
*Tyler Tickner (Great Oak) 4:19.84
Isaiah Gonzalez (Shadow Hills) 4:19.85 
*Noah Nevins (Great Oak) 4:20.66
*Ryan Shields (Great Oak) 4:21.23
*Garrett Vasta (ML King) 4:21.42
*Kevin Ramos (Rubidoux) 4:21.82
Marcos Milla (Santiago) 4:22.10
**Raul Chavez (Roosevelt) 4:22.28c
Antonio Carbajal (Chaparral) 4:22.78
Jacob Korgan (Great Oak) 4:23.9
**Gabriel Abbes (Great Oak) 4:24.36c
Matthew Lieberman (Roosevelt) 4:26.12
**Micah Baird (Great Oak) 4:26.47
Johan Sanchez (Ramona) 4:26.94
Tyler Spencer (Roosevelt) 4:27.50
*Dylan Woodward (Centennial) 4:28.41
Andres Mejia (Indio) 4:28.70
*Grayson Boyce (Great Oak) 4:29.03
**Michael Sahagun (Roosevelt) 4:29.42
***Gabe Jasperson (Murrieta Mesa) ) 4:29.43
***Edgar Ortega (ML King) 4:29.83
Jared Angle (Vista Murrieta) 4:29.91
*Aaron Lieberman (Roosevelt) 4:30.13
Humberto Gonzalez (Rancho Verde) 4:30.53
Moises Rendon (Roosevelt) 4:30.53
*Dominic Gonzalez (Patriot) 4:30.70
**Ricardo Sainz (Roosevelt) 4:30.91
Victor Ubina (Indio) 4:31.10
**Michael Holland (Vista Murrieta) 4:31.76
***Mateo Joseph (Great Oak) 4:32.11
*Cody Patrick (Murrieta Valley) 4:32.18
Josh Hunck (Chaparral) 4:32.33
***Sam Medure (Riverside Poly) 4:32.49
*Brock Stuckey (Great Oak) 4:32.61
Ricardo Cruz (Corona) 4:33.11
***Alex Kalmar (Temecula Valley) 4:33.42
Justin Velarde (Great Oak) 4:33.79
***Austin Montez (Great Oak) 4:34.44
Anthony Rojas (La Quinta) 4:34.46
***Kyle Reden (Great Oak) 4:34.70
***Raen Reyes (La Quinta) 4:34.89
*Willie Coleman (Vista Murrieta) 4:34.95
**Cole Havins (Murrieta Mesa) 4:35.04
Kevin Lopez (Roosevelt) 4:35.20
***Diego Sanchez (Perris) 4:35.54
**Austin Fortenberry (ML King) 4:35.75
Marod Jackson (Chaparral) 4:36.01

3200 meters
Carlos Carvajal (Great Oak) 9:05.16 (#10 AT)
Trevor Woodward (Centennial) 9:06.11 (#17 AT)
*Kevin Ramos (Rubidoux) 9:06.46 (#18 AT)
Raymon Ornelas (Roosevelt) 9:08.36 (#22 AT)
Marcos Milla (Santiago) 9:11.69
Edgard Villa (Vista Murrieta) 9:14.75
*Tyler Tickner (Great Oak) 9:15.63
**Gabriel Abbes (Great Oak) 9:16.50
Gavin Korby (Great Oak) 9:18.20
**Raul Chavez (Roosevelt) 9:22.09
Antonio Carbajal (Chaparral) 9:24.41
Tyler Spencer (Roosevelt) 9:27.78
**Michael Sahagun (Roosevelt) 9:36.13
Isaiah Gonzalez (Shadow Hills) 9:37.38
Marod Jackson (Chaparral) 9:38.33
Moises Rendon (Roosevelt) 9:40.49
*Fabian Acosta (Cathedral City) 9:40.92
**Chris Verdugo (Great Oak) 9:41.31
**Joshua Abrenica (Great Oak) 9:43.51
Matthew Lieberman (Roosevelt) 9:43.69
Justin Flores (Vista Murrieta) 9:43.94
**Aric Reza (Great Oak) 9:45.04
*Brock Stuckey (Great Oak) 9:45.05
Nolan Valdivia (Beaumont) 9:45.07
**Cole Havins (Murrieta Mesa) 9:45.63
*Cameron Hylton (Great Oak) 9:45.77
*Juan Nunez (Valley View) 9:46.10
Ivan Guillen (California Military Institute) 9:46.22
*Dylan Woodward (Centennial) 9:46.74
Andres Mejia (Indio) 9:47.80
*Victor Ubina (Indio) 9:48.36
*Aaron Perez (Indio) 9:51.04
*Clayton Castro (Murrieta Valley) 9:51.13
Kevin Lopez (Roosevelt) 9:51.65
**Mateo Joseph (Great Oak) 9:53.18
*Noah Nevins (Great Oak) 9:54.71
Jeremy Stevens (Murrieta Valley) 9:54.83
Ricardo Cruz (Corona) 9:55.00
*Aaron Lieberman (Roosevelt) 9:55.13
***Jacob Bustamonte (Chaparral) 9:56.22
**Leandro Candray (Great Oak) 9:56.23
***John Worthy (Great Oak) 9:57.24
***Austin Montez (Great Oak) 9:57.26
**Logan Hernandez (Beaumont) 9:57.43
***Gabe Jasperson (Murrieta Mesa) 9:57.84
***Jacob Bustamante (Chaparral) 9:58.53
LeRenzo Gibson (Riverside Poly) 9:59.65
*Garrett Vasta (ML King) 9:59.76
**Austin Fortenberry (ML King) 10:00.06
**Micah Baird (Great Oak) 10:00.42
***Victor Ceja (Corona) 10:00.68
***Kyle Reden (Great Oak) 10:00.92
**Ricardo Sainz (Roosevelt) 10:01.37
***Ricardo Sanchez (Perris) 10:01.85
**Mitchell Machuca (ML King) 10:02.07
**Edgar Lizarraga (Murrieta Mesa) 10:02.18

110 Hurdles
Jaden Ellis (Vista del Lago) 13.97 (#8 AT) STATE CHAMPION
*Reyte Rash (ML King) 14.69 
**Hunter Escorcia (Vista Murrieta) 14.75
Lucas Anotado (Roosevelt) 14.86
*Daniel Browne (Murrieta Mesa) 15.20
*Nathan Coker (Vista Murrieta) 15.29
Jalen Jefferson (Beaumont) 15.34
*Wayne Thomas (San Jacinto) 15.43
Julian Soriano (Murrieta Valley) 15.55       
Tyler Bishop (Chaparral) 15.59
Jerry Ochoa (Norco) 15.65
Chris Sagrero (Elsinore) 15.66
Alex Deal (West Valley) 15.78
*Brendan Wilson (Paloma Valley) 15.93
*Matthew Siggins (Elsinore) 16.05
***Noah Armstrong (Murrieta Valley) 16.05
Kia Riuth (Moreno Valley) 16.06
Alex Khachigian (Palm Desert) 16.16
*Nate Anderson (Great Oak) 16.20
**Wisdom Obiezu (Roosevelt) 16.23
**Kamari Ross (Beaumont) 16.28 
*Noah Griffiths (Riverside Poly) 16.33
*Daryus Babers (Temescal Canyon) 16.37  
*Dylan Francis (Shadow Hills) 16.50
**Darian Williams (Roosevelt) 16.58
Dominic Fernandez (Hillcrest) 16.59
Evan Vigrass (Riverside Poly) 16.69
*Nick Bianchi (Vista Murrieta) 16.73
**Glen McKenzie (Rancho Verde) 16.77
Daniel Smith (Chaparral) 16.84

Wind aided or NWI:  (still adjusting)
Jaden Ellis (Vista del Lago) 13.93  +2.6
*Reyte Rash (ML King) 14.49   +2.7
**Hunter Escorcia (Vista Murrieta) 14.60    +2.7 
Tyler Bishop (Chaparral) 15.57    nwi
*Nathan Coker (Vista Murrieta) 15.61        +2.7
*Brendan Wilson (Paloma Valley) 15.93        nwi
Chris Sagrero (Elsinore) 16.15        nwi
Julian Soriano (Murrieta Valley) 16.29    nwi
*Dylan Francis (Shadow Hills) 16.31      nwi
Alex Khachigian (Palm Desert) 16.34    nwi


300 Hurdles
*Reyte Rash (ML King) 37.17 (#7 AT) STATE MEET RUNNER-UP
Jaden Ellis (Vista del Lago) 38.89
Lucas Anotado (Roosevelt) 39.20
Fabian Bodden (Great Oak) 39.29
*Daniel Browne (Murrieta Mesa) 39.38
Jerry Ochoa (Norco) 39.62
*Jevon Weems (Rancho Verde) 39.74
**Hunter Escorcia (Vista Murrieta) 39.83
*Wayne Thomas (San Jacinto) 40.15
Tyler Bishop (Chaparral) 40.16
**Glen McKenzie (Rancho Verde) 40.25
Evan Vigrass (Riverside Poly) 40.54
Chris Sagrero (Elsinore) 40.92  
**Wisdom Obiezu (Roosevelt) 41.11
Aaron Moore (Paloma Valley) 41.20
*Noah Griffiths (Riverside Poly) 41.28
**Logan Brace (Centennial) 41.32
Julian Soriano (Murrieta Valley) 41.53
Jacob Knerl (ML King) 41.55
Thomas  Eddington (Paloma Valley) 41.91
**Kamari Ross (Beaumont) 41.96
**Parker Lyons (Palm Desert) 42.00
Dominic Fernandez (Hillcrest) 42.01
Armando Denis (Coachella Valley) 42.12
*Dominic Lewis (Arlington) 42.22
**Hayden Palma (Roosevelt) 42.48
**Alex Miles (La Quinta) 42.50
Alex Deal (West Valley) 42.64

400 Relay
Great Oak - 40.99 (#4 AT) STATE CHAMPS!!!!
Murrieta Mesa – 41.25  (#8 AT)
Rancho Verde – 41.26 (#9 AT)
Vista Murrieta – 41.78 (#26 AT)
Chaparral – 42.36
San Jacinto – 42.70
Elsinore – 42.83
ML King – 42.85
Roosevelt – 42.86
Heritage – 42.92
Centennial – 42.92     
Temecula Valley – 43.05
Santiago – 43.07
Vista del Lago – 43.22
Palm Springs – 43.29
Coachella Valley – 43.31
Riverside Poly – 43.66
Norco – 43.70
Beaumont – 43.73
Rancho Mirage – 43.87
Paloma Valley – 43.93
Notre Dame – 43.98
Ramona – 44.26
Xavier Prep – 44.31
West Valley – 44.41
Temescal Canyon – 44.48
Rubidoux – 44.54
Valley View – 44.64
Murrieta Valley – 44.67
Palm Desert – 44.68
Hemet – 44.74

1600 Relay
Murrieta Mesa – 3:10.86  (#3 AT) STATE CHAMPS!!!
Rancho Verde - 3:14.37 (#11 AT)
Roosevelt – 3:14.95 (#17 AT)
Vista Murrieta – 3:22.57
Centennial – 3:23.49
Temecula Valley – 3:23.68  
Great Oak – 3:23.89
Paloma Valley - 3:26.28
Chaparral – 3:26.47  
Norco – 3:26.57 
ML King – 3:26.86 
Elsinore – 3:27.60 
Vista del Lago – 3:29.23
Riverside Poly – 3:29.35
Valley View - 3:29.67
Coachella Valley - 3:29.91
Beaumont – 3:30.32
West Valley - 3:31.17
La Quinta – 3:31.66 
Temescal Canyon – 3:31.74       
Palm Desert – 3:32.02
Arlington – 3:32.28
Rubidoux - 3:32.86
Murrieta Valley - 3:32.97
La Sierra – 3:33.21
Patriot – 3:33.75

High Jump  (still adjusting)
Trevon Waters (Murrieta Valley) 6-6
***Darius Hill (Vista Murrieta) 6-4
Tyler Riley (Roosevelt) 6-3
Traveon Lee (CA Military Institure) 6-2
Kevin Barnes (Rancho Verde) 6-2”
Drew Gosserand (Notre Dame) 6-2”
**Ke’shawn Mattear (Vista Murrieta) 6-2”
John Pratt (Perris) 6-2”
Patrick Maria (San Jacinto) 6’2”
Kevin Maria (San Jacinto) 6’2”
***Noah Dunker (Beaumont) 6’1”
CJ Stevenson (Great Oak) 6’0”
*Jeremiah Purnell  (Coachella Valley) 6’0”
Damitre Cobb (Heritage) 6’0”
Landon Tutwiler (Paloma Valley) 6’0”
*Brandon Wilson (Paloma Valley) 6’0”
Sidney Robinson (Valley View) 6’0”
Stacy Funderburk (Beaumont) 6’0”
Demetrius Kee (Elsinore) 6’0”
*Grant Gaskins (Great Oak) 6’0”
*John Johnson (Riverside Poly) 5’10”
*Elijah Huber (JW North) 5’10”
**Dylan Steward (Vista Murrieta) 5’10”
Robert Ayala (Desert Mirage) 5’10”
*Suneal Jeetan (Shadow Hills) 5’10”
Excel Iloputaife (Beaumont) 5’10”
Ryan Perez Santa Maria (Rancho Verde) 5’10”
**Brandon Mehegan (Linfield Christian) 5’10”

Pole Vault
*Ethan Amata (Roosevelt) 15’4” (#14 AT)
Ernesto Collazo (Great Oak) 15’3”  (#15 AT)
*Brady Ho (Beaumont) 15’0” (#21 AT)
*Jakob Ernst (Roosevelt) 14’7”
*Jacob Camarena (Roosevelt) 14’6”
Cameron Franklin (Great Oak) 14’6”
Dustin Davis (Vista Murrieta) 14’5”
**Kyle Yonker (Great Oak) 14’0”
***Jack Wright (Great Oak) 14’0”
**Kendal Gibbs (Vista Murrieta) 13’9”
*Nicholas Gutierrez (Corona) 13’7”
Cameron McCracken Payo (ML King) 13’7”
*Russell Briggs (Great Oak) 13’5”
Francis Alipranti (Murrieta Mesa) 13’4”
*John Henry Velena (Roosevelt) 13’1”
*Thai Pham (Corona) 13’1”
Ryan Bavier (ML King) 13’1”
Antonio Gomez (Patriot) 12’9”
Jacob Bokelman (Corona) 12’7”
Trevor Stark (Elsinore) 12’6”
**Blake Porter (Great Oak) 12’6”
*Theo Genuino (Roosevelt) 12’1”
Matthew Perez (ML King) 12’1”
Anthony Chi (Centennial) 12’1”

Long Jump     (still adjusting)
CJ Stevenson (Great Oak) 24-3  (#7 AT)
Kevin Maria (San Jacinto) 22-11.5
*Kamari Maddox (Elsinore) 22-9.25
Patrick Maria (San Jacinto) 21-9.5
***Darius Hill (Vista Murrieta) 21-9
**Richard Harris (Vista Murrieta) 21-6   
Javon Chia (Heritage) 21-6 
Stacy Funderburk (Beaumont) 21-5.25

*Brendan Wilson (Paloma Valley) 21-4.5 
Darnay Smith (Santiago) 21-3.5
*Keivon Hollins (Rancho Verde) 20-11.25
Robert Heiermann (Valley View) 20-9
Eric Allen (Vista Murrieta) 20-7
*Roshon Williams (Roosevelt) 20-6.5
Trevon Waters (Murrieta Valley) 20’5.25
Stanun Rudley (Rancho Verde) 20’5.25   
Traveon Lee (CA Military Institure) 20-5 

*Drake Presto (Great Oak) 20’2
James Gamble (Murrieta Valley) 20-1.75
**Brandon Mehegan (Linfield Christian) 20-1.5
*Kenneth Williams (Murrieta Mesa) 20-0.75
*Christian Berry (Temecula Valley) 20-0
Jevauni Finnikin (Santiago) 20-0
**Tschaikowshy Brown (Palm Springs) 19’11.5
Lakertic Nendel (Riverside Poly) 19-10

Wind aided or NWI:  
*Kamari Maddox (Elsinore) 23-6  nwi
**Richard Harris Williams (Vista Murrieta) 22-2    +2.7
***Darius Hill (Vista Murrieta) 21-10.5
Traveon Lee (CA Military Institure) 21-9.5 
Lakertic Nendel (Riverside Poly) 21-3.5  nwi
Jeremiah Queen (Murrieta Mesa) 21-3  nwi
Patrick Maria (San Jacinto) 21-0.5  nwi
*Brendan Wilson (Paloma Valley) 20-11  nwi
Trevon Waters (Murrieta Valley) 20-8.5    nwi
*Temi Jekayinfa (Arlington) 20-8.25   nwi
Robert Heiermann (Valley View) 20-8  nwi
Javon Chia (Heritage) 20-8   nwi
*Damion Loman (Palm Springs) 20-7
Romello Edwards (Perris) 20-6.5  nwi
Darnay Smith (Santiago) 20-6.5   nwi
**Brandon Mehegan (Linfield Christian) 20-4    nwi
Mikel Barkley (Great Oak) 20-2   nwi

Triple Jump     
CJ Stevenson (Great Oak) 50-6.5   **NEW COUNTY RECORD**     

Traveon Lee (CA Military Institure) 47-0.25 
Christian Gbla (Temecula Valley) 45-4.25    -2.1 wind
Lakertic Nendel (Riverside Poly) 45-0
**Richard Harris (Vista Murrieta) 44-11
Gianni Browner (Riverside Poly) 44-5.75
Eric Allen (Vista Murrieta) 44-5
*Kenneth Williams (Murrieta Mesa) 44-4.75
Romello Edwards (Perris) 44-2
Stacy Funderburk (Beaumont) 44-1.5
Kevin Maria (San Jacinto) 43-11
Robert Heiermann (Valley View) 43-8
Damitre Cobb (Heritage) 43-7.5
Javon Chia (Heritage) 43-7
**Tschaikowsky Brown (Palm Springs) 43-3
**Brandon Mehegan (Linfield Christian) 42-1.75
**Donavin Moreno (Vista del Lago) 42-0.25
Patrick Maria (San Jacinto) 41-11
Steven Tinoco (Elsinore) 41-7.5
Ryan Hicks (Vista Murrieta) 41-6.5
Cody Mills (Murrieta Mesa) 41-2.25
*Christian Berry (Temecula Valley) 40-11.75
*Drake Presto (Great Oak) 40-10
*Stanun Rudley (Rancho Verde) 40-9.25
**Nathapas Vongbaravipatr (Roosevelt) 40’0.5
***Gabriel Jones (Riverside Poly) 39-11.5
Donn Olaivar (Beaumont) 39-8

wind aided or NWI:  still adjusting
CJ Stevenson (Great Oak) 50'5"
*Travion Lee (California Military Institute) 47’2”  nwi
Romello Edwards (Perris) 45-1    nwi
**Richard Harris Williams (Vista Murrieta) 44’8”    nwi
Damitre Cobb (Heritage) 44’7”       nwi
Eric Allen (Vista Murrieta) 44’2.5”    nwi
Sidney Robinson (Valley View) 43’10”  nwi
*Temi Jekayinfa (Arlington) 43’4.5”   nwi
Lakertic Nendel (Riverside Poly) 42’9”  nwi
Andryall Smith (Perris) 42’4”    nwi
*Drake Presto (Great Oak) 42’2”  nwi
Robert Heiermann (Valley View) 41’9”    nwi
Jovan Ramos (Coachella Valley) 41’9”    nwi
*Grant Gaskins (Great Oak) 41’8.25”  nwi
Steven Tinoco (Elsinore) 41’8”     nwi
Patrick Maria (San Jacinto) 41’6”   nwi
Sidney Robinson (Valley View) 41’5.25”
Stacy Funderburk (Beaumont) 41’4”    nwi     
Tyler Riley (Roosevelt) 41’2.5”       nwi
Daemahni Williams (Murrieta Mesa) 41’1.75”  nwi
Ryan Hicks (Vista Murrieta) 41’1.5”  nwi
*Brendan Wilson (Paloma Valley) 41’1”  nwi

Shot Put
Silas Hurst (Santiago) 60-8 (#12 AT)
Jaime Navarro (Great Oak) 59-11 (#20 AT)
Harrison Gould (Great Oak) 59-5.5 (#24 AT)
John Ober (Patriot) 52-10
**Nicholas Meeker (Great Oak) 52-2
*Alex Oyawale (Vista Murrieta) 49-4
Avante Robbs (Heritage) 48-7
Jeff Miller (Murrieta Mesa) 48-4.25
Theo Bullard (Valley View) 48-2
Edward Felix (Elsinore) 47-9.5
**Edward Ta’amilo (Vista Murrieta) 47-5
**Peni Masina (Vista Murrieta) 47-1
Dubois Samuel (Citrus Hill) 46-11
*Darren Jones (Vista Murrieta) 46-10.25
Manuel Aramburo (Cathedral City) 46-7
***James Wright (Great Oak) 45-10.25
**Erik Santiago (San Jacinto) 45-10
Howard Matthews (San Jacinto) 45-9.5
Olliver Silveira (Rubidoux) 45-9
Ricky Dejonette (Moreno Valley) 45-8.5
**Jackson Dodd (Elsinore) 45-8
*Emmanuel Giron (Norte Vista) 45-6
Matt Mizer (Beaumont) 45-2.5
Titus Slaver (Murrieta Mesa) 45-2
**Logan Perez (Beaumont) 45-1
*Robert Kells (ML King) 45-0
Parker Benner (Heritage) 44-6
*Thomas Tuff (Santiago) 44-4.5
***Austin Barry (JW North) 44-4
*Travion Brown (Linfield Christian) 44-3
*Anthony Rodriguez (Norte Vista) 44-3\

Jaime Navarro (Great Oak) 185-8 (#11 AT)
Harrison Gould (Great Oak) 178-11 (#18 AT)
John Ober (Patriot) 178-9 (#19 AT)
Silas Hurst (Santiago) 160-7
*Alex Oyawale (Vista Murrieta) 157-11
***James Wright (Great Oak) 156-10
*Darren Jones (Vista Murrieta) 151-4
**Edward Ta’amilo (Vista Murrieta) 151-1
*Emmanuel Giron (Norte Vista) 148-11
Parker Benner (Heritage) 148-1
Theo Bullard (Valley View) 147-8
Kehlin Hayes (Roosevelt) 146-8
**Peni Masina (Vista Murrieta) 146-7
*Daniel Guillen (Heritage) 146-5
*Michael Palma (Murrieta Mesa) 145-3
*Elijah Scott (West Valley) 144-0
Jacari McKinney (Moreno Valley) 143-0
*Joseph Alipranti (Murrieta Mesa) 142-9
*Samuela Mo’unga (Vista Murrieta) 141-8
Edward Felix (Elsinore) 141-5
Olliver Silviera (Rubidoux) 139-10
**Nicholas Meeker (Great Oak) 139-4
Henry Sandoval (Ramona) 138-8
Austin Rauscher (Palm Springs) 135-7
Joseph Ballard (Roosevelt) 134-6
Terrance Williams (San Jacinto) 132-10
Howard Matthews (San Jacinto) 132-1
Elijah Wilson (Beaumont) 131-7
*Thomas Tuff (Santiago) 131-6
Pablo Seneriches (Temescal Canyon) 131-3
Dominic Watson (Roosevetl) 131-3

2018 Riverside County Girls' Top Marks


1) Great Oak
2) Roosevelt
3) Vista Murrieta
4) Temecula Valley
5) JW North
6) ML King
7) Murrieta Mesa
8) Norco
9) La Sierra
10) Rancho Verde
others: Centennial, La Quinta, Riverside Poly 


100 meters
Danae Dyer (Temecula Valley) 11.86 (#18 AT)
Hailey Murdica (Palm Desert) 11.97
Mariah Allain (La Sierra) 11.99
*Chioma Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) 12.01
**Taylor Shorter (Norco) 12.17
Sydney Reid (JW North) 12.25
Anayah Pelt (Perris) 12.33
***Jada Sidney (Beaumont) 12.34
**Egbe Ndipagbor (Corona) 12.34
Breanna Bernard Joseph (Roosevelt) 12.36
***Hailey Nuechterlein (Vista Murrieta) 12.38
Luzella Harris (Vista Murrieta) 12.39
**Kennedy Peppers (Corona) 12.41
*Kristina Bong (Great Oak) 12.47
***Talayah Wright (Orange Vista) 12.48
Jada Edwards (Murrieta Mesa) 12.50
Delaney Harris (Centennial)  12.51
*Aysia Davis (Paloma Valley) 12.52      
*Arianna Alexander (Centennial) 12.53
**Kirstin Light (Norco) 12.55
**Sheredyn Pfeiffer (ML King) 12.60
*Alani Brandon (Santiago) 12.61
**Ashley Tabag (Centennial) 12.62
*Alana Wilson (La Quinta) 12.68
*Charron Molette (Rancho Mirage) 12.68
*Alexandra Ackerman (Elsinore) 12.72
**Nakyia Buckner (La Sierra) 12.72
Tiona Roberts (Roosevelt) 12.75
Liyah Houston (Heritage) 12.81
Nicholle Rivera (Vista Murrieta) 12.81
Kilyarah Latson (JW North) 12.86        
***Stevie Wu (Murrieta Mesa) 12.90

Wind aided or NWI:
Mariah Allain (La Sierra) 11.86 
**Egbe Ndipagbor (Corona) 12.08w
**Kennedy Peppers (Corona) 12.33   +3.4
Alana Wilson (La Quinta) 12.34   nwi
*Kristina Bong (Great Oak) 12.47    nwi
**Sheredyn Pfeiffer (ML King) 12.53   nwi
**Kiiyarah Latson (JW North) 12.58     +2.4w
***Sanaia Woods (Chaparral) 12.59   nwi
*Alexandra Ackerman (Elsinore) 12.61   +2.4
*Jazmin Lucatero (Corona) 12.61   +3.4
Jada Edwards (Murrieta Mesa) 12.65     +2.9
*Dyanna Miller (Palm Springs) 12.66  nwi
Nicholle Rivera (Vista Murrieta) 12.68     +2.5w
**Ashley Tabag (Centennial) 12.70w
***Stevie Wu (Murrieta Mesa) 12.74   nwi
*Dorothy Jackson (Rancho Verde) 12.75   nwi


200 meters
Danae Dyer (Temecula Valley) 24.53  (#21 AT)
**Egbe Ndripagbor (Corona) 24.69 
Mariah Allain (La Sierra) 24.72  

*Chioma Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) 24.86
*Deja Allain (La Sierra) 25.01        -2.0w
Annyah Pelt (Perris) 25.28
***Talayah Wright (Orange Vista) 25.43
***Hailey Nuechterlein (Vista Murrieta) 25.51
*Jazmin Lucatero (Corona) 25.57
**Nakyia Buckner (La Sierra) 25.62        -2.0w
Kimberly Evans (Temecula Valley) 25.68
*Aysia Davis (Paloma Valley) 25.72
*Kristina Bong (Great Oak) 25.72
Alana Wilson (La Quinta) 25.73
*Alani Brandon (Santiago) 25.81
Sydney Reid (JW North) 25.84
Delaney Harris (Centennial) 25.86
**Kayla Seldon (ML King) 25.88          -2.0w
***Jada Sidney (Beaumont) 25.89
***Shania Woods (Chaparral) 25.93
Hailey Murdica (Palm Springs) 25.94     -2.1w
**Kirstin Light (Norco) 26.00
Dyana Miller (Palm Springs) 26.06   
***Zyaire Billew (Orange Vista) 26.14
**Kennedy Peppers (Corona) 26.28
Luzella Harris (Vista Murrieta) 26.31
***Destiny Mattingly (Vista Murrieta) 26.37     -1.6w
*Alexandra Ackerman (Elsinore) 26.37
***Stevie Wu (Vista Murrieta) 26.37
*Lilliana Chalfant (Palm Springs) 26.48   -2.1w
*Kiaya Holmes (JW North) 26.51   -2.0         
*Dorothy Jackson (Rancho Verde) 26.56

Wind aided or NWI:   
Mariah Allain (La Sierra) 24.39     +2.7w
*Deja Allain (La Sierra) 24.66    +2.7w
Hailey Murdica (Palm Desert) 24.87     +2.7
Annyah Pelt (Perris) 25.17      +2.7
***Talayah Wright (Orange Vista)  25.53       +2.6 
Sydney Reid (JW North) 25.53       +3.5
*Jazmin Lucatero (Corona) 25.69    +2.7    
*Aysia Davis (Paloma Valley) 25.84   nwi
***Sanaia Woods (Chaparral) 25.90  +2.1
*Alexis Ford (Roosevelt) 26.05   +2.8w
Lilliana Chalfant (Palm Springs) 26.08    nwi
**Kiiyarah Latson (JW North) 26.11     +3.5
***Stevie Wu (Murrieta Mesa) 26.11   +4.6
***Jada Sidney (Beaumont) 26.15  nwi    
**Nakyia Buckner (La Sierra) 26.19   nwi
**Taylor Shorter (Norco) 26.19
**Kennedy Peppers (Corona) 26.19
Kalea Ibarra (Riverside Poly) 26.20     +3.5       
*Kristina Bong (Great Oak) 26.23      +2.4w
Dyana Miller (Palm Springs) 26.26     nwi
Alana Wilson (La Quinta) 26.33   nwi
Keysha Lusk (Riverside Poly)  26.35   +3.5    
*Charron Molette (Rancho Mirage) 26.40  +2.1w
***Hailey Nuechterlein (Vista Murrieta) 26.41   +2.3w
Jada Edwards (Murrieta Mesa) 26.42   +2.9
**Kirstin Light (Norco) 26.48  nwi
**Sherefyn Pfeiffer (ML King) 26.52  nwi
Luzella Harris (Vista Murrieta) 26.56  +2.1w
Jadyn Harris (Elsinore) 26.59  nwi

400 meters
Egbe Ndip-agbor (Corona) 55.55 (#12 AT)
*Deja Allain (La Sierra) 56.65
*Jazmin Lucatero (Corona) 56.87
*Chioma Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) 57.20
Kalea Ibarra (Riverside Poly) 57.55
**Nakyia Buckner (La Sierra) 57.66
*Kiayra Holmes (JW North) 57.72
Kimberly Evans (Temecula Valley) 57.74
*Alexis Ford (Roosevelt) 57.76
Lilliana Chalfant (Palm Springs) 57.89
*Destiny Whitaker (Rancho Verde) 57.99
**Taylor Shorter (Norco) 58.15
Anayah Pelt (Perris) 58.17
Rylee Penn (Centennial) 58.24
***Zyaire Billew (Orange Vista) 58.41
***Jordyn Crutchfield (Roosevelt) 58.58
*Dyana Miller (Palm Springs) 58.81
***Destiny Mattingly (Vista Murrieta) 59.59
*Kalonnie Green (Great Oak) 59.74
**Kirstin Light (Norco) 59.98
*Chaselyn Amos (Roosevelt) 60.00
Sydney Reid (JW North) 60.01
*Payton McCartney (San Jacinto) 60.15
*Miranda Camargo (Roosevelt) 60.28
***Sanaia Woods (Chaparral) 60.31
Ashley Chruszsz (ML King) 60.33
Sarah Ann Franke (ML King) 60.36
*Jewelyn Felix (Roosevelt) 60.38
*Alexandra Ackerman (Elsinore) 60.42
Danae Dyer (Temecula Valley) 60.45
***Hailey Nuechterlein (Vista Murrieta) 60.46

800 meters  (top 40)
Rylee Penn (Centennial) 2:10.74 (#2 AT)
***Makayla Browne (JW North) 2:11.77 (#6 AT)
Kalea Ibarra (Riverside Poly) 2:11.99 (#9 AT)
*Alexis Ford (Roosevelt) 2:13.91 (#17 AT)
*Peyton Candaele (Vista Murrieta) 2:14.20 (#19 AT)
*Fatima Cortes (Great Oak) 2:14.75
**Makayla Fick (Vista Murrieta) 2:15.38
Miranda Camargo (Roosevelt) 2:18.66
*Destiny Whitaker (Rancho Verde) 2:18.70
*Samantha Velazquez (Santiago) 2:19.44
Ericka Burgess (Great Oak) 2:20.24
**Tori Gaitan (Great Oak) 2:20.87
*Trinity Jordan (Murrieta Mesa) 2:21.58
**Arianna Griffiths (Great Oak) 2:21.59
**Aubrie Nex (Great Oak) 2:21.73
Brina Aceves (Temecula Valley) 2:21.96
*Nyah Chavez (Shadow Hills) 2:22.07
*Paige Segal (Murrieta Valley) 2:22.36
Miranda Avila (Patriot) 2:22.43
Arabella Reece (Murrieta Valley) 2:22.56
Savannah Milner (Arlington) 2:22.88
*Caitlin Billman (Murrieta Valley) 2:23.10
*Amanda Sosa (ML King) 2:23.51
***Emily Bourque (Vista Murrieta) 2:23.57
*Aeriel Madrigal (Beaumont) 2:23.66
Annabelle Werner (Vista Murrieta) 2:23.78
**Emily Moran (Centennial) 2:24.23
*Savannah Ek (Great Oak) 2:24.33
*Cayla Etheridge (Santiago) 2:24.59
**Kendall Harrison (Great Oak) 2:24.69
*Jewelyn Felix (Roosevelt) 2:24.78
*Grace Handler (Chaparral)  2:25.05
*Andrea Delgado (Vista del Lago) 2:25.26
**Kela Mavhera (ML King) 2:25.33
*Gaby Hubarth (Vista Murrieta) 2:25.79
*Kiayra Holmes (JW North) 2:25.89
Sandra Pflughoft (Great Oak) 2:25.90
**Brianna Potter (Vista Murrieta) 2:26.37
**Liana Ray (Valley View) 2:26.60
Nadine Dubon (Vista Murrieta) 2:26.68

1600 meters   (Top 50)
*Fatima Cortes (Great Oak) 4:46.73 (#3 AT)
**Tori Gaitan (Great Oak) 4:47.48 (#4 AT)
**Arianna Griffiths (Great Oak) 4:47.81 (#5 AT)
Sandra Pflughoft (Great Oak) 4:51.26 (#12 AT)
Annabelle Werner (Vista Murrieta) 5:03.40
*Miranda Camargo (Roosevelt) 5:06.77
***Makayla Browne (JW North) 5:06.86
Arabella Reece (Murrieta Valley) 5:07.37
**Audrey Dang (Great Oak) 5:08.55
**Aubrie Nex (Great Oak) 5:09.04
Nadine Dubon (Vista Murrieta) 5:09.29
**Kela Mavhera (ML King) 5:10.09
***Brianna Weidler (Great Oak) 5:10.60
*Gabriela Hubarth (Vista Murrieta) 5:10.80
**Makayla Fick (Vista Murrieta) 5:10.96
*Caitlin Billman (Murrieta Valley) 5:11.16
*Samantha Velazquez (Santiago) 5:12.48
Ericka Burgess (Great Oak) 5:14.34
*Katya Candray (Great Oak) 5:15.30
Paloma Barron (Roosevelt) 5:18.37
**Isabelle Buncab (Great Oak) 5:18.85
*Lauren Peurifoy (ML King) 5:18.86
*Grace Handler (Chaparral) 5:18.92
*Peyton Candaele (Vista Murrieta) 5:19.69
***Diana Bautista (Santiago) 5:20.44
Cynthia Martin (Chaparral) 5:20.60
***Elisa Huerta (Corona) 5:20.70
*Karylee Taylor (ML King) 5:21.34
***Jessina Morales (Heritage) 5:21.39
Amanda Navarro (Elsinore) 5:21.51
***Kalista Tibbels (Riverside Poly) 5:21.69
*Brianna Lucas (Great Oak) 5:21.81
*Kimberly Pena (Roosevelt) 5:22.45
Allison Janes (ML King) 5:23.05
***Emily Bourque (Vista Murrieta) 5:23.44
**Zoe Medranda (Great Oak) 5:23.59
*Paige Segal (Murrieta Valley) 5:23.92
**Kimberly Lima (Rancho Verde) 5:24.31
**Megan Medina (Patriot) 5:25.60
*Nyah Chavez (Shadow Hills) 5:25.84
*Alicia Hernandez (Chaparral) 5:27.33
***Sophie Rodriguez (Great Oak) 5:27.53
*Madilyn Herrera (Temecula Valley) 5:27.80
*Amanda Sosa (ML King) 5:28.96
**Ivy Johnson (Great Oak) 5:29.23
***Aniya Pretlow (Vista Murrieta) 5:29.25
**Abigail Cahill (Great Oak) 5:29.28
Aily Camacho (Roosevelt) 5:29.45
*Johanna Hunck (Chaparral) 5:30.23
Aeriel Madrigal (Beaumont) 5:30.28
***Sarah Helfand (Riverside Poly) 5:30.91

3200 meters   (Top 50)
**Tori Gaitan (Great Oak) 10:17.13 (#2 AT)
Sandra Pflughoft (Great Oak) 10:25.32 (#5 AT)
 *Fatima Cortes (Great Oak) 10:25.90 (#6 AT)
**Arianna Griffiths (Great Oak) 10:32.27 (#9 AT)
**Audrey Dang (Great Oak) 10:53.71
Annabelle Werner (Vista Murrieta) 11:06.76
Nadine Dubon (Vista Murrieta) 11:11.42
*Nyah Chavez (Shadow Hills) 11:14.51
***Brianna Weidler (Great Oak) 11:16.96
Paloma Barron (Roosevelt) 11:17.41
*Grace Handler (Chaparral) 11:17.71
Arabella Reece (Murrieta Valley) 11:21.13
**Kela Mavhera (ML King) 11:22.43
*Caitlin Billman (Murrieta Valley) 11:22.99
*Cynthia Martin (Chaparral) 11:24.00
Amanda Navarro (Elsinore) 11:25.49
*Gabriela Hubarth (Vista Murrieta) 11:25.75
*Kimberly Pena (Roosevelt) 11:25.77
*Karylee Taylor (ML King) 11:27.15
*Miranda Camargo (Roosevelt) 11:27.95
*Samantha Velazquez (Santiago) 11:30.79
***Sophie Rodriguez (Great Oak) 11:32.72
*Katya Candray (Great Oak) 11:35.44
***Diana Bautista (Santiago) 11:36.19
***Georgie Mandel (Great Oak) 11:36.27
***Aniya Pretlow (Vista Murrieta) 11:37.87
**Kimberly Lima (Rancho Verde) 11:38.58
*Brianna Lucas (Great Oak) 11:39.02
*Lauren Peurifoy (ML King) 11:40.27
**Abigale Rippe (Roosevelt) 11:40.35
***Kylie Weidler (Great Oak) 11:41.22
**Abigail Cahill (Great Oak) 11:41.34
**Ivy Johnson Great Oak) 11:44.61
**Isabelle Buncab (Great Oak) 11:44.94 
**Katelyn Meza (Santiago) 11:46.01
***Elisa Huerta (Corona) 11:47.12
**Bella Clause (Great Oak) 11:47.22 
***Caroline Jilek (Great Oak) 11:47.86
*Elizabeth Richter (Great Oak) 11:48.00
***Kalista Tibbels (Riverside Poly) 11:49.27
**Zoe Medranda (Great Oak) 11:49.88
Allison Janes (ML King) 11:50.27
**Makayla Fick (Vista Murrieta) 11:50.62
*Francine Ansley (La Quinta) 11:52.90
**Joan Green (ML King) 11:53.88
**Elena Umana (Riverside Poly) 11:54.52
*Viridian Leal (Vista del Lago) 11:57.78
Ava Nouchi (Centennial) 12:01.00
**Elani Huntley (Valley View) 12:01.69
Ashley Waters (La Quinta) 12:01.80


100 Hurdles
Danae Dyer (Temecula Valley) 13.65 (#6 AT)        STATE RUNNER-UP!!!
Breanna Bernard Joseph (Roosevelt) 13.92 (#9 AT)
Sarah Ann Frank (ML King) 14.63
**Taylor Shorter (Norco) 14.93
**Amari Jenkins (JW North) 15.38 
*Jasmine Porter (Temecula Valley) 15.39 
*Skye Lattimore (Rancho Verde) 15.47
**Myah Hatcher (Roosevelt) 15.59
Erika Witt (Great Oak) 15.81
*Payton McCartney (San Jacinto) 15.97
Erin Griggs (Great Oak) 15.99
*Daniela Lopez (Elsinore) 16.05
Nayori Davis-Arnold (Ramona) 16.06
*Alani Brandon (Santiago) 16.42
**Ella Whitehouse (Woodcrest Christian) 16.48
Kaleigh Giannone (Heritage) 16.50
**Anaiyah Hambrick (Centennial) 16.54
*Katerra Mitchell (Santiago) 16.61
Makayla Edwards (Bethel Christian) 16.74
Norraine Nance (Temescal Canyon) 16.79
*Brea Ellis (Temescal Canyon) 16.92    
Kayla Ford (Vista Murrieta) 16.92
**Naomi Benson (ML King) 16.94
Symone Miah (Hemet) 16.96
ysha Adams (Elsinore) 17.00
Alexis Vaughn (Vista Murrieta) 17.09
*Alaysia Willis (Rancho Verde) 17.14
*Jordan Bella (Murrieta Mesa) 17.14  
**Kayla Stewart (Rancho Verde) 17.17
***Aliya Smith (Centennial) 17.23

Wind aided or NWI:  
**Taylor Shorter (Norco) 14.77  +2.7
 *Payton McCartney (San Jacinto)  15.44   nwi
**Isabella Fakehany (La Quinta) 15.44  nwi 
Azalea Guanajuato (Cathedral City) 15.66   nwi
*Daniela Lopez (Elsinore) 15.76     +2.5


300 Hurdles
Breanna Bernard Joseph (Roosevelt) 41.76 (#7 AT) STATE CHAMP!!!
**Amari Jenkins (JW North) 43.27 (#17 AT)
 *Kolonnie Green (Great Oak) 43.49 (#22 AT)
Sarah Ann Franke (ML King) 44.88
*Jasmine Porter (Temecula Valley) 45.05
**Mya Hatcher (Roosevelt) 45.12
Kaleigh Giannone (Heritage) 45.26
*Payton McCartney (San Jacinto) 45.81
Danae Dyer (Temecula Valley) 46.29 
*Jordin Bella (Murrieta Mesa) 46.84
Deziray White (Vista Murrieta) 47.20
***Sami Bollinger (Great Oak) 47.22
**Isabella Fakehany (La Quinta) 47.44 
**Taylor Shorter (Norco) 47.87
Nayori Davis-Arnold (Ramona) 47.93
*Breia Gasca (Hillcrest) 48.16
**Ella Bachmeier (Murrieta Valley) 48.31
*Kyleah Hawkins (La Quinta) 48.36
Lorraine Nance (Temescal Canyon) 48.52
*Alani Brandon (Santiago) 48.59
Erika Witt (Great Oak) 48.62
Averine Sanduku (Rancho Verde) 48.65
**Karina Ojeda (La Quinta) 48.85
**Mia O’Neal (Vista Murrieta) 48.91
**Alyssa Romero (Beaumont) 48.96
*Brittany Livermore (Santiago) 49.02
Olivia Ramirez (Patriot) 49.27
Makayla Edwards (Bethel Christian) 49.54
Anaiyah Hambrick (Centennial) 49.61
*Lilliana Chalfant (Palm Springs) 49.63

400 Relay
Temecula Valley – 48.02
Murrieta Mesa – 48.02
Vista Murrieta - 48.39
Roosevelt - 48.43
Great Oak – 48.56
Centennial – 48.85
JW North - 48.86
La Sierra – 48.91
ML King – 48.92
Norco – 49.20
Rancho Verde – 49.28
Corona – 49.44
Palm Springs – 49.89
La Quinta – 50.12
Xavier Prep – 50.12
Elsinore – 50.18
Beaumont – 50.73
Shadow Hills – 50.91
Paloma Valley – 50.93
Rancho Mirage – 50.97
Temescal Canyon – 51.00
Murrieta Valley – 51.02
Chaparral – 51.04
Santiago – 51.09
Heritage – 51.27


1600 Relay
Roosevelt – 3:47.50   (#11 AT)
JW North - 3:52.51    (only #13 on school record list!)
Centennial – 3:59.63
ML King – 4:00.05
Murrieta Mesa – 4:03.82
Vista Murrieta – 4:04.97
Great Oak – 4:07.21
Santiago – 4:08.34
Elsinore – 4:08.53
Paloma Valley – 4:08.78
La Sierra – 4:09.84
Temecula Valley – 4:11.19
Rancho Verde – 4:13.09 
La Quinta – 4:13.27
Riverside Poly – 4:13.95
Orange Vista – 4:13.99
Hemet – 4:14.01
Beaumont – 4:14.04
Vista del Lago – 4:14.79
Perris – 4:15.74
Norco – 4:16.86
Valley View – 4:18.19
Palm Springs – 4:18.48
Shadow Hills – 4:19.23
Murrieta Valley – 4:20.25


High Jump    
Abigail Burke (Riverside Poly) 5-10 (#2 AT) STATE CHAMP!!!
Ashlyn Blotzer (Santiago) 5-8 (#5 AT)
**Caylan Medley (Linfield Christian) 5-4 
*Tereza Vackova (Norco) 5-3 
Nicole Carmody (Vista Murrieta) 5-3 
*Kolonnie Green (Great Oak) 5-3 
*Cajairah Fraise (Roosevelt) 5-3
Hannah Wheeler (Beaumont) 5-2 
***Thalia Brandon (Roosevelt) 5-2 
*Daniela Lopez (Elsinore) 5-2 
**Sierra Meier (Vista Murrieta) 5-2 
Alanna Stein (Great Oak) 5-2
*Skye Lattimore (Rancho Verde) 5-1
**Jada Reid (Hillcrest) 5-1
Kaaliyah Latson (JW North) 5-1 
*Ashley Farmer (Elsinore) 5-1 
*Dorothy Jackson (Rancho Verde) 5-1
Tosin Adufalo (ML King) 5-0 
Payton McCartney (San Jacinto) 5-0 
*Brittany Livermore (Santiago) 5-0 
*Janae Wilson (Temescal Canyon) 5-0
**Kylee Davis (Vista Murrieta) 5-0 
Shaelyn Johnson (ML King) 5-0 
Sierra Sadler (Great Oak) 4-11


Pole Vault
Katrina Meier (Vista Murrieta) 12-3 (#4 AT)
**Tessa Watkins (Roosevelt) 12-3  (#4 AT)
*Erika Flaherty (Roosevelt) 12-2  (#6 AT)
*Nicole Silverlake (Vista Murrieta) 12-0 (#8 AT)
*Kaitliyn Swenson (Great Oak) 11-11 (#13 AT)
*Madison Kast (Murrieta Valley) 11-10 (#14 AT)
Alexandria Gray (Chaparral) 11-9 (owns #3 AT)
*Tamara Bader (Vista Murrieta) 11-9 (#15 AT)
Charisma Davis (Temecula Valley) 11-7 (#19 AT)
Jenna Portis (Great Oak) 11-6 (#20 AT)
**Kaelyn McCann (Linfield Christian) 11-6 (#20 AT)
***Sophia Perez (Roosevelt) 11-0 
Megan Valdez (Great Oak) 10-8 
*Katherine George (Corona) 10-7 
***Madalyn Behney (Riverside Poly) 10-3 
**Brianne Camarena (Great Oak) 10-3 
Kara Durish (Great Oak) 10-3 
*Agnes Lee (Centennial) 10-1 
**Grace Garcia (Great Oak) 9-9 
Kaylene Nicolozzi (Chaparral) 9-9 
***Stephanie Silverlake (Vista Murrieta) 9-8 
**Jayden Berner (Roosevelt) 9-7 
Ayanna Johnson (Riverside Poly) 9-6 
***Olivia Presto (Great Oak) 9-6
Bethany Garcia (Great Oak) 9-6 
*Casey Bostick (Vista Murrieta) 9-6 
***Mikaylah Kraal (Vista Murrieta) 9-6 
**Sierra Meier (Vista Murrieta) 9-2 
**Emely Duverge (Roosevelt) 9-2 
**Madison Ferguson (Murrieta Mesa) 9-1


Long Jump 
Sydney Reid (JW North) 18-3.25
*Chaselyn Amos (Roosevelt) 17-5
 Serena Jimerson (Vista Murrieta) 17-3.5
***Summer Stevenson (Great Oak) 17-3.5
**Sheredyn Pfeiffer (ML King) 17-3
Taylee Undem (Xavier Prep) 17-3 
*Maricela Wright (Palm Springs) 16-11.5
Haile Pullum (Paloma Valley) 16-11.5
*Skye Lattimore (Rancho Verde) 16-11
Allana Stein (Great Oak) 16-10  
***Ashley Smith (Riverside Poly) 16-7
**Isabella Fakehaney (La Quinta) 16-7
*Cajairah Fraise (Roosevelt) 16-4
Zaniah Wilson (Chaparral) 16-1.5
**Ugonne Onyiah (Roosevelt) 16-0.5 
Jenna Hodges (Elsinore) 16-0
*Nyah Nguyen (Temecula Valley) 15-10.75
*Payton McCartney (San Jacinto) 15-9.5 
**Jazmine Garcia (Desert Mirage) 15-8
*Daniela Lopez (Elsinore) 15-7.75
Mariya Bennett (Vista Murrieta) 15-7 
***Ahnyx Bush (Temecula Valley) 15-6.5 
**Caroline Smith (Murrieta Mesa) 15-6.25 
**Jodeci Weems (Rancho Verde) 15-4.5 
Lauren Bennett (Vista Murrieta) 15-4
**Mykah Bisson (Linfield Christian) 15-3.5
Sierra Sadler (Great Oak) 15-2.25

Wind aided or NWI:  
/Sydney Reid (JW North) 18-6.5      +2.1
Taylee Undem (Xavier Prep) 18-0   nwi
***Summer Stevenson (Great Oak) 17-7.75 nwi
**Sheredyn Pfeiffer (ML King) 17-7     nwi
*Chaselyn Amos (Roosevelt) 17-6  nwi
*Cajairah Fraise (Roosevelt) 17-2   nwi
Treasure Rucker (ML King) 17-1  nwi
*Maricela Wright (Palm Springs) 17-0.5  nwi 
Ella Whitehouse (Woodcrest Christian) 17-0  nwi
Zaniah Wilson (Chaparral) 17-0   nwi
Allie Gray (Chaparral) 16-11  nwi
**Ugonne Onyiah (Roosevelt) 16-11   nwi
 Alanna Stein (Great Oak) 16-9    nwi
Elizabeth McWaters (Calvary Chapel-Murrieta) 16-8.25  nwi
*Payton McCartney (San Jacinto) 16-8  nwi
***Ahnyx Bush (Temecula Valley) 16-8    nwi
Isabella Fakehaney (La Quinta) 16-8    nwi
*Daniela Lopez (Elsinore) 16-5.5  nwi
Shaelyn Johnson (ML King) 16-4.5   nwi
Jenna Hodges (Elsinore) 16-4   nwi

Triple Jump  
***Summer Stevenson (Great Oak) 38-3.75 (#15 AT)
Lorraine Nance (Temescal Canyon) 37-6
***Sami Bollinger (Great Oak) 37-3.25
Serena Jimerson (Vista Murrieta) 36-11.5
Charisma Davis (Temecula Valley) 36-11 
Alanna Stein (Great Oak) 35-11.75 
**Jodeci Weems (Rancho Verde) 34-9.5
**Onyiah Ugonne (Roosevelt) 34-7
Ashley Smith (Riverside Poly) 34-6.75
Harmoni Malengo-Kennedy (La Quinta) 34-4
Zaniah Wilson (Chaparral) 34-0
*Anaya Crouch (San Jacinto) 33-7.5
Alexis Jamisola (Hemet) 33-6.5
Jenna Hodges (Elsinore) 33-6
*Daniela Lopez (Elsinore) 33-5.5
*Schuyler Johnson (Roosevelt) 33-5 
**Briana Johnson (Riverside Poly) 33-3   
**Jaazer Ridges (Murrieta Valley) 33-1.5 
*Ashley Perez (Great Oak) 33-0.5 
*Nyah Nguyen (Temecula Valley) 32-8.25 
Mariya Bennett (Vista Murrieta) 32-8 
***Jalissa Johnson (Great Oak) 32-3.5 
Lauren Bennett (Vista Murrieta) 32-3.5 
**Isabella Fakehaney (La Quinta) 31-11.5 
*Valeria Araujo (San Jacinto) 31-11.5
Regina Bradford (Chaparral) 31-11.5

Wind aided or NWI:   (still adjusting)
***Summer Stevenson (Great Oak) 39-6.5  nwi
Lorraine Nance (Temescal Canyon) 37-1.5   nwi
Serena Jimerson (Vista Murrieta) 36-11.5
***Summer Stevenson (Great Oak) 36-9.5    nwi
*Anaya Crouch (San Jacinto) 36-7  nwi
***Wilcoxson (Santiago) 36-0  nwi
Treasure Rucker (ML King) 35-5   nwi
**Jodeci Weems (Rancho Verde) 35-2
Alanna Stein (Great Oak) 35’-0.5   nwi
Alexis Jamisola (Hemet) 35-0  nwi
Zaniah Wilson (Chaparral) 34-7.5   nwi
Kaaliyah Latson (JW North) 34-1.5   nwi
*Daniella Lopez (Elsinore) 34-0.5    nwi
Jenna Hodges (Elsinore) 33-10  nwi
Emma Whamond (Beaumont) 33-10  nwi
**Kyelyn Tucker (Temescal Canyon) 33-9.5  nwi
*Schuyler Johnson (Roosevelt) 33-7    nwi
***Ashley Smith (Riverside Poly) 33-6  nwi

Shot Put
Kalianna Lesa (San Jacinto Valley Academy) 39-9.75
Prentice Burris (Ramona) 39-9
*Soley Lymon (Elsinore) 39-9
**Caitlin Dawson (Murrieta Mesa) 37-9
*Onyi Anigbogu (Santiago) 37-8
*Lydia Liu (Roosevelt) 37-7.5
*Kamryn Pohl (Norco) 37-7.5
*Evalen Garcia (Norco) 37-5.5
*Maijoy Wooten (Cathedral City) 37-4
Leslie Pettis (San Jacinto) 36-3
Zion Levi (Rancho Verde) 36-1.25
Estefani Flores (Tahquitz) 35-4
***Carlita Coleman (Vista Murrieta) 35-3
**Ruby Siaosi (Moreno Valley) 35-2
Cassandra Gascon (Hemet) 35-2
Ariane Madlambayan (Temescal Canyon) 35-1
**Jimmae Whitfield (Coachella Valley) 34-11
*Kim Garza (ML King) 34-8.5
*Danita Young (ML King) 34-7.5
**Arizma Ransom (ML King) 34-5
Jaelah Butler (La Quinta) 34-1
*Janna Adams (Vista Murrieta) 34-1
*Baylee Gonzalez (Palm Springs) 33-8.75
Keniya Breckenridge (Perris) 33-6
Jasmine Peete (Centennial) 33-5.25
Hannah Perez (Beaumont) 33-4
Marquisha Zamudio (Coachella Valley) 33-3
Keiana Turner (ML King) 33-2
*Anaya Crouch (San Jacinto) 33-1
Victoria Soto (Shadow Hills) 32-11.5

Victoria Soto (Shadow Hills) 130-3
Estefani Flores (Tahquitz) 128-10 
*Lydia Liu (Roosevelt) 126-0
Joelle Ricciardi (Hemet) 123-9
Madeline Wallace (La Quinta) 123-5
Jaelah Butler (La Quinta) 121-4
*Soley Limon (Elsinore) 118-0
*Harmoni Malengo Kennedy (La Quinta) 117-8
Kalianna Lesa (San Jacinto Valley Academy) 116-3
*Kim Garza (ML King) 112-6
*Karleen Bedre (Norco) 111-10
*Kamryn Pohl (Norco) 111-2
Zoe Natividad (La Quinta) 111-0
**Shaylah Robinson (Elsinore) 110-9
Keiana Turner (ML King) 110-7
*Deyjanae Williams (Murrieta Mesa) 110-3
Donielle Hutchinson (Murrieta Mesa) 109-2
Cassandra Gascon (Hemet) 108-10
**Leneah Olsingch (Elsinore) 107-2
**Miracle Crawford (Canyon Springs) 106-1
Ariel Otton (Coachella Valley) 105-9
*Maddie Doolittle (Murrieta Valley) 104-6
Jasmine Peete (Centennial) 104-6
*Anaya Crouch (San Jacinto) 104-3
*Evalen Garcia (Norco) 103-11.5
**Mckenna Meyer (La Quinta) 102-4
*Molly John (Great Oak) 100-5
Corely Garcia (Coachella Valley) 99-10
**Mayelli Fuentes (Elsinore) 99-6
Marquisha Zamudio (Coachella Valley) 98-8

2018 Looking to Keep Up with 2017...

With our 2018 Riverside County Track & Field season just around the corner, we've already begun highlighting our top returners from the 2017 season (scroll down below).  In reflecting back on that 2017 season, we're wondering how in the world will this upcoming season rival it?!?!    Rancho Verde's boys claimed the California State Championship while Norco's Shae Anderson brought home victories in the 400 and 300 Hurdles, which is arguably the toughest double at the state meet! 

In graduating a boatload of talent last year, what we've already found is new talent to replace what left.....    The official 2018 season kicks off on Saturday, February 24th!

Rancho Verde Keeps the State Title in Riverside County

Norco's Shae Anderson

Our main headliners here in 2017 did not disappoint at the 99th edition of the California Track & Field State Championships!   Rancho Verde returned the talent needed to compete for the Southern Section Divisional Title along with the California State Title.  Of course, those two plaques were collected by Great Oak and Vista Murrieta, respectively, in 2016.   And as senior Cameron Samuel crossed the line to cement their 4x400 Relay come from behind victory, the fireworks in the sky served as a celebration for Rancho Verde in capturing both team titles here in 2017!  Meanwhile, Riverside County's other seasonal headliner astonished us with her victories in both the 400 meters and 300 Hurdles.  Of course, we're referring to Norco's Shae Anderson!   She pulled off a feat that had never been accomplished in, arguably, the most impressive double for females in California State Meet history.  Overall, Riverside County brought back more state champion medals than we witnessed in 2016!  Seven individuals (five in 2016) ascended to the top of the championship podium while Rancho Verde earned that relay title in the longer relay.

Before we get back to Rancho Verde's roller coaster of a weekend, no female has EVER dominated the prep landscape here in Riverside County like Ms. Shae Anderson!   At Norco High, she settled in for a senior campaign that will NEVER be forgotten (or perhaps lived up to).   With a strenuous racing schedule that extended back into January, the skeptics that said she wouldn't last until June were proven wrong!  The skeptics that said that the two-day regime of the state championships would ultimately see her fall short of a title in the 300 Hurdles..... wrong!  And to boot, the two titles she earned were with great competitors that pushed her all the way to the finish line in both victories.  Already shattering our county record back in April with a 51.99 effort in the 400 meters, Anderson mustered up enough strength to break her own county record in the 300 Hurdles with a 40.31 victory!  What's also impressive is that two other girls also broke 41 seconds, and she held off the top two returners from 2016.  All of this AFTER holding off two other sub 53.40 girls for the win the title in the 400 meters less then 90 minutes earlier (and fighting a bout of broncitis the last several weeks)!  Graduating the day before prelims, Anderson leaves the regular season atop our lists in the 100, 200, 400, 800 and 300 Hurdles.  She is also part of EIGHT school records at Norco High, set here in 2017.  She has gone out over 18'7" in the long jump and is an accomplished high jumper and javelin thrower.  We will continue to chart her efforts from here on out, so stay tuned as she will focus on the 400 and 200 this summer. 

Perhaps a surprise to most, Riverside Poly junior Abigail Burke stepped to the apex of the podium in her own right.  In already bringing home the Div. I CIF Title two weeks earlier, Burke was unscathed with no misses as they raised the bar up to 5-10.   With all four competitors unable to clear that height, Burke emerged with the state title!   Under the tutelage of High Jump coach, Robert Attical (who also coached three other state meet finalists the past three seasons at JW North), Burke will look to defend her title in 2018.    The last Riverside County girl to earn a state title in the High Jump.....  Chaunte Howard of JW North in 2001!

Back to the men, senior Cameron Samuel had been letting his teammates steal the headlines for most of the season.  But, he was his squad's most valuable athlete at Saturday's finals.  The greatest disappointment at Friday's prelims of any event was Rancho Verde not securing the stick around the track in the 400 relay, but Samuel along with Isaiah Cunningham, Rasaun House and Bryan Thompson all came back to qualify in their individual events.  With original projections thrown out the window with the Friday afternoon gaffe, no one lived up to their expectations more than Mr. Samuel!  In an event where he didn't even qualify for the divisional finals a year ago, Samuel fed off the vapor trail left by state champ, Joseph Anderson, to set the Riverside County Record in the 110 High Hurdles!   His 13.78 wind legal effort eclipses the 13.81 time set a year ago by La Quinta's Kody Burton.  After Thompson's 3rd place finish in the Long Jump (23'11"), the Mustangs were off and running with those 14 points.  Thompson was truly the one that pushed this squad into the driver's seat for the title when he emerged as a bonified jumper in March and now holds the #4 all time mark ever.  Moving onto one of the most memorable 100 meter races ever, state meet favorite Cunningham was last out of the blocks (two prior unpunished false starts) to take 3rd place.  Samuel then brought home his 2nd straight runner-up finish in the 300 Hurdles, cemeting his legacy the greatest dual hurdles in county history.  In putting behind two disappointing efforts prior, Cunningham came back to give Riverside County it's 3rd straight victory in the 200 meters (VM's Michael Norman had won the last two) to finalize the team title for his crew.  House, warming up for that last relay, earned them a point with his 8th place finish.  Knowing that they had already won the team title, the Mustangs had unfinished business - a relay team title.  In being boxed in and watching Roosevelt's Anthony Easter take the lead with 200 meters to go, Samuel was the one doing the outkicking this time around in the Riverside County Dual of the Mustangs!  (A sidenote, Cunningham did not compete on that 4x400 relay)  

Perhaps in the eyes of some, it was a downyear for our friends from the Southwestern League.  With that being said, we still saw some hardware travel back down south from the state meet!  We referenced that 100 meter race earlier, but now time to give Vista Murrieta's Javelin Guidry his due.  With the 3rd time being the charm, Guidry stormed out of the blocks for an early lead and continued to dominate down the track with a new state meet and county record, under all conditions, with his 10.13 conquest!  This was the fastest time in California State History (under all conditions) as it broke the 10.17 set by Quincy Watts back in 1987!  It also shattered the State Meet record of 10.30, set back in 1992!   Guidry is also the first to ever capture state titles in Texas and California.  This is also the 3rd straight season Vista Murrieta has had an individual champ in the sprints (Norman just missed in the 400 meters back in 2014).   Earlier, Guidry's eye popping 2nd leg put his crew in the lead on the 4x100 relay.  The 2016 champs held on well for a 3rd place finish in the 400 meter relay, despite graduating three legs off of last year's squad!  Running a great 3rd leg on that same relay, junior Parris Samaniego ran to a 5th place finish in the 400 meters and will return as one of the best in California in 2018.  On a special note, one of our greatest sprinters in county history and two-time state meet medalist in the 100 meters and a huge part of those 2015 and 2016 state team titles, Cole Dubots, was the lead off on that relay.    

Earlier this season, Great Oak junior CJ Stevenson emerged as one of the best in the state for the Triple Jump, just like his sister had been in previous seasons.  Unfortunately a 'NWI' reading, his 50-4 effort in late April elevated himself as THE favorite.  Over a month later and CIF Divisional and Masters Meet titles, Stevenson took the lead in the second round at Saturday's finals.  Leading by almost three feet after four rounds, no one could challenge his 49'9.75" wind legal 3rd round attempt.  Relatively speaking, this was largest margin of victory of ANY event at the 2017 State Meet.  Also making the trip up to Clovis for the Wolfpack, senior Solomon Fountain qualified for the 1600 state meet finals for a 2nd year in a row.  In the pack with the leaders with one lap to go, Fountain finished 5th in the race, despite a sub-60 second last lap!   Fountain graduates as running the #9 time in county history.  Also with a deadly kick, junior Carlos Carvajal will take over the reigns from Great Oak next year as he took 8th place in the 3200 meters.  Representing their women, senior Evelyn Mandel leaves us as one of the greatest distance runners in county history.  Fighting all the way down to the wire, Mandel captured that 6th place medal as secured her place on the podium.  She leaves us as #7 all time for this event and #13 for the 3200 meters.  A huge part of four CIF and State Championships in Cross Country, to go along with a CIF Div. I Track team title in 2016, whilewalking away a state meet medal in the 1600.....   heck of a resume!   We also want to recognize the incredible improvement of Jeremiah Ruger as he also qualified for the Riverside County dominated 300 Hurdles final and leaves us with the #7 all time mark in county history.            

Graduating as one of the greatest athletes in Riverside County History, Roosevelt's Anthony Easter leaves us in earning 2nd, 3rd and 4th place medals at this year's State Championships!  After not advancing past the 2016 Divisional finals, Easter was as consistent as anybody this season.  Easter's 13.91 4th place personal best in the 110 Hurdles moved him up to #4 on our all-time FAT list for the higher hurdles!  In what should be a nice collegiate career in the 400 Hurdles, Easter finished 3rd place, by only .005 to RV's Samuel in the 300 Hurdles.  (Samuel also outleaned him in Friday's prelims by .002 in the 110's).  Easter's 36.34 will go down as a three way tie for #3 on the all-time Riverside County list for those longer hurdles! (down from a 37.75 hurdler in 2016)  In what became an epic matchup between both hurdlers in the longer relay, Easter rallied his squad into 1st place on that anchor leg of the longer relay.  In yet, another sub 47 second effort, his crew settled for 2nd place in California with a sub-3:15 effort in the 4x400 relay.  This is #14 on our all-time list but #4 on their school's list!

Representing the Roosevelt women, junior Breanna Bernard-Joseph earned two individual medals in both hurdles as well.  She was part of THE fastest 100 meter hurdle race in national history as 13.87 did not even medal!  BBJ's wind-aided 13.78 effort captured that last spot on the podium to go along with her 13.72 the night before.  After taking the 2nd place medal in 2016 for the 300 Hurdles, it was tough to have the #1 girl in California emerge within your own league, seemingly out of no where.  But, Breanna NEVER backed down from the challenge, capturing her 2nd straight Div. I CIF Title two weeks ago and advancing to another state meet.  Her 4th place finish may seem like a disappointment but rest assured that she will be back to break 41 seconds next year.

Looking back, it seems as if Valley View's Josh Johnson was off of our radar all season long.  For the record, he wasn't but we will admit that we did not forsee him elevating his game this past month like he did!   Finishing amongst the top seven in both throws at this year's state meet is a huge accomplishment, as he improved out to a 190'11" in the discus.  This earned him the 5th place medal and all the way up to #6 in Riverside County history!  Despite being the last qualifier into Saturday's final with only a 53'8.25" marking, Johnson moved up to finish 7th in the Shot Put with a 59'5.75" just off of his personal best.  

The much improved program at Temecula Valley yielded them two medalists in the hurdles!  Junior Danae Dyer qualified for her 2nd straight 100 Hurdles final and was part of that barrage of sub-14 second finalists.  Her 14.12 yielded her an 8th place finish with a year to go.  We questioned Qwintin Workman's decision to drop the 400 after earning the SWL title a month ago, but now admire the decision.   He 'worked' his way up to a 37.26 effort to make his way to the podium in the 300 Hurdles.  Only #4 in Riverside County for 2017, Workman tied the #8 mark ever in Riverside County history!

Rounding out those Riverside County athletes that finished amongst the top 8, ML King sophomore Lauren Peurifoy got a taste of the big stage here in California for the 3200 meters.  In what became a negative split race for the ages in competing for spots on the podium, Peurifoy ran a 10:31, almost a minute faster than she finished with in 2016!  Her splits were 5:15.24 as she came back with a 5:15.94!   Watch out for her this Fall in Cross Country! 

Other State Meet Qualifiers:
Corona Girls 4x400 Relay - 10th
Anthony Reyes (Elsinore) - 12th in Long Jump
Roosevelt Girls 4x400 Relay - 13th
Anthony Reyes (Elsinore) - 15th in Triple Jump 
Enrique Villa (Corona) - 15th in 800 meters
Keyana Beatty (Great Oak) - 15th in 1600 meters
Tyler Spencer (Roosevelt) - 22nd in 3200 meters
Erik Gonzalez (Rubidoux) - 24th in 3200 meters
Julian Robles (Roosevelt) - DNF in 800 meters                        

ER's Anthony Easter and RV's Cameron Samuel.... Long Lost Brothers?

Rancho Verde and Roosevelt Impress at 2017 SS Masters Meet

The Southern Section Masters Meet - where the top entries from the previous week's Divisional Finals come together and decide which athletes and relay squads will represent the Southern Section at the 2017 California State Championships.  Some would like to see the process altered, some feel that it can easily be expanded to include additional opportunities for more athletes while there is a contingent of coaches that would like to see it eliminated.  Either way, it remains the final chance for the very best to qualify onward.  Over this past decade, we've been blessed to see Riverside County dominate this meet and command more attention from the other areas within the section.  Whereas it seemed that only JW North was consistently qualifying kids to the state meet some 15 years ago, the Masters Meet has become a popular stage for our very best locals to shine!          

Boys' Highlights:
Our Riverside County boys captured 23 individual entries to go along with four relay entries.  The men of Rancho Verde kept their squad in tact en route to being heavy favorites to keep the Boys' State Championship Trophy here in Riverside County (Vista Murrieta has won the previous two team titles).    Despite losing Rasaun House in the 100 meters due to untimely wind conditions at the Div. I Finals meet, the rest of the squad remains and increasing their projected point total with every meet this postseason!  Baylor-bound senior Isaiah Cunningham brought his squad home for the victory in the 400 Relay once again at 41.14.  Meanwhile, after being out muscled in the 100 meters by Vista Murrieta's Javelin Guidry, 10.35 to 10.41 (+2.2w), he came back to rule the 200 in 21.52 as they had to run into a -1.9 wind.  The Cal State Fullerton-bound House was 4th in that 200 at 21.63.   Progressing well through the season, USC-bound Cameron Samuel stayed under the radar for most of March, reminded us why he took 2nd at last year's state meet in the 300 Hurdles in April and now has emerged as one the dual hurdling threats in California.  His 13.85 wind legal runner-up finish in the 110's is where we've seen the most improvement as he is now #3 in Riverside County History.  (He did not advance to the divisional finals a year ago)  Meanwhile, he easily qualfied in the 300's with a 3rd place, 37.03 effort.  Bouncing between the long jump and the 400 relay, Bryan Thompson popped off a 23'8" effort on his 2nd attempt to secure the automatic spot onward.  Closing out the evening, the Mustangs ran their 'B' squad in that 4x400 squad and still qualified in 6th place to move onto next weekend.  It got a little dicey there for a bit but they pulled away on that last lap.  

Any other year, we would be mentioning the accolades of Roosevelt's Anthony Easter.  The UC Davis bound hurdler truly shined at his best with a sub-47 split to anchor his 4x400 squad to the victory.  After a disappointing CIF Finals in 2016, he took 4th in the High Hurdles (14.04) while coming back for a 37.32 qualifying effort in the 300's before uncorking that anchor relay leg.  Also on that relay squad, Julian Robles qualified in the 800 meters as well.  Junior Tyler Spencer is one of the most improved distance runners in the state as he rolled over that last lap into that last and sixth place automatic qualifying spot (9:09.22).  He held off fellow Big VIII league qualifiers in Centennial's Trevor Woodward and teammate Raymon Ornelas in the process.              

Vista Murrieta's boys, for the 3rd year in a row, qualified their 400 Relay squad in taking 6th place with an automatic spot at 41.66.  Afterwards, junior Parris Samaniego moved from 6th place up to 2nd over the last 120 meters to also move on in that 400 meters. The aforementioned Guidry got out to a great start in that 100 meter victory while holding off Cunningham.  He had been 0-3 in previous matchups.   Staying within the Southwestern League, University of Columbia bound, Solomon Fountain represented Great Oak, moving onto his 2nd state meet with a season best of 4:11.88!     Junior Carlos Carvajal dropped the 1600 to focus solely on the 3200, and it paid off with a 9:08 negative split 5th place effort.   Jeremiah Ruger qualified in that loaded 300 Hurdles (37.23) where four of the top seven hailed from Riverside County.  Inside the oval, junior CJ Stevenson continues to carry the name forward to another state meet effort.  He automatically qualified on his 2nd attempt, but punched forward with his 48'9" victory.  Temecula Valley's Qwintin Workman decision to drop the 400 in the postseason paid off as despite finishing in 7th place, his 37.69 was under at-large 38.29 standard.    

Individually, Elsinore's Anthony Reyes qualified in both the Long and Triple Jumps.  With Riverside County capturing victories in those events, Reyes shined on his own in both.  He was 2nd place after two attempts in the TJ while holding onto that sixth and final spot.  In the long jump, there was no suspence as he flew out to a 22'9.5" qualifying effort on his first attempt.  Also moving forward in two events is Valley View's Josh Johnson.  He qualfied in the Shot Put on his first attempt while only taking one other throw.  Meanwhile, Johnson met the at large mark on his 2nd attempt in the Discus at 170'2."   In the shadows the other dominate distance programs here in Riverside County, Rubidoux's Erik Gonzalez continues to back up his impressive resume.  Arizona State bound, he looked very much in control all throughout in rolling to a 9:08.39 fourth place effort.  Also in the shadows perhaps... Corona's Enrique Villa.  While focusing on the mile  all year long, some would say that he shouldn't be in the 800!  A kicked off shoe snafu at league finals with 200 meters to go allowed Villa to move up to 3rd place.  After looking at the lack of depth amongst in the Southern Section 800 meters, he decided to only focus on this event.  With the decision seemingly paying off, he was in 9th place with 300 to go.  But burst into the lead with less than 100 meters to whild holding on for 2nd place to advance onto the state meet!     

Unfortunately, we had some near misses.  JW North junior Jabriel Smith was the first alternate for the 100 meters but was not in attendance when summomed to be inserted into the 100 meters.  Keep in mind that Smith had run the 4th fastest time (10.47) in California this season (House had run the fifth).  But... 2nd alternate, Yucaipa junior Asani Hampton took full advantage of the opportunity to finished 3rd overall (despite only running the 11th fastest time the week before)!    The at large standard was 10.7

Girls' Highlights:
Norco's Shae Anderson has been the headliner all throughout the 2017 campaign and why should anything be different here at the Masters Meet!   Fighting a case of broncitis the past two weeks, Anderson's strength persevered and got her through this round, albeit with victories in one of the toughest doubles you will see!  But, also impressing was league foe, Roosevelt junior Breanna Bernard Joseph.  BBJ qualified once again in both hurdles for the 2nd year in a row (3rd for those 300's).  She also ran another great anchor leg on her squad's 4x400 relay as they took 4th place to move onto another state meet berth in that event.    In that same relay, Corona moved on as well.  The school's first relay team to ever advance onto the Masters Meet, the girls delivered and move forward with another 3:49 effort.  Staying with the Big VIII league, ML King's Lauren Peurifoy became the first girl in school history to advance in the 3200 meters.  In showing just how deep and talented the state is in this event, she was 7th place with 300 meters to go but kicked hard to take sixth.  But, all seven girls ran under 10:29!  

In relation to past seasons, it was a surprise to see only three girls advancing from the Southwestern League.  In what has become commonplace for Great Oak though, they advanced TWO girls from the mile.  Before they head off to college, TCU bound Evelyn Mandel came up big with a great last lap, and a 4th place finish!   Up until 2011, her time would have been the Riverside County Record!  In moving up to #7 on our all time list,  she is only fifth on the Great Oak school record list!!!!  (She just missed also qualifying in the 3200 meters by a mere 4 seconds).  Fellow senior, Washington State bound Kiyena Beatty also punched her ticket onward with sixth place finish and a new personal best.   The only other entry for the league was Temecula Valley's Danae Dyer.  Despite a frustrating season, her talent carried her onward with a fifth place, 14.21 effort.  She was 7th at last year's state finals.   Finally, Riverside Poly's Abigail Burke continues to dazzle in tying for first place in the High Jump.  She cleared the automatic state meet mark with NO misses and called it a night at that point. Just missing a 3rd trip to the state meet by a mere .20 was Centennial junior Riley Penn.  After taking a good portion to heal from injury, Penn still broke 2:12 but the at large state standard for that event has improved more than any other event over the past two seasons!    Great Oak's Nicole Rice closed out one of the greatest Riverside County distance careers by just missing the standard and the 3200.  



Rancho Verde Keeps the Title here in Riverside County!

Rancho Verde's Isaiah Cunningham

With the Boys' Division I Title coming back home to Riverside County the past seven seasons, the Mustangs of Rancho Verde watched from the outside as Southwestern League powers, Vista Murrieta and Great Oak guaranteed that plaque's destination.  Disappointed by their 2016 placing, they left NO doubt here in 2017 in scoring over 80 points in a dominating CIF team title over runner-up Great Oak!  The men of Great Oak delivered ahead of premeet expectations, but no program dominated the scene like the Isaiah Cunningham led Rancho Verde crew.   Bookended by their dominating victories in both relays (40.41 / 3:12.17) , Cunningham was backed up by Rasaun House and Tyler Kennedy in those sprints while Cameron Samuel continues to peak well by taking 2nd place in both hurdles (14.08/36.69).  In stealing a piece of the spotlight for himself, Bryan Thompson burst out a new state leading wind legal mark of 24'3,5" in the Long Jump!   This effort launched him all the way up to 6th place ever in Riverside County history and the 2nd best jump in the 'modern' era.  Beyond Cunningham's CIF Titles in the 100 and 200, House took 2nd place in the 200 and 4th in the 100.  Running into a negative wind hindered the Division I boys as only two advanced onto the Masters Meet.  Kennedy took 6th in the 100 and 8th in the 200 to contribute an additonal five points to the cause.  In concluding the meet on that last shot of the gun, Rancho Verde's school record effort was the 4th fastest time ever in Riverside County with their 3:12.17 victory.   (Perris' 3:10.33 has stayed the course for 34 years!)

Great Oaks boys walked away with a runner-up plaque! The duo of Solomon Fountain and Carlos Carvajal earned 34 points by themselves!  Despite the 90+ degree temps that hindered ALL distance marks, Fountain (in Cortesque fashion), captured the 1600 (4:14.47) and the 800 meters (1:55.10)!  With Fountain leaving everybody to suffer over the last 250 meters, training partner Carvajal joined him to take 2nd in that 1600 (4:16.27) while he impressed with a 3rd place finish in the 3200.   While Carvajal was in the 3200, fellow junior CJ Stevenson was embarking upon his own CIF Title with a wind-aided 48'3.25" victory.  Meanwhile, Jaime Navarro and Harrison Gould both qualified for the Masters Meet in the Shot Put while finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively and earning their squad an additional 14 points.      

Vista Murrieta's boys started the day with a 2nd place finish in the 400 relay behind Rancho Verde.  Their 41,62 effort easily qualified onto next week's SS Masters Meet.  Vista Murrieta junior Parris Samaniego challenged to the finish with his 2nd place finish (47.65) in the Div. I 400 meters.  Fellow Bronco, Javelin Guidry challenged for the title in that 100 meters, but settled for the 2nd place medal.   He finished the day by earning a 4th place medal in the 200 meters.  

Roosevelt's boys also impressed as they were headlined by their 2nd place finish in the 4x400 relay.  Their anchor, Anthony Easter had already taken 3rd in the 100 Hurdles and was pushing for the victory in the 300's until he clipped the 6th hurdle.  He recovered well and moved on, albeit a 'what could've been' 4th place finish.   Teammate Julian Robles also qualified for the Masters Meet with his 3rd place finish in the 800 meters.  Overall, they took 3rd place overall for Division I.  Their 3:15.73 runner-up effort in the 4x400 is now the #15 mark in Riverside County history.    

For the Division I Boys, Riverside County captured ten of the 16 events with a runner-up spot in three others (both hurdles and 400) .  Teamwise, the top three squads and five of the top eight hailed from Riverside County.  Valley View senior Josh Johnson stepped up, perhaps, bigger than anybody here with his 181-11 personal best to easily win the Discus while then coming back to capture the Shot Put by almost four feet and a three foot PR!   Johnson is now #15 all-time on the Riverside County list in the Discus and #17 for the Shot Put.    

Trust us - it wasn't all about the Boys.   Our shoe in for 2017 Athlete of the Year, Shae Anderson of Norco, persevered on this day.  She captured the Div. II CIF Titles in both the 400 meters and 300 Hurdles.  Don't overlook that this is one of the toughest doubles to successfully accomplish.  (after the 400, she was limited with severe asthma, but bore down to hold onto a late charge in the hurdles).   Her Big VIII counterpart, Roosevelt's Breanna Bernard Joseph defended her CIF Title in the 300 Hurdles with the fastest time of the day while anchoring her squad to a CIF Title (and fastest mark) in the 4x400 Relay.  BBJ also delivered a runner-up performance in the 100 Hurdles.  Also representing the girls from the Big VIII league, ML King sophomore Lauren Peurifoy held off a late surge to capture the CIF Title in the 3200 meters.  She emerged with the #2 time of all sections in the process.  (2 x CIF Title in the same event from the same league = odd feat).  Riverside Poly's Abigail Burke elevated up over 5'7" to capture the Div. I CIF Title in the High Jump.   Meanwhile, La Sierra's Mariah Allain outleaned for the 2nd place finish in the Div. III Girls 200 meters (12.09).  Linfield Christian's Aarika Oeleis also earned a runner-up medal in the Div. IV 100 Hurdles (15.07) all the way out of lane nine.  Under the radar, Xavier Prep's Taylee Undem caputured 2nd place in the Div. IV Triple Jump with a 35'6" (into a -3.1 wind) to go along with her 3rd place medal in the Long Jump (17'6").   Undem qualified for the Masters Meet in the Long Jump.  

One the team side of the equation - Great Oak's girls once again dominated the distances unlike what we have EVER witnessed.  Looking to defend their 2016 title, Long Beach Poly simply had too much fire power in the sprints and jumps.  All the same, the quartet of Kiyeanna Beatty, Nicole Rice, Evelyn Mandel and Sandra Pflughoft earned 36 points!    Beatty took 2nd in the 1600 while Mandel ran a great last 400 to take 2nd in the 3200.  Mandel was only one of three girls to qualify for the SS Masters Meet in two distance events.  Deja Alexis (3rd place in Triple Jump) and Kolonnie Green (5th place in 300 Hurdles) contributed more points to the additional plaque to add to their arsenal.. 

Other Girls' Medalists:
Girls 100 Hurdles = Denae Dyer (Temecula Valley) 14.77 -----  Div. I 3rd place  
4x400 Relay = Corona - 3:49.25 -----  Div. I 3rd place
Girls High Jump = Winter Carreno (Paloma Valley) 5'3" -------  Div. I 4th place
Girls High Jump = Ashley Farmer (Elsinore) 5'3" -------  Div. II 4th place
Girls Pole Vault = Alexandria Gray (Chaparral) 11'3" ------  Div. I 5th place
Girls Shot Put = Jimena Arias (Norte Vista) 37'4" ------- Div. II 5th place 
Girls Discus = Jimena Arias (Norte Vista) 123'2" -------- Div. II 5th place 
Girls 800 = Riley Penn (Centennial) 2:15.43 ------  Div. I 5th place
Girls 100 = Hailey Murdica (Palm Desert) 12.22 ----- Div. III 5th place
Girls 200 = Hailey Murdica (Palm Desert) 25.49 ----- Div. III 5th place 
Girls 100 Hurdles = Skye Lattimore (Rancho Verde) 15.63 -----  Div. I 5th place
Girls 400 Relay = Chaparral - 47.87 ----- Div. I 5th place
Girls Shot Put = Hailey Mo'unga (Vista Murrieta) ------- Div. I 6th place
Girls 200 = Chioma Okonkwo (Murrieta Mesa) ------ Div. II 6th place  
Girls Shot Put = Azmire Ransom (JW North) 35'10" ------- Div. II 6th place 
Girls 300 Hurdles = Amari Jenkins (JW North) ------ Div. II 6th place
Girls Discus = Victoria Soto (Shadow Hills) 120'6" ------ Div. II 6th place
Girls Discus = Estefani Flroes (Tahquitz) 108'4" ------ Div. III 6th place

Other Boys' Medalists:  (still in progress)
Boys 400 Relay =  ML King  42.75 ---- Div. I 6th place
Boys 800   Enrique Villa (Corona) 1:56.44 -----  Div. I 6th place  

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2017 RCTF Team Rankings

Based on league finals results only....

1) Great Oak
2) Roosevelt
3) Vista Murrieta
4) Norco
5) Temecula Valley

1) Great Oak
2) Rancho Verde
3) Vista Murrieta
4) Roosevelt
5) ML King 

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Girls 100 Meters

Top Returners for 2018
-Mariah Allain (La Sierra) 12.03
-Breanna Bernard-Joseph ...

Girls 200 Meters

Top Returners for 2018
-Danae Dyer (Temecula Valley) 25.09
*Deja Allain ...

Girls 400 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
*Shaelyn Amos (Roosevelt) 57.39
*Kolonnie ...

Girls 800 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
-Rylee Penn (Centennial) 2:14.54
-Kalea Ibarra ...

Girls 1600 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
*Lauren Peurifoy (ML King) 4:57.19c (#18 ...

Girls 3200 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
*Lauren Peurifoy (ML King) 10:23.14 (#3 AT)

Girls 100 Hurdles

Top Returners for 2018:
-Breanna Bernard-Joseph (Roosevelt) 13.88 (#8 ...

Girls 300 Hurdles

Top Returners for 2018:
*Breanna Bernard-Joseph (Roosevelt) 41.91 (#8 ...

Girls 400 Meter Relay

Roosevelt - 47.05 (#24 AT) 
Chaparral - 47.87 (school record) 

Girls 1600 Meter Relay

Roosevelt - 3:46.29 (#8 AT) 
Corona - 3:48.43 (#14 AT)

Girls High Jump

Top Returners for 2018: 
-Abigail Burke (Riverside ...

Girls Pole Vault

Top Returners for 2018:
-Alexandra Gray (Chaparral) 12'6" (#3 ...

Girls Long Jump

Top Returners for 2018:
-Charisma Davis (Temecula Valley) 17'3.25" 

Girls Triple Jump

Top Returners for 2018:
-Deja Alexis (Great Oak) 37'2.25"
-Serena ...

Girls Shot Put

Top Returners for 2018:
-Zion Levi (Rancho Verde) 39'5" 

Girls Discus

Top Returners for 2018:
-Victoria Soto (Shadow Hills) 122'8" 

Boys 100 Meters

Top Returners for 2018
-Jabriel Smith (JW North) 10.46 (#6 AT)
-Carlton ...

Boys 200 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
-Jabriel Smith (JW North) 21.32 (#16 AT)

Boys 400 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
-Parris Samaniego (Vista Murrieta) 47.65 (#12 ...

Boys 800 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
-Kyle Pendleton (Santiago) 1:55.05
-Jackson ...

Boys 1600 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
-Edgard Villa (Vista Murrieta) 4:17.15 
-Carlos ...

Boys 3200 Meters

Top Returners for 2018:
-Raymon Ornelas (Roosevelt) 9:08.79 (#19 AT)

Boys 110 Meter High Hurdles

Top Returners for 2018:
-Jaden Ellis (Vista del Lago) 14.88 
-Lucas ...

Boys 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles

Top Returners for 2018:
*Reyte Rash (ML King) 39.32 
-Lucas Anotado ...

Boys 400 Meter Relay

Rancho Verde - 40.29 (NEW COUNTY RECORD) 
Vista Murrieta - 41.51 (#13 ...

Boys 1600 Meter Relay

Rancho Verde - 3:12.73 (#4 AT)
Roosevelt - 3:14.89 (#14 AT)

Boys High Jump

Top Returners for 2018:
-Tyler Riley (Roosevelt) 6'3"
-CJ Stevenson ...

Boys Pole Vault

Top Returners for 2018:
*Brady Ho (Beaumont) 14'6"
-Josiah Molascon ...

Boys Long Jump

Top Returners for 2018:
-CJ Stevenson (Great Oak) 23'3.5" 
-James ...

Boys Triple Jump

Top Returners for 2018:
-CJ Stevenson (Great Oak) 49'7.7" (# AT)

Boys Shot Put

Top Returners for 2018:
-Jaime Navarro (Great Oak) 56'1" 
-Harrison ...

Boys Discus

Top Returners for 2018:
-Jaime Navarro (Great Oak) 173'2" (#26 ...

Riverside County State Meet History

Riverside County Track & Field
Riverside County Track & Field

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