Rancho Cotati Little League: Volunteer Positions

There's a job for everybody

Each and every parent/guardian must volunteer some time for our youth to have a quality baseball program. Here are some volunteer positions. Most amount to only a few hours each season. Some require significant commitment. We appreciate all the help that we get.

President: Review all applications to manage, coach or umpire at the Little, Junior, Senior and Big League levels; and appoint, with Board approval, the best-qualified candidates to represent RCLL on the District 35 Big League Board.

Vice President:
Serve as a member on the Protest Committee.
Be responsible for the scheduling of any required training.
Coordinate the accurate and thorough score keeping of all games.
Represent RCLL at field usage meetings involving the Cities of Cotati and Rohnert Park.
Have such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board or by the President.
Be the RCLL Tournament Director responsible for tournaments hosted by RCLL.
Represent RCLL as coordinator for the "City Championship" involving RCLL and Petaluma Little Leagues.
Represent RCLL on the Interlock Committee as necessary.


Coordinate the accounting methods for concessions, fund raising, and special events of RCLL.
Direct compliance with all applicable rules and regulations regarding the financial affairs of RCLL.

Be responsible for organizing registration (early and regular) of players. Organize board meetings and minutes. Coordinate and assist in regular Board activity.

Manager’s Representative:

Must be a manager in RCLL.
Assist the Vice President in coordinating end of season tournaments. Work with the Safety Officer implementing safety policies.
Be a liaison to all managers

Player Agent:
Organize players onto teams within their division for Little League & Junior/Senior League.
Serve as an alternate to the Protest Committee when needed.

Safety Officer:

Be responsible for maintaining appropriate safety and first aid supplies at all RCLL fields.

Information Officer:
Be responsible for maintaining the league website. Be responsible for preparing and mailing the league newsletter “Bases Loaded.”
Be responsible for maintaining and responding to inquiries on the league telephone “hotline”.


Be responsible for the scheduling of practices, practice games, and league games.
Work with the Vice President to coordinate rules and training clinics and end of season tournaments. Serve as one of the three primary members on the Protest Committee (if managing or coaching, shall be excused from the Protest Committee and replaced by the Senior League Vice President or other alternate when the protest involves the level managing or coaching).

Field Maintenance Coordinators:
Be responsible for maintaining the condition of field. Ensure that necessary items needed for field are available. Coordinate any needed workdays for field maintenance.

Team Parent Coordinator:

Be responsible for organizing annual RCLL events (i.e. opening day parade, team pictures, parents' dinner dance, end-of-year picnic, RCLL days at Giants/A’s games, etc.).
Coordinate any and all RCLL fund raising events.
Suggest new ideas and changes for special events to the Board of Directors.

Concessions Directors:
Be responsible for organization of concession activities at all RCLL fields and all RCLL events.
Work with the Team Parent Director to schedule necessary clean up crews.
Assist Special Events Director when concessions will be needed at any RCLL event.

Equipment Manager:

Be responsible for the maintenance and purchase of all baseball equipment as outlined by the Board of Directors. Distribute all equipment and keys to managers prior to the season.  Equitably assign the pitching machines for practice. Collect all equipment and keys from the managers at the end of the season. Arrange the storage of all equipment when not in use.

Sponsorship Director:
Be responsible for contacting old and new sponsors of RCLL.
Organize appropriate acknowledgements to sponsors (signs, thank you letters, program advertisements, etc.).
Suggest new sources of sponsorship ideas to the Board of

Team Manager:

Is responsible for the overall organization of a team “on the field”. The manager is responsible for making sure that players learn how to play the game properly. The manager makes all game time decisions.(This is a Team Position. These are the jobs that each team needs to assign to parents.)

Assists the manager in running the team. Usually someone who is knowledgeable about baseball, but cannot make the time commitment to be a manager, someone who loves the game, but wants more experience before they manage a team, or just someone who wants to help. (This is a Team Position. These are the jobs that each team needs to assign to parents.)