Ragan "Blake" Cain Pitching Lessons: About Me

My name is Ragan Cain, formerly known as Ragan Blake. I have been playing softball since I was 4 years old and pitching since I was 8 years old. I want to be able to pass the knowledge and skill that I have onto someone else. My dream is to be able to let someone else live the dream that I got to live. 
  I attended Elkins High School in Missouri City for 2 years. I graduated from Elkins in 2004 and that was by farwhat I thought was one of the best years. Our team was named State and National Champions. We went undefeated the entire season. Me and a couple of other girls on my team got the honors that every girl dreams, First Team All American. 
After Graduting from Elkins in 2004, I received a Full Scholorship to Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS.  Myself and another pitcher were named Co-Pitchers of the Year from Mississippi State. I played at Mississippi State for two years and realized that I missed home too much. My Junior year of College I transfered to Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. It felt great to be back in the State of Texas. In 2007, I was named SLC Pitcher of the Year and Newcomer of the Year. I also received First Team All Region. In 2008, I was named Pitcher and Player of the Year and Second Team All Region. We also won the Southland Conference Title.
After graduating from Texas State in 2008, I moved back home to Houston. This past softball season I was coaching at Lutheran South Academy. I am the Head High School Softball Coach. It is one of the greatest experiences I could ever have. I am able to teach girls how to play softball and how to love the game of softball. I am also coaching a summer ball team in La Porte, the Texas Storm. I have been giving lessons since 2006 in San Marcos and 2008 in Houston and it is something that I can truly say I love.
My dream is to be able to pass on the knowledge that I have been taught from College Softball, Summer Softball, Pitching Lessons, and the many oppenents that I have faced. I know Fast Ball, Drop Ball, Rise Ball, Screw Ball, Curve Ball, and Change Up. I currently am teaching girls of all ages. I have beginners and advanced, I have girls in Elementary, Middle School, and High School. I teach girls how to correct themselves and how to feel what they are doing wrong.
I hope that I have been able to help you see and get to know a little bit about me. I hope that I can have the opportunity to teach your daughter and be able to allow you to watch her grow into the pitcher that she can be.