Queen Anne Quick Styx: Concussion Information

Washington has enacted the Zachary Lystedt Act to bring awareness to concussion in youth Athletics. Each program is required to abide by this rule.

In the following pages there is information provided about concussions. With the evolving research in the area WSLA Youth League can not guarantee the accuracy of the information. The best resource is your pediatrician. The Center for Disease Control has published information at the below link. If the link does not work, please copy it an paste it into your browers.


There is also GREAT information for coaches, parents and players, including a coaches quiz, at the high School Boys League site. Again, if the link does not work, please copy the below address and paste it into your browser.


Safety remains a priority of the Youth League.

Are Helmets coming to the Women's Game?

There is an interesting artcile at the USLacrosse WEB site
www.uslacrosse.org that discusses the future of the girls game with respect to helmets. I encourage you to read it to learn more about what research, consideration and planning is being done with respect to this hotly debated issue.