Queen Anne Quick Styx: Equipment

Required Equipment

In order to practice or play each player must have:

1. Stick (crosse)   Minimum length is 35.5" 

                           Maximum length is 52"                         

2. Eye  Protection or Goggles that meet ASTM certification for women's lacrosse

3. Colored Mouthguard (cannot be clear or white)



Optional Equipment

Players may provide and wear:

1. Close fitting gloves

2. Soft headgear (Hard helmets may not be worn)

3. Cleats

QAQS Provided Equipment

QAQS will provide for players use during games and practices:

1. Soft practice balls

2. Standard game balls

3. Goals (which are made available to us by the Queen Anne Boys Lacrosse program)

4. Goalie Equipment including:

       a. Stick

       b. Lacrosse helmet

       c. Lacrosse gloves

       d. Chest Protector

       e. Thigh and hip Protector

       f.  Shinguards