Queen Anne Quick Styx: 2013 Spring Registration

Friday, October 12
Registration Instructions
For all U-9, U-11, U-13, U-15 players:  
  1. Read this letter so you know the details for the season.
  2. Renew/Purchase your US Lacrosse Membership number at www.uslacrosse.org. ($25 fee)
  3. Complete the registration forms available on the handouts page of our website: www.eteamz.com/QueenAnneQuick Styx/.
  4. You will mail in 4 forms: registration, medical waiver, code of conduct and concussion. Be sure to read and complete all four forms.
  5. Write a check payable to: Queen Anne Quick Styx for the correct amount of your daughter’s division.
  6. Mail all these forms and your check to the address below.
  7. Registration Deadline is January 28th for U-11, U-13, and U-15.
  8. Queen Anne Quick Styx address:

All forms with payment by check should be sent to:

George Bergeron

                                                                       2607 West Blaine St.

 Seattle, WA  98199

Items and Forms Needed Completely Filled out and Signed in order to be Fully Registered:

1.   Registration Form for appropriate level with valid US Lacrosse Membership Number

2.   Medical Waiver Form

3.   Code of Conduct Form

4.   Concussion Form

5.   US Lacrosse Membership Number (a print out of membership card or reply with expiration date would be of valuable assistance)

6.   QAQS Registration fee

7.   Copy of Waiver, if needed/requested

8.  Finanical Aid Forms are available upon request, please contact George Bergeron


Refund Policy:

If requested prior to the first practice, full QAQS registration cost minus $25 admin. fee will be refunded.

If requested proir to the first game but after practices have started, 50% of the QAQS registration cost will be refunded.

After the 1st scheduled game (weekend of March 23, 2013), no refunds will be granted.