Queen Anne Quick Styx: U-15 (Grades 7 & 8)


QAQS will field one team at this age level with a roster size of a maximum of 25 players.

Current Roster Assessment as of 1/8/13:

Roster Target:          22

Committed to Play:     15

Fully Registered:       8

Game Information

First Regular Season Game: weekend of March 25, 2013

Last Regular Season Game: weekend of May 18, 2013

Number of Games: 10

Home Games are played at the Queen Anne Bowl.

Away games are played on fields throughout Western Washington.  We could travel to fields from South Tacoma to Bellingham as well as a potential trip to Bainbridge or Vashon Island.

The U-15 team will also participate in at least three jamborees:

a. The Umpire Training Jamboree - March 15, 16 and 17, 2013

b. Tentative Mid-Season Jamboree - TBD

c.  QAQS Jambore - Tentatively May 18, 2013

d. End of the Year Jamboree - the weekend of June 1, 2013 - Location TBD

Game Format/Rules

Games are comprised of two 25 minute halves.

The game is played using modified checking rules which means that players can stick check as long as it is below the shoulders and the opponent is in possession of the ball.  Washington State girls youth lacrosse will not implement the full checking rule until enough officials are qualified.

Body checks, checks above the shoulders, and stick placement within the sphere of the head is considered a foul.

Click on headline to view 2013 US Lacrosse Girls Youth Rules.

Handout: Girls Youth Lacrosse Rules


Each team is required to outfit their teams in similar attire.

QAQS issues a maroon "racer" jersey and maroon shorts to each player.

Each player is required to provide a $50 refundable deposit before the uniform is issued.

Registration Information

U-15 QAQS Registration Fee: $200.00 per player plus US Lacrosse Membership

Required Registration Information:

1. Completed U-15 Registration Form

2. Completed Medical Waiver Form

3. US Lacrosse Membership Number

4. Registration Fee ($200)

5. Signed Code of Conduct

6. Signed Concussion Form

7. If you live outside QAQS boundaries, you must complete, submit to Waglax President and get approval of a Waiver Request Form.