Queen Anne Quick Styx: Coaches


Head Coach - Lindsey Anderson

I am the coach of the 7/8th grade team and 2013 will be my fifth year with the Queen Anne Quick Styx.  I have been involved with lacrosse for the past nine years, since I was a senior in high school.  I played for the Bellevue team back when all of the high schools on the eastside melded together to make one team.  I then played on the club team at Western Washington University for five years.  We never had an official coach in college so we coached ourselves and ran our own management providing the whole team with a lot of unique experiences.  I graduated with a bachelor of science in biochemistry and a minor in math in 2008.  Since I have graduated I have been working at Juanita Vision Clinic in Kirkland, coaching the Queen Anne Quick Styx, and occasionally tutoring students in math and science. 

I absolutely love working with the Queen Anne Quick Styx.  There is so much enthusiasm, spirit, and teamwork. The love that comes from the players, parents, coaches and even our opponents is remarkable.  Coaching this team has been one of the best experiences I have ever had and I will never forget it!!


Coach - Caroline Vokos

Coach - Areil Chin

Coach - Meredith Rockwell


Coaches -  TBD

Head Coach - TBD