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2011 Danubia Celtic U12
2011 Danubia Celtic U12
Welcome to the DANUBIA CELTIC website. Celtic were 2010 EPYSA Indoor State Cup Champions!!!!

     Danubia Celtic Start of Fall Delco with a 1-1 tie of the #1 team in America

Delco season starts with the first of many challenges when the boys had to travel to Balt. Bays, the Current #1 in the country. The game is a great match with all aspects of the team working.  Halftime comes and it's 0-0. In the second half, confusion off a throw-in sends Bays in on a break and the boys are down 1-0

 The boys bounce right back and hard work puts the game back to even. The game continues and both teams "D" and goalkeeping keep the game a draw.. Well earn point.

  The next day the boys travel up to Fairleigh Dickinson College(almost NY) to play Morris United in a battle of CELTIC teams. Our boys start slow but end really strong and charge to a 5-2 victory. Great playing by everyone on the team and great weekend of soccer.

Highlights of Morris game 

                         Danubia Celtic  go 2-1 at Spirit United Tournament

  Celtic open 2011 Season with a decent showing at a tough Spirit United Tourney. The boys looked like they needed to knock a little rust off but still played very well at times. A nice glimpse of the future when the boys are running on all cylinders. The boys will face alot of new challenges this season, and all our competition will be top notch. Delco 1st division, EDP League and all the top tournaments. 

                 Celtic Win UJSL Championship

While playing up a year in competition, the Celtic boys Defeat Fox Chase(U12 boys) in the Championship 3-1 to finish a fantastic year. Celtic go 14-2-1 against the older kids and combined with the Inter County title the Celtic record was a tremendous 22-2-3. The way all the Celtic boys played in the Championship game summed up the team as a whole, they played with great talent, hard work and teamwork and the result was a Championship that each and every kid earned. Way to go Celtic. So Proud of all the Celtic boys!!! It also happened to be the 7th Championship the Celtic have won in the 2010 year and the 25th overall.. AWESOME.


                          Celtic Win InterCounty Title and in First place in UJSL.

Celtic are currently atop both leagues and have a combined 17-2-3 record. Very impressive especially when you consider that the boys are playing up a year in the one league. Congratulations to each and every boy on the team. You all earned it. They boys will now get ready to try and bring home a UJSL title. Good Luck boys. Go Celtic. Also,congratulations to all for breaking the 200 win plateau.. WoW...200 wins.. Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!  

                Celtic go undefeated at YMS tournament but fail to advance

Celtic boys face some tough competition at the YMS tournament and go undefeated but lose out in tie-breakers so we didn't get to advance to the finals.  Tough break for the boys as they clearly dominated portions of each game but couldn't hit the net for the game winner. The good news is that the Celtic boys keep their undefeated streak alive- 13-0-5 since moving to big field. Great job boys. Go Celtic 


Celtic boys Defeat Ukrainian Nat'ls 3-0 to run Shutout streak to 9 Games.

  Celtic "D" is really making a major impact on the big field and it has nine straight clean sheets to show.  It is a great pleasure to watch those boys defend with such passion. Congrats to all the Celtic boys for this streak. It always is a team effort with the Celtic!!!  GO CELTIC!!!!!



Celtic boys defend their Ross/Haney championship by defeating Fox Chase Rampage 2-0!  Great effort by all members of the team for a complete victory. Nicely done Celtic. Way to go....

               Celtic boys perform splendidly at the 2010 Beach Blast                     

 Celtic boys defeat USTA, West Chester Predators, and a very strong Cherry Hill Strikers team to advance to the Beach Blast finals where the Celts face a very good Spirit United team. The championship was a very good and close game but eventually run out of time and lose 2-1. Every player on the Celtic should be so proud of how well each played , especially against the high quality of opponents we face. Great Job Celtic.  Also to our opponents. You all played with great effort and skill, you should also be proud of yourselves.keep your heads up. Good Job 

Beach Blast 2010 Brackets are up..Finally...And the Sand will be Flying, with some of the best soccer on the beach. In  this Bracket alone you have Defending Indoor State Cup Champs(our Celtic) ,Outdoor Champs-WC, Outdoor finalist-Ukies, and a strong State cup quarterfinalist( Spirit)..Plus the Highland and Hockessin teams are both very strong..WOW>..This is going to be awesome soccer !!!!! So Lets get ready to have some summer fun... Let's go Celtic!!!!!     WELL there is a Huge Change in our bracket,  the  BERKS RAGE have been added.  And now the bracket is one of the most talent-laden groups I have ever seen ...these super-talented kids are really going to put on a show for the soccer fans on the NJ beaches....WOW>>>>WOW>>>> This is going to be alot of great fun....GO CELTIC


  PSC Celtic will be holding tryouts for the Fall season. We will be playing U-12 ,11v11. Please be advised that  Celtic are an Elite team and will be competing in many high level Tournaments and Leagues. We are looking to add  players that will dedicate 100% Commitment to the team.  We will be traveling out of state for tournaments Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at      chile10@aol.com

Also please feel free to forward this tryout information to any player who you may feel would be an asset to the team.
Jose M. Ibarra

  Celtic Defeat Spirit to go to Semi-finals of Epysa Outdoor State Cup       CELTIC are State Cup Champions

 Celtic boys win the Pool of Death over Lower Merion, Spirit, and Montgomery Arsenal then win 3 back-back-back playoff games and win the State Cup.... We are all so proud of you boys!!!

 I'm supposed to create a write-up to describe what happens in a game ....well this write-up has to be told in a full length story...Here's the Celtic story..  The Celtic and 19 other of elite teams register for the STATE CUP, hoping to earn the right to be reconized as a STATE CUP Champion. When the schedule comes out with the brackets the news it not good. Celtic are in the "bracket of death" meaning it's by far the toughest. The area coaches all agree that all four teams (Celtic, LowerMerion Denali, Spirit United Rovers, and Montgomery Arsenal) could advance but it will be tough because all 4 teams are powerful. To top it off the Celtic get the Denali at 7:54 in the morning. Ouch.

      Well the game starts and both teams start off slow but then the Celtic get 2 great chances...both denied..But just after a missed chance the Celtic put in a goal-Top Shelfed. Great shot..Game stays 1-0 until about 6Min left when the ball,Denali goalie,a defender and a Celtic player all crash into each other trying to break up a scoring chance, and the rebound is buried to give the Celtic a 2-0 lead. Easy right..Well the Lower Merion team would not just go away..The score with about 1 min. left and then with only a few seconds left they get one last shot off to try to tie the score but it's blocked by the tough Celtic "D"....  Outstanding win...

     Next up Spirit United at 10:15 am... Celtic score 10 seconds into the match and it looks like it'll be easy...Nope...Spirit come right back and score 2 goals to take the lead...Celtic rebound with 2 more goals and take a 3-2 lead...ok the Spirit will back down now...Nope they score to tie it at 3 with about 5 minutes to go.  Celtic dig even deeper and score 2 goals to make it 5-3 and the Spirit take shot after shot the last few minutes but can't get anymore past the Celtic goalie...Two great games and 2-0 in bracket. 

        Next up is the very good Montgomery Arsenal.  A win or tie here and the Celtic will advance to the quarter-finals, but the Arsenal will make it very tough and probably would like to extract alittle revenge on the Celtic because we beat them out for the INTER-County Division title a few months back.. This game is tough in a different way because all the players seem to have some fatigue setting in and the game is still a battle but alittle sloppy but made up for with effort as every inch of field is fought for and the Celtic emerge with a 4-2 victory. Amazingly the Celtic not only advance out of the "Bracket of Death" but do so Undefeated which nobody could have predicted...Tremendous!!!

       But things don't get easier.Nope...We get to face Fox Chase Rampage in the quarter-finals.. Never -ever easy when you play the Rampage and everyone knows it....Well we battle our rivals and put together one of our best, complete efforts and gain a 4-1..Don't let the score fool you. It was closer that the score would indicate.

     On to the Semifinals. Oh Your opponent Wyoming Valley is waiting on the next field for you...you get 3 minutes to rest. We don't know much about them but it's gotta be easier then what we just went through, right...Wrong...Wyoming Valley battled so hard...Every time the Celtic scored, WV would follow with a goal....

    This was a 1- goal lead all game until the very end when the Celtic score 2 more goals and end up with a tough fought 6-3 victory and a spot in the finals against FC Revolution. Oh they are waiting for you over on the next field...You have 3 minutes to be ready..Are you kidding me, I'm tired and I've only be standing here..I can't believe they have to play Bracket of Death and then Back-to back-to back playoff games... Game starts and both teams are at their best and the goals go to the Celtic, and our "D" and Goaltending hold strong to enter the last 2-3 minutes up 3-1...Game is over right...Wrong...the Celtic boys begin to shut it down, whether from fatigue or from the thought of being State Cup Champs, but FC Revolution is too good a team to shut it down early and make the Celtic pay...They score 2 goals to tie it...the last coming with just :05 seconds left...Their fans are freaking out and FC has all the momentum heading into the OT...Celtic don't get down...They wake up...

         OT is 10 minutes of play and goalies can't use their hands, GOLDEN GOAL is in effect meaning first goal wins. Well both teams battled for 6 minutes, each teams goalies and defenders making huge plays to keep it tied...Then on a FC Revelution offensive rush a Celtic defender breaks up a pass.. The Celtic forward breaks down the left side..Crosses all the way over to the right winger, who gets past a FC defend and run into the right corner then sends a pass over, past a defender and the goalie to the waiting foot of a Celtic player who puts in the GAME WINNER>.. CELTIC are State Cup Champs... The kids just collapse from the emotional and physical fatigue of the whole day. Over 9 hours of Top notched soccer with the added pressure of so many great, close games...WOW... The fans are screaming for joy....The Coaches are elated...it was lifetime memory...STATE CUP CHAMPS. But words don't do it justice....Here's the final moments on video..Sorry about the shaky picture...I hope you can understand...ALSO....To all our opponents...Each of you battled like warriors...You the players and coaches should be proud of yourselves... The Celtic Parents,Coaches and players tip our hats  to you...Great playing.. hold your heads high!!


                        PSC Celtic Win Ross/Haney Championship

  Celtic boys defeat Council Rock 5-0 to win the Ross/Haney Championship.  Great effort by all in the championship game but the REAL test was the Semi-final against the State Cup Champs Upper Makefield. This great rivalry has produced some epic battles and this game would fall into that catagory. The game starts off with each team making runs and each teams "D" standing tough. Halftime 0-0...Second half has more of the same great action but produces no goals. Neither team looks like it'll make the mistake to change the game. And neither team makes that mistake...The Ref does with only 10 minutes left in the game...On a ball lobbed into the 18 a Celtic defender plays the ball beautifully off  his chest and gets a HandBall call against him.. Tough call.. Upper Makefield perfectly bury the free kick. Celtic boys don't hang their head and mope. They take the tap and get a great low shot on the goalie, who can't handle the rebound and Celtic pounce on the loose ball to score and tie the game 1-1. Game heads into two 5 minute overtimes. Sudden Death. First overtime is more exciting soccer..but no goals..Second overtime. Celtic move into the Patriots end and get a shot off that clangs off of the crossbar. Celtic gather ball and get another shot off...Low and Upper Makefield's goalie makes a nice save and tips it wide.  On the corner kick the Celtic run a set play and get a great shot off...a Cannon shot that rips into the netting. Celtic win..What an exciting game and well played by both teams. Great Job Celtic!! Way to bring the Ross/Haney Championship back to its home at Philadelphia Soccer Club!!!

..Great job boys!

 Celtic Career Record    Win-loss-tie

2007  Ross/Haney          4-0-0 

2007 Fall UJSL             11-3-0

2007 Fall Dept Rec         10-0

2007 Cinnaminson Tourn   3-0

2008 Sportsplex Indoor   6-1-3

2008  Rocket Indoor U9 div. 6-2

2008 Spring Rock League     7-0

2008 Ukie Memorial Day     2-1

2008 Beach Blast    4-0

2008 Nat'l Soccer Rank Cup 0-2-1

2008 Ross/Haney    2-1

2008 Fall Inter-County 4-2-3

2008 Fall UJSL   9-1-0

2008  UJSL Columbus Day 4-0-0

2008 PYO Thanksgiving Tournament 3-1-0 

2008 Rocket Sports Indoor  9-0-0

2008 Indoor State Cups  2-1-1

2009 Rocket Sports Indoor Session #2 11-0-0

2009 Buckingham "March into Cups" Tourney  2-0-1

2009  Spring State Cups       4-1-0

2009 Rock Spring League       5-0-2

2009 Ukies Tournament       4-0-0

2009  43rd Phila Youth Soccer Classic (U10) 3-0-1

2009 Beach Blast              4-0-0

2009 Ross/Haney              4-0-0

2009 YMS Tournament       1-1-1

2009 UJSL                      6-2-2

2009 Inter-County           9-1-0

2009  Rocket Indoor         10-0-0

2010 BucksMont Holiday Indoor Cup 3-0-1 

2010 Delco LeaguesUnited Cup 4-0-0

2010  State Cup Indoor Championship 6-0-0 

2010 Penn Legacy Invitational    2-1-0

2010 Epysa Outdoor State Cups  4-1-0

2010 UJSL Spring League           6-0-0

2010 Beach Blast                         3-1-0

2010 Ross/Haney                        3-0-1

2010 UJSL   Fall                    14-2-1

2010  InterCounty Fall            8-0-2     

2010 YMS Columbus Cup          1-0-2    

2011 UJSL Spring League        7-1-0

2011   Spirit United Tourney    2-1-0

2011   Delco League                 0-0-1

2011   EDP League                   1-0-0

                                Celtic All-Time record   216-27-23

PSC CELTIC is now ranked (kind of)   


  Team accomplishments:



2010 Undefeated InterCounty Champions 

2010 Ross/Haney Undefeated Champions 

2010  State Cup Indoor Undefeated Champions 

2010 Delco LeaguesUnited Undefeated Champions 

2010 Rocket Indoor Undefeated Champions

2010 BucksMont Holiday Indoor Cup Undefeated Champs  

2009 Inter-County 1st Division Champions

2009 Ross/Haney Undefeated Champions

2009 Beach Blast Undefeated Champions

43rd Phila Youth Soccer Classic (U10) Undefeated Champs

Ukrainian Nationals Tournament    Undefeated Champs

Buckingham "March into Cups" Tournament Undefeated Champs

Rocket Indoor Session #2  (U10)  Undefeated Champs

State Cup Indoor and Spring State Cup Semi-finalist



2008  Rocket Indoor Session 1 Undefeated Champs

2008  Parkwood Thanksgiving Tournament Champs

2008 UJSL Division Title-Undefeated Champs

2008   UJSL Columbus Day- Undefeated Champs

Beach Blast-Undefeated Champs

Rock Spring League- Undefeated Champs

SportsPlex Indoor-Undefeated Regular Season

SportsPlex Indoor-Finalist


U8 Ross/Haney Undefeated Champs

UJSL Division Champs

Dept of Rec Undefeated Division Champs

Dept of Rec Championship winner

Cinniminson Thanksgiving Day Tournament Undefeated Champs

2010 State Cup Champions


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