Prince William RimRockers: Info for Parents

The Rimrockers maintain this website to provide players and families with important information about our program and expectations, clinics, tournaments, leagues and tryouts.  Please visit it often to keep current on happenings in the club, performances of our teams, and other important and interesting information.

Let's talk to the parents ---

COMMITMENT --- It is important to know that participation on a Rimrockers team demands a big time commitment from coaches, players and their families.  In the fall and winter, teams will typically practice once or twice a week for 90 minutes to 2 hours each session and play in a local recreation or AAU league.  In the Spring, teams may practice two or three times a week  and enter other weekend tournaments and/or leagues in preparation for AAU or YBOA District, Regional, State or National tournaments.   It is the RimRocker's philosophy that we will grow together and be competitive as a team, if we practice and play the game as a team.  Even though the commitment level required for a successful AAU basketball team requires that your RimRocker team be a priority - we do expect that an athlete's family, religious and school-related events get the HIGHEST priority.  Therefore,we request that such events be communicated to the coach(es) and team manager(s) well in advance so that practices, tournament, etc., can be planned accordingly since the team will be missing a player that day. 

TEAM MANAGEMENT --- RimRocker teams work best when the coach coaches and the parents communicate and take on the administrative responsibilities of the team, such as helping with sponsorships and fundraising.   The RimRocker's program expects parents, guardians and other adults associated with the program to abide by the following rules, guidance and philosophy of the RimRocker's program:

1.  Let the Coaches do the Coaching -  The only person giving instructions to the players should be the head coach or the assistant coaches.  It's hard enough running, getting where you're supposed to be and playing your best, let alone having to listen to three different people yell three sets of instructions about what you're not doing or should do. 

2.  Refs are not there to be abused.  If a call needs to be questioned - let the coaches do it. 

3.  If you have something to say, let it be positive praise.  Root for the team - not just the individual team.  "Way to go guys" is much more effective than highlighting one kid.

4.  Understand that you are a role model for your athlete.  Remember that your athlete is watching to see how you react or behave to certain situations.  Teach our kids to be good sports.  It's okay to applaud a nice play by an opposing player.  It shows your athletes that his opponents are talented as well and may spark a new desire to excel.  In addition, your athlete will be looking for your approval.  If they look on the sideline and they see your face, make sure that your have a smile on it or at least a look of quiet pride.   Leave your game face at home.  If you look like you're having a good time, then he will feel the same way.  Also, teach your athlete to enjoy the thrill of competition.  Do not say "Winning does not matter" because it does.  Just make sure that your child knows that win or lose, you love him, appreciate his efforts and are not disappointed in him.  

COSTS --- Based on past seasons and the anticipated costs/expenses for the upcoming season, we have laid out a detailed statement of the initial fees that each athlete/family will be responsible for as a member of a Rimrocker's team.  Each family will be informed of the initial fees upon their selection.  In addition to these initial fees, each family will also be required to participate in fundraising events that will be planned to help offset additional expenses based on the team's plans.  The specific details will be provided to each family upon placement on a RimRocker team.

DONATIONS and FUNDRAISING ---- The Prince William RimRockers Basketball Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  As a result, we pursue sponsorships and funding from organizations and individuals.  This charitable giving is used to provide individual scholarship based on financial need and support teams where needed.  A donation letter is available for any donations or fundraising activities an individual or team pursues to help offset team and/or individual player costs.

WHAT CAN THE RimRockers Program DO FOR YOUR ATHLETE? Athletes who play basketball at this select AAU level will improve their own skill level through coaching, practice and competition.  Athletes who develop their abilities by participating in the program become leaders not only on the court but at school and in their communities.  Through our program, we intend to develop not only basketball skills, but also individual character, morals and physical and mental fitness.  We support our coaches and parents in the development of important lifelong core values of teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, pesonal discipline, time management, honesty and respect.