Prince William RimRockers: Ready for the RimRockers???

ARE YOU READY for the RimRockers??-Things to Consider 

The following list can also be used evaluate whether YOUR FAMILY is ready to commit to AAU competition 

It's Not All About Your Skills!!!! What our AAU Coaches will be looking for when selecting Players for the RimRockers Team.   

  • Hustle/Effort - ALWAYS try your hardest and give your best effort! There is no substitute for hard work.  People have different levels of talent, but EVERYONE can try.  It takes no talent to hustle!  Effort/hustle will ALWAYS be acknowledged and rewarded. 
  • Concentration/Mental Awareness - Basketball is a thinking game.  Concentration is essential to good performance.  Can the player be quiet, listen and learn? How focused is a player during instruction and drills?  Is he able to observe and adapt?  
  • Enthusiasm and Team Skills – Attitude!!  Controlled enthusiasm is contagious and builds unity and togetherness.  Also, the athlete must have the ability and willingness to be coached and learn.   
  • Sportsmanship and Competitiveness - Great competitors respect their opponents.  Competing means being able to take the wins AND the losses. 
  • Discipline - Good players and teams are highly disciplined.  Discipline includes personal commitment and self control.  The coaches will expect and establish discipline, but the players will be given the opportunity to develop and learn self-discipline.  Also, a player AND parent must be able to handle constructive criticism. 
  • Athletic Ability - The coach must combine and refine the collective talents to build a "team."  Factors such as conditioning, speed, strength, and agility will be evaluated. 
  • Ability to leave the coaching to the Coaches and the “bad vibes” at home -  On the court, the RimRockers coaches should have the athlete’s full attention.  “Coaching from the bleachers” should not take place during practices or games.  As a spectator, if you think you can coach your athlete or the team better -  use another forum to do so – not at a Prince William RimRocker event. There will be opportunities for parents to provide input to the coaching staff as the season progresses, however, there is nothing more distracting and confusing for a young athlete then to have adults screaming conflicting instructions from the sidelines during a game.  In addition, only positive comments and reinforcement are allowed during RimRocker activities – adults who do not behave in a positive way will be asked to leave the RimRocker association.   No matter how bad the ref was or how the other team played, we want to maintain a level of civilized decorum for our player’s at all times.  
  • FAMILY COMMITMENT – Time & Money.  Competing at the AAU level requires both a time and a financial commitment from both the athletes and their families.  The number of practices and games and the amount of money required to perform even adequately at the AAU level is beyond what is required for recreational and local leagues.  Your family needs to understand this when considering whether or not they wish to pursue playing AAU basketball.  In an effort to help your family, the Prince William RimRockers will given a tentative schedule and lay-out of the expected fees which will be due from each athlete chosen to participate with one of our teams.