Prince William RimRockers: Common Try Out Questions

Common Questions about Trying Out for a RimRocker Team

Q: How will the players be selected for a team?

A: Through the try-out process players will be evaluated on their basketball skills, knowledge, athleticism, and attitude. Coaches and evaluators will weigh all these factors in selecting team members. 

Q: How do you evaluate players to ensure each player gets a fair try out?

A: Players are put through basic basketball drills to evaluate the skills of shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defensive coordination. All players are put through the same drills to ensure that the try-out process is fair.  

Specific Basketball skills that will be evaluated by the coaches:  Dribbling - Stationary, Pivoting,Quick start/stop, cross-over dribble, changes of speed, speed dribble; Defensive skills - Footwork and positioning, lateral movement, rebounding;       Chest Pass, Bounce Pass, Overhead Pass, Hook Pass, Baseball Pass, Pass and dribble; Scrimmaging - Court sense, Team play; Shooting  - Right Handed Layup, Left Handed lay-up, Jump shooting, Set shot, Free-Throws; Other Skills - Boxing Out, Jumping, Screening, Team offensive skills, team defensive skills 

Q: What type of experience should a player have before trying out for an AAU Club Team?

A: Players can have wide variety of basketball experience.  However, it is important to remember that we will be drawing athletes from multiple communities and therefore, an AAU team will be more competitive than most recreational teams.   

Q: Is playing time guaranteed if my child makes a team?

A: Unlike some programs, there is NO GUARANTEED playing time on AAU teams for any player. Coaches weigh a number of factors for each and every game as to which players will start and who will be subbed in.   

Q: Which team should my son try out for?

A: For the AAU season, the age limitation date for boys is September 1st.  For instance, if your son is age 10 before September 1st, he could try out for the age 10 and under team.  If during tryouts, the coaches feel that your son has extraordinary skills for a child of that age, he may have the option to play in an older age group.   

Q: My child plays another sport (Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse etc) – would they be able to play AAU Basketball also?

A: Yes, they can still play AAU basketball. Practices will be held in the evenings and weekends with games being played on weekends. Each coach has a different policy on practice and game attendance.  It will be important to let the coach know beforehand if you are unable to attend a practice or game.  AAU is a bigger time commitment with practices during the week and tournaments on the weekends. It is also important to keep in mind that players who are unable to attend practice will also miss out on understanding what was covered in practice (ex: a particular offensive or defensive play). This is important to understand because it could effect playing time.  Those players who routinely attend practices and participate in team activities (for example, fundraising) generally increase their chances for playing time.   

Q: If my child did not play for an AAU basketball team last year would they still be able to make a team this year?

A: Yes, they will be given a fair opportunity to make the team. Most players that made an AAU team last year will likely make an AAU team again because of the continuous practices and playing they do most of the year.  However, it is important to remember that each year new players and potentially new talent will be trying out. Every player trying out will be given a fair chance. There are NO GUARANTEED spots on a particular team and all players, even "repeaters" have to tryout for a spot. 

Q: If I don't make a team do I get my $20 try-out fee back?

A: Refunds will not be given to players who do not make the team.  The RimRockers Association is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers.  The fee is being used to cover gym rental and custodian fees. 

Q: My child was cut and I believe my son was a better player than players who did make the team.

A: Deciding who makes each team is not an exact science. Each coach will do their best to identify the top players. It is important to remember that all teams need different kinds of players to be successful.  If a player is cut, our coaches recommend other developmental leagues for them to join and enhance their skills.    

Q: My son is very upset over not making a team; what should I say to him or her?  

A: We understand that getting cut from a team is a heartbreaking experience for any child. It is important that you explain to your child that if they gave their best effort that is what is important.  Many good players have been cut at one time or another, Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school team. Players should evaluate the areas that they need improvement in and work at them.  In addition, your son may want to join a less competitive league to further develop their skills. 

Q: How many teams per age bracket will there be?

A: The number of teams at each age level will vary depending on the number of potential players at tryouts and available coaches. We will only create and staff the number of teams which we know we can fully devote our time, attention and resources to.   

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