Prince William RimRockers: About the RimRockers

The Prince William RimRockers Basketball Association was formed by dedicated parents and community members to provide an opportunity for young athletes to build self-confidence through developing their athletic ability, while emphasizing the importance of continuing education and good sportmanship.  It is the philosophy of the RimRockers organization that competition can be combined with fairness and integrity.  Under the direction of its Executive Board, the Rimrockers provide higher level sports programs for its athletes and promotes opportunities for our area youth to develop and grow their character, leadership, mental and physical fitness capabilities. We believe that this combination prepares our youth to win on the court and in life.  

The Prince William RimRockers Basketball Association is a registered, 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer, organization located in Prince William County, Virginia.  The Rimrockers are members of the National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and Youth Basketball of America (YBOA).  Both organizations support a variety of amateur sports and through participation in AAU and YBOA, young athletes achieve their dreams as valued citizens in their communities.  Through AAU and YBOA,  RimRocker players and teams are eligible to play in annual AAU and YBOA District, Regional and State tournaments, which can make them eligible to play in National tournaments. 

The RimRockers could not be more proud of our coaches and our administration.  All volunteers, our staff cares first and foremost about the kids’ experience and development.  Though we are an extremely competitive organization, our coaches are very much focused on teaching life lessons through the game we all love and our administration is committed to making your experience stress-free. Each of the teams we field will get the same amount of dedicated attention to ensure a season that runs smoothly.

The Rimrockers maintain this website to provide players and families with important information about our program and expectations, clinics, tournaments, leagues and tryouts.  Please visit it often to keep current on happenings in the club, performances of our teams, and other important and interesting information. 

The Prince William RimRockers Basketball Association will be an exciting and worthwhile pursuit for many youth over the years.  Team members will play with the best players in their age from the Prince William County area and will compete against the top teams from Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.   New friendships are forged as players practice, compete, and travel together.  To be able to walk into a strange gym in a distant town and play with poise and confidence can be an exhilarating experience.  After a season of competitive basketball, players return stronger, more knowledgeable, and better for the experience.  For more information, email us at