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Priceville School Soccer
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3721 E. Upper River Rd.
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  Navigating Tips  

Friday, January 28
Web Site Tour
Updated for the 2005 season!

For those of you new to eteamz, I will point out a few things and help you learn how to navigate through this site. Plus, I will show you where the coaches are listed, their telephone numbers and email addresses. First two lessons below, "Left Hand Column" and "Navigating the Site" !

Navigating the Site
This is a "league" site...contains both the PHS Boys and Girls team information. The column headings in the left hand column will appear on every page and help you navigate around the site.

Since most of the information is common to both teams, that information will be found directly connected with the "Home" page. Individual team rosters, albums (yes, we hope to have some action shots), game results, game schedules, etc. will be found on the individual team's pages (Priceville Boys Soccer or Priceville Girls Soccer).

To get you started, let's look at the boy's roster. In the left hand column, click on Teams...then, under 2005 BOYS, click on Priceville BULLDOGS (Boys)(actual words on the page)...then click on Roster (from the left hand column again). You can do the same for the girls. To get back to the MAIN home, just click on Site Home (left hand column) and you are back at the start.

So, think of the web site as 3 sites, the main (Priceville School Soccer) with two sub sites (Priceville BULLDOGS(Boys) and Priceville LADY BULLDOGS). Need more help, email Cindy who is always happy to help.

Left Hand Column
What does each label contain? Here is a very condensed explanation:

Home: The latest news, announcement, practices/games/results for the week, etc.
News: Old information that was originally posted on the HOME page
Calendar: Shows practices/games/events/birthdays in Calendar format
Schedules: Practice/Game Schedules
Standings: Win/Loss record
Teams: ALL teams the PHS plays with links to their web sites, if they have one
Locations: Maps/directions to fields
Board: List of Team Contacts with email addresses and phone numbers
Albums: Pictures, eventually
Handouts: Link to the handouts given in meetings
Links: Other sites to check out. You will leave eteamz, so right click and open a new window, if you want
Guestbook: For those wishing to sign the Guestbook, you must be a "member" of the site and/or eteamz. Feel free to email and request "membership" -- no charge :) !!
Navigating Tips: HERE you are...helpful tips, I hope!
Update Log: A log of daily changes to the website
LAWS of Soccer: The "rules" that soccer abides by
Soccer Knowledge: Some soccer terms that might be helpful
Parents: ON the TEAM sites, those names we NEVER can remember, you know "Robert's mom", "Adam's dad", "Rachel's mom"...

Just in case a handout does not make it home (imagine that?!!), you may go to Handouts (left hand column too) and download the handout that is still in the bottom of that soccer bag! You will see the disclaimer from eteamz to be careful when you download, but, these are files from the administration and should not pose a threat. Plus, the download may take just a minute; so, be patient.

Direct Links to Boys OR Girls TEAM Page
To go directly to Priceville Girls Page, click once on the highlighted words. You also can get there by clicking on Teams (left hand column) and then, under the title 2005 Girls, you may click once on Priceville LADY BULLDOGS.

For the boys, click on Priceville BULLDOGS (Boys) and you can view all the schedules/practices etc. that pertain just to the boys. Or, like the girls, you can follow the directions above and use the Teams link in the left hand column.

ALL information that pertains to BOTH teams will be posted on the HOME (opening page, this page if you see Welcome AND Priceville School Soccer at the top). Right now, BOTH the boys and the girls GAMES will be posted on the calendar of the Priceville School Soccer. The TEAM pages will list the practice schedules, have a calendar specifically for either the girls or boys, and have other information that is only for the girls or the boys.   Right now, the practices through the end of the season are on their respective calendars.

BTW, any games that you see scheduled at this time are always SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! Weather being the biggest factor...remember those COLD, COLD games??!!

Getting to the Practice Schedules
The practice/game schedules for each team (PHS Boys and PHS Girls) is listed in several places. The games for both teams appear in calendar format in the MAIN Calendar.   For individual team schedules, visit the individual team sites and visit the schedule page (see how to get there below). Another way to get there is to click once on "Schedules" (left hand column). Select your team "2005 Boys" or "2005 Girls". When the schedule appears, only the first five games will be listed. Select "Full Schedule" to see the complete schedule. Also, make sure that you have the "2005 School Soccer" season selected for the "select season" pulldown. Need HELP? Email me.

For practices, you will need to go to each "team" site. Click once on "Teams" (left hand column heading). Click once on either "Priceville BULLDOGS (Boys)" or "Priceville LADY BULLDOGS". At the team page, click once on "Practices" (left hand column heading). The practices are also listed on the Team Calendar. Soon, I will list the practices/games for the coming week on each home page.

Priceville School Soccer
Priceville School Soccer
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