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Priceville School Soccer
C. Varner
256 351-8421
3721 E. Upper River Rd.
Somerville, Alabama

Sunday, March 4
Last UPDATE(s):
March 4, 2012
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Welcome to the site of the two soccer teams for Priceville High School, the Varsity Boys and the Varsity Girls. No longer active...

Priceville High School, located in Priceville, a small community in Morgan County in North Alabama, is classified in the 1A-4A classification for the 2010-2011 season.   



Friday, March 5
Action Shots by Joey are Back!!

Most of you have seen Joey Kennedy at the games with his camera! Well, Joey has posted some of those photos at Soccer Photos . Remember, once you click on Soccer photos, you will leave this website and be taken to Joey's, unless you right click and select "Open in New Tab".

Soccer photos from Tanner posted!!

Gold Line
Friday, February 19

If you are interested in who is playing, when, where, scores, etc,; then, go to EurosportScoreboard.  On that page, click once on the "State of Alabama".  By default, "Boys" are highlighted; but, choose either "Boys" or "Girls" and then click on "Build Scoreboard".  From there you will see the scores from the day or two before AND the upcoming games.  Click once on ANY school name and you will see their entire schedule.  Need help?  Let me know.



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Tuesday, February 1
2010-2011 Priceville HS Soccer Teams (update is coming)

Marie Kaminsky      Elizabeth Reid    Masey Smith      Courtney Chaffin
      Alicia Daniels    Alisha Burchell       Katie Crow          Anna Haden   
Rachel Fredricks       Selena Rodriguez    Rayna Cahill Maleiha Chavers
    McKinley Livingston    Brittany Plemons      Kailee Ramsey       Skylar Posey
Rachael Whitten    Darrian Dockery   Autumn Morgan    Bobbie Jo Smith   Tate Yancey

Luke Allen    Seth Carter         Austin Sorrells      Sam Barber      
       Heath Bell       Adam Haden    Clint Livingston    James Shea
JR Speake    Nick Bell      JP Cancilla       Daniel Hopper    Zak Sullivan   
      Aaron Davis       Ivan Rodriguez      Jared Wray      
Nick Bailey       Noah Brectel       Connor Sorrells       Caleb Ward

Gold Line
Saturday, January 12
PHS Website

Once again, let me remind you to check the soccer portion of Priceville High School's website. From there, click on Announcements to view the daily school announcements, just in case your child forgot to let you know about a club meeting, pictures, or...! Last minute changes? Check the HOME page, as Mrs. Kennedy will post there up until at least 2:45 (yes, sometimes changes take place then!). Baseball and Softball schedules are posted under Athletics and then their respective headings. Certain clubs have web pages. Thanks goes to Mrs. Kennedy for maintaining such an up to date school website!!

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Direct Link to the Boys OR Girls Individual Site

To go directly to PHS Lady BULLDOGS, click once on the highlighted words.
For the boys, click on PHS BULLDOGS.

Thursday, April 15
Upcoming GAMES

Check the individual sites for the practices and information pertaining to either the Girls or the Boys (Lady BULLDOGS or BULLDOGS).

2011   See you next year! PHS

Gold Line
Tuesday, January 26
2010 Season Game Schedule

The 2010 Season Game Schedule can be found in several places. On the main site (this one), if you wish to view it in Calendar format, click on Calendar here or in the left hand column. You may also view it as a list by clicking on "Schedules" in the left hand column and choosing the appropriate team. Once on the Schedule page, make sure you have the right season selected, "2010 PHS Soccer" (about the middle of the page on the right in a pull-down box). Then, click either "2010 Varsity Boys" or "2010 Varsity Girls" to see the FULL schedule.

Gold Line
Tuesday, February 2
Alabama High School Coaches' Poll Week #1


2010 Girls (above)

2010 Boys (below)



Blue=Section Match WON Lost Tied RECORD Section WON Lost Tied RECORD Section
FEB 11 New Hope   3-1   0-1-0 0-0   3-0   0-1-0 0-0
FEB 18 Westminster/Mad. Acad 1-0     1-1-0 0-0   3-1   0-2-0 0-0
FEB 20 Tanner 10-1      2-1-0 0-0   2-1    0-3-0 0-0
FEB 22 Danville 6-0     3-1-0 1-0   3-1   0-4-0 0-1
FEB 27 Hartselle/St. Bernard   4-0   3-2-0 1-0   5-0   0-5-0 0-2
MAR 4 West Morgan 6-0     4-2-0 2-0   7-2   0-6-0 0-3
MAR 9 Mars Hill   2-1   4-3-0 2-1   6-2   0-7-0 0-4
MAR 23 Danville 5-2     5-3-0 3-1 1-0     1-7-0 1-4
MAR 27 Tanner 9-2     6-3-0 3-1   5-3   1-8-0 1-4
MAR 29 Lee 8-1     7-3-0 3-1   4-0   1-9-0 1-4
MAR 30 West Morgan 2-0     8-3-0 4-1   3-1   1-10-0 1-5
Apr 2 New Hope     1-1 8-3-1 4-1   4-2   1-11-0 1-5
Apr 5 Mars Hill   3-0   8-4-1 4-2   4-2   1-12-0 1-6
Apr 6 Brewer/Decatur 2-1     9-4-1 4-2   8-0   1-13-0 1-6
Apr 7 W. Morgan/Austin 4-1     10-4-1 4-2   10-0   1-14-0 1-6
Apr 8 Hartselle/Brewer   3-0   10-5-1 4-2   4-0   1-15-0 1-6
Apr 9 Decatur   10-0   10-6-1 4-2       1-15-0 1-6
Apr 13 St. Bernard       10-6-1 4-2   5-2   1-16-0 1-7
Apr 15 Columbia 1-0     11-6-1 4-2   8-1   1-17-0 1-7
Apr 22 Ardmore 5-3     12-6-1 4-2 7-1     2-17-0 1-7
Apr 23 Brewer       12-6-1 4-2   6-0   2-18-0 1-7
Apr 23 Jacksonville   6-1   12-7-1 4-2       2-18-0 1-7


Priceville School Soccer
Priceville School Soccer
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