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Presentation Basketball
2281 Plummer Avenue
San Jose, California


We must put in the time and hard work if we want to reach our goals. WCAL Championship, CCS Championship, State Championship. We can do it if we put our mind to it! We have to do it as a program, TOGETHER.

Wednesday, March 28
Amazing 2017-18 Season!!!

To all my players I want to say THANK YOU for your effort, your great attitude, your dedication, your resilience, your mental toughness, your togetherness!  What a great season not only in wins/losses and accomplishments, but more importantly the growth you all made throughout our time together on and off the court. A lot of times a full experience is what is most valuable, where you experience many different emotions throughout the season and you learn to deal with them in a way that will ultimately help the team. You can't grow if you don't face adversity and tough times whether personal or as a team. You all grew together this season, in my eyes, more than you may know. Hopefully you will look back on your experience not only this season, but in all your experiences with the basketball program and be a better person because of it. To all you Seniors, thank you for all of your time and hard work!  The underclassmen were very lucky to get to spend the time they did with you all. You all grew as leaders and in maturity just like I knew you would and are more than ready for your next adventures and challenges.  I am confident you will all be very successful and will work very hard to make whatever you a part of much better.  Elevater and Triple Impact Competitor are terms we used this season to describe what we wanted to see and be. You all embodied those terms selflessly and without a doubt on and off the court. It was my job to teach you the game, try to motivate you when you didn't feel like playing or practicing, teach you to respect the game, your teammates and coaches. I know that I am not perfect and sometimes in my competitive fire I can be abrasive and a tank drainer. But I want you all to know that there isn't anything I wouldn't do for all of you, from writing you a simple letter of rec to driving around the world just to say hello. I am proud to say I got to coach all of you! Underclassmen, I'll see you in the gym soon!  Seniors, sky is the limit, continue to stay ready and be the change and difference you want to see in this world!  Continue to look through the window!!


Coach Wade 

Tuesday, December 12
Thank You

Thank you to the parents, family members, and other fans for coming to the games and cheering for the Presentation Panthers!  The girls and coaches have been working very hard from the Frosh/Soph level all the way up to Varsity.  It is a tremendous time commitment from everyone and we all appreciate the positive support from the stands. Your support of the program on the car rides home and at home are very important to the success of our program. It is a process playing 4 years of HS athletics and we must do your best to trust the process.   Thank you, enjoy the season!! Go Panthers!

Tuesday, October 31

Tuesday, October 31
Congrats to the 2017 CCS Champions!

Great job to all the players for contributing to the Division 2 CCS Championship win over Leigh HS!

Thursday, November 19
Would you rather be a player that makes your team great or a great player? Ask yourself if you are worthy of the jersey!

Thursday, November 6

Wednesday, November 23
Coaches Bio's

Here is a little background of our coaching staff.
Handout: Coach Bio 16-17

Friday, November 22

CONGRATS to all players that were selected to one of the three Presentation Basketball teams. Now it is time to work hard for the rigors of the season to come. The WCAL is one of the toughest leagues in the state. We don't have time to get ready, we need to "STAY READY".   Your job is to set goals on a daily basis to improve as a player and as a teammate to help this basketball program reach its goals of winning championships. See you in the gym!

Sunday, March 3

Great job to all that worked hard every day to help the team get better. No matter how big or small you all contributed to the Championship! That is called a TEAM and if you don't know now you know.

Tuesday, November 22

A funny video, but seriously I couldn't have said it better myself.

Friday, September 3


Saturday, April 5
DR. DISH!!!!

The Presentation Basketball Program has gotten a generous donation which has allowed us to purchase another big ticket item. This machine will help improve our program tremendously. A special THANKS to the Saso Family for helping to make this happen. The machine will pass basketballs to you in a variety of different areas on the court. Dr. Dish will allow a shooter to shoot up to 1,000 shots per hour.

Presentation Basketball
Presentation Basketball
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