Las Vegas Premier 97 G: My Site News: 2009-10 Letter From Club President - Jason (J.D.) DiOrio

Tuesday, September 15
2009-10 Letter From Club President - Jason (J.D.) DiOrio

As the President of the Las Vegas Premier Soccer Club, I am extremely excited for the 2009/2010 season.  I have been a part of our club as a coach and/or board member for the past 13 years.  This year, we have made many new changes within our club to assure all of our players have the opportunity to excel.  Our boys and girls programs are the strongest they have ever been, and our club is continuing to lead the way in Nevada competitive soccer.


I feel we have assembled a terrific coaching staff and I am proud to have them leading your kids and taking our club to the “next level” of competitive soccer.


The 2009 Las Vegas Premier Invitational was a huge success!  The presence of Under Armour and our amazing tournament staff have their work cut out to top the 2009 event.  We had the most teams in our tournament since it began, and we are hoping to surpass those same goals this year.  The 2010 Las Vegas Premier Invitational will be awesome!!


As many of you know, we have made significant changes to our web site.  The web site will be used as a key communication tool for the players and parents to follow all aspects within our club.  I am thrilled to see the progress that our club has made in this area over the past year.


In closing, I am genuinely excited and optimistic about the future of our club.  I look forward to leading our club with my passion for the game.  With commitment, hard work, and the proper support, the Las Vegas Premier Soccer Club can not only enrich your child’s soccer life, but it can give your son or daughter the tools to not just be a champion in soccer, but a true champion in the game of life.






Jason DiOrio

President – Las Vegas Premier Soccer Club