Las Vegas Premier 93 White: Current News

Wednesday, September 9

We are now back and hopefully recovered from our physical wounds from Blues Cup weekend.  I am proud of your efforts overall with the games on Saturday.  You all showed great potential to become a good team this season.  The last game against Blues, who are the National Champions, was a little disappointing but it showed us all what work rate it takes to be number one.

We have two more tournaments coming up over the next few months before you go to high school season.  These will be attended by a number of college coaches so be prepared to train hard before we go.  Those players who are contemplating playing college soccer should hve reviewed the Premier college handbook about e-mailing coaches and letting them know your tournament schedules well in advance.  You should also be e-mailing them on a regular basis to keep them up to date on your accomplishments on and off the field.  Any players who would like to have private consulting on their college aspirations can talk to me anytime.


Coach Al