PrairieStone16: Welcome

Welcome to the Prairie Stone 16 Website


Monday, September 22
More picnic pictures added to the album page, courtesy of the Love family

Sunday, July 13
New Photos from Tourneys and Picnic

Pictures from the last few tourneys and the picnic are now posted on the Albums page.

This website will be up through the end of September 2008 so look at the pictures and order copies now before they are gone.


Friday, May 2
New Stuff on Website

Pictures from the JVDA Zonal Tourney on April 26-27 have been added to the Albums page and a new picture has been added to the Pictures of the Week album.

Added to the Files section are some helpful materials for scorekeeping.

Check it out!!!

Monday, April 21
PS-16 Photo makes Media Guide Cover

Check out the new Sky High Media Guide. On the front cover (upper right hand corner) is Picture of the Week "Kelly's Slide."

Tuesday, March 25
Photos from Sitting Volleyball Match

Photos from the US-Netherlands Sitting Volleyball Match are now in the Albums section, courtesy of Mike Beda. Other parents or players are encouraged to send photos to John Wiese for inclusion in this website.

Friday, March 21
Getting Prints from Photos on this Website

Photos on this website are stored on Shutterfly, a commercial image storage company. Prints can be ordered directly from Shutterfly.

To save storage space and make for faster viewing, the posted images have been reduced in size and will produce satisfactory prints up to 5X7. For larger prints, please contact John Wiese and request the full-size file.

Sunday, March 16
Slide Show now on-line!

The Prairie Stone 16 slideshow is now available in the Files section. It can be downloaded and played with Microsoft PowerPoint. The file is fairly large (12 meg) so be patient.

Several pictures from the show have been submitted to Sky High for possible inclusion in this year's Media Guide. Let's hope that some of them make it in.