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Local DELCO and PAGS Pod Assignor
Local DELCO and PAGS Pod Assignor  
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Last updated
02-13-19 04:45 PM
Get Directions to Local DELCO and PAGS Pod AssignorHavertown Local Weather
Local DELCO and PAGS Pod Assignor
Peter Schechner
484 433-3384

Havertown, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, September 7


As season progresses, previous week schedule's can be found on the My Site News page.

As always, referees that have not done any Travel games at all, must AR at least three or four games before I will let you do any middles.  Then you will start with U9 games. 

Basic rules for me are you must be two years older than the teams you officiate for.  So if you are 14, nothing older than U12, and so on. Don't ask for an exception unless you are the next Melvin Holmes or Marc Gottfried! 



Grade 9 referees can do Middles and AR for Intramural/Rec games and AR for Travel up to U14.

The dates below are the remaining Intermediate Clinics.


The Assignor on this site serves the following soccer clubs in the area. You can click on the Club names to go to their website.:

Haverford Soccer Club
Radnor Soccer Club
Lower Merion Soccer Club
King of Prussia Soccer Club
Main Line Soccer Club
The Football Club USA Philadelphia
Marple Newtown Soccer Association

These Clubs have participating travel teams playing in both DELCO and PAGS.

Friday, February 8
Winter Soccer 2018 19 Week 2


Saturday, March 17
Referee Fees for Different Leagues I Assign

2018/2019 Referee Fee Fee Table

 All the leagues have lined up for the same fee, ball and game duration.  See below.


Sunday, November 15
Central League Specific Info

Goal Kick Modification:


  •  For U09 games, goal kicks are taken from the top of the penalty (14 yard) area or anywhere in the penalty area.


Substitution Policy
  • are unlimited in the following circumstances:

    • on possession of a throw-in or on the opponent’s throw-in

    • by either team on a goal kick

    • by either team after a goal is scored

    • by either team at half time.

    • If a team substitutes for an injured player the opposing team may substitute 1 for 1.

    • A player receiving a yellow card may be substituted for prior to the restart of play, and the opposing team may also substitute 1 for 1.

      No substitutions are permitted on a corner kick.

Game Duration
  •   U9/10 play two 25 minute halves.
  • U11 play two 30 minute halves


  • All Central League games have only one referee, U9 thru U11.  Standard Referee Fees (as used by PAGS and DELCO) apply.
Game Reports 
  • Only submit to a game report for Central League games if there is a problem to report, i.e. coach, parent issue, cards, major injury or a team does not have a roster to give you.
  • That is correct, the Central League has asked to be informed if any of their teams do not provide you a Team Roster on game day. 
  • So no problem no Central League game report.
  • If a Game report is required provide the following:
    • Game Number
    • Date
    • Time
    • Score
    • Winning Team
    • Reason for the Game Report

Tuesday, September 4
PAGS 2018 Game Day Procedures

PAGS 2018 PLAYING RULES and GAME Reporting

You will find copies of the 2018-19 PAGS Playing Rules for both the Developmental Geographic (PDGL) and Premier (PPL) Leagues on the Handouts page of this website.

The difference between the two Leagues is that the PDGL permits the use of guest players. The coaches will deal with verifying rosters and player passes. Referees should only become involved when there is an irregularity, which should be noted in the referee report.

A point of emphasis for your Referees, PAGS permits both teams to substitute on any dead ball situation. "Substitutions are unlimited and both teams can substitute on any stoppage”.

Game Reporting

PAGS only requires the submission of a game report when there is a significant injury, a caution is issue, or there is a sending off. Referee reports should be submitted to

In the case of a sending off, the Referee must retain the pass of the individual sent off and should forward that pass to the League office within 24 hours of completion of the game.

The mailing address is:

P.O. Box 105
Southeastern, PA 19399

Friday, September 14
2018 EDP Game Reporting, Rules Modifications and Procedures

GAME REPORTS for U11 through U19
(U8 to U10 see Home Team Manager for a Game Card to fill out at the field) 

All game reports must be entered by the REFEREE by logging into the Got Soccer. Referees MUST complete a full game report within 48 hours of the game.

1. Download your Start Game Report on GotSoccer here

2. Enter the EVENT ID# and the EVENT PIN#, enter corresponding #’s for the event- they are listed below:

LEAGUE EVENT                               EVENT ID#        EVENT PIN #

EDP Fall 2018 Schedule U11-U19          67069                   6655

3. FIND GAME and VERIFY SCORE Enter the game #.

4. COMPLETE GAME REPORT The referee must complete a full game report even if the score has already entered by one of the teams (which is likely). Once the correct score is entered click View Game Report and complete electronic Game Report.

Once complete, click UPDATE Report.

Now you will be able to record all misconduct yellow & red cards. Show correct 6+7 misconduct code for each yellow & red card submitted. Follow the prompts to correctly record the misconduct and click CLOSE when all your Game Report input is complete.

For red cards, explanation notes should be included. Any serious injury where the player did not return to the game must be reported in the Game Report.

Red Cards, coach dismissals, serious injuries, and/or any other unusual incident/circumstance occurring during an EDP game also requires a USSF Supplemental report. This report needs to be emailed to Scott Ashcroft at Referees should keep their game reports for their own records. The game report is a legal document which is especially important in regard to serious injuries and insurance coverage. Maintenance of your game reports will provide you with documentation to check should there be any question later.

For all EDP league play: passes for any players who receive red cards as well as passes for any coaches dismissed for irresponsible behavior will be RETURNED to the team by the referee after the indicative information for each player/coach is recorded at the game card. EXCEPTION: Assault – Any assault on an opponent, teammate, spectator or referee will not be tolerated. Passes shall not be returned for any player or coach who commits an assault. PASSES should be held by the referee and sent to the address below along with the game report. Coaches or players who commit referee assault will be referred by the league to USYSA State Association for further disciplinary action.

Referees also have the authority to hold players or coaches passes for any egregious act of violent conduct, foul and abusive language, or any other very serious offense. The written report of any player red card /SEND OFF or coach DISMISSAL shall be completed on a USSF Supplemental report. and sent within 48 HOURS (24 hours is preferred) via email to or mail to: Disciplinary Committee 8 Cornwall Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Attention: Scott Ashcroft Any report that includes player or coach passes MUST be snail mailed to the address shown above. _____________________________________________________________________________________



The games are played according to the IFAB Laws of the Game, except the modifications that follow:   

  • U11 & U12 games will be 9v9 format. 
  • For U11 games, adhere to the EDP Heading Policy for the location of the restarts. 
  • Penalty Mark for U11 & U12 will be at 10 yards. 
  • Encroachment on free kicks will also be 10 yards. 
  • Unlimited free substitutions permitted for either team at any stoppage, at the referee’s discretion.
  •  Unlimited free substitutions may be done on any stoppage including corner kicks, free kicks, indirect free kicks, injuries, etc. 
  • Referee may allow padded rigid casts in a game but the final decision regarding safety is made by the referee. 
  •  Referees are expected to implement the EDP Respect & Etiquette Policy  
    •  In compliance with the US Soccer Concussion Initiative, EDP will be adhering to the following Heading Policy for 11 & Unders: 
    • If a referee judges that the heading is deliberate, the restart will be an indirect free kick to the opponent – unless the ball gets headed directly out-of-play. (outside the field of play) 
    • If a ball is headed & remains on the field of play: The restart will be an indirect free kick for the opposing team at the spot of the infraction. 
    • If a defender deliberately heads the ball ANY WHERE within his/her own penalty area, the location of the indirect free kick will be at the spot closest to the infraction on the penalty area line parallel to the goal line 
    •  If a ball is headed directly off the field of play: 
      • If a ball is deliberately headed and the ball leaves the field of play at a touchline, the restart will be a throw-in for the opponent 
      • If a ball is deliberately headed and the ball leaves the field of play at a goal line, the restart will be a goal kick, corner kick of a kick-off: 
      • If an attacking player deliberately heads the ball over the goal line, the restart will be a goal kick
      • If a defending player deliberately heads the ball over the goal line, the restart will be a corner kick or a kick-off:  
      • If defender play deliberate heads the ball but it still enters his/her own goal, a goal will be awarded and the restart is a kick-off.  


Sunday, November 15
2016 DELCO Pregame Procedures

Just a reminder for teams and referees on game day. Please pass onto your referees and team managers

Pregame procedures that are mandatory per league policy.

Official rosters generated only from the team’s state association must be exchanged between the two coaches & a copy given to the referee.
Jersey numbers must be listed on the roster & any player not playing must be crossed off the roster or they will be considered as having played.
There cannot be any duplicate jersey numbers or jerseys without numbers.
Delco Soccer League allows for club pass players to play in a regular season game (not playoffs) as long as the team follows the league’s Club Pass Policy. League secondary players are only
allowed at U15 & above & are eligible to participate in playoffs.
Both teams are to provide the referee with coaches’ passcards before the start of the game for all
coaches that will be on the team sideline. Any team official without a passcard may not be on the team sideline. The league policy allows for a maximum of three carded team officials on the team sideline, including playoffs.
Passes must be check by each team against the roster & jersey numbers checked for accuracy. Any player not listed on the roster is ineligible to play. The referee is not to handle this check in procedure. They can be part of it if they choose, but each coach must check their opponent's credentials before the game begins. This is a requirement of the league & must be verified on the game report. If not done, both teams will be fined $10 per league policy.
· For a player that has received a suspension (for red card ejections, accumulated yellow cards, etc...), the player is ineligible to participate in the next schedule league game. All suspensions are automatic & do not need to be confirmed by the league’s referee liaison to be in effect. Once all reports are gathered by the referee liaison, a final determination if additional game suspensions at appropriate & fines due will be provided to the delegate. Any team failing to pay the declared fine per the league bylaws are unable to participate in the league until the fines are paid.

Tuesday, September 26
Game Reporting Procedures by League

Central League Game Reports


  • Only submit to a game report for Central League games if there is a problem to report, i.e. coach, parent issue, cards, major injury or a team does not have a roster to give you. 
  • That is correct, the Central League has asked to be informed if any of their teams do not provide you a Team Roster on game day. 
  • So no problem no Central League game report. 
  • If a Game report is required provide the following: 
    • Game Number 
    • Date 
    • Time 
    • Score 
    • Winning Team 
    • Reason for the Game Report





DELCO Game Reports


Goose Gosselin

117 Carlton Place,

Media, PA 19063      

  • If you need to speak to Goose directly you can contact him at 610-328-5256.


APL Game Reports 

  • The Home Team Manager will a have a game card for the referee to fill out.  Return the card to the Manager after filling it out.



EDP Game Reports

  • The Home Team Manager will a have a game card for the referee to fill out.  Return the card to the Manager after filling it out. 


PAGS Game Reports


  • Each team must have a lineup form and it must be provided to the referee prior to the game. There should also be a copy for the opposing team.

  • PAGS only requires referees to submit reports for each game during which a card is given or an injury occurs.

  •  Referees should submit the report via email to the PAGS Executive Director at within 72 hours after the completion of the game.  

  • In the event of a sending off a copy of the report should be sent to the the PAGS Executive Director at within 24 hours of the game. 

  • The pass for the coach/player who was sent off should be sent within 24 hours to: 


    P.O. Box 105
    Southeastern, PA 19399



Local DELCO and PAGS Pod Assignor
Local DELCO and PAGS Pod Assignor
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