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Tuesday, February 25

Poca 4th Grade All-Stars Repeat as KVYBL Champions!


Front Row:  Jackson Toney, Christian Lerose, Kambel Meeks, Trey Dunn

  Back Row:  Coach Dallas Dunn, Ethan Maynor, Isaac McKneely, Head Coach Dan McKneely, Gabriel Keech, and Logan Saunders.

 Poca 4th grade All-Stars finished up the regular season with a 13-2 record and went into the playoffs with a #2 Seed.  They defeated the South Hills Patriots 39-33 in the championship to claim  their 2nd straight title. The Poca 4th Grade All-Stars are as follows:

#00  Jackson "Handles"  Toney

#1  Christian "The Chosen One"  LeRose

#10 Isaac "Big Mac"  McKneely

#14  Kambel "King James"  Meeks

#15  Trey "The Highlight"  Dunn

#20  Logan "The Terminator"  Saunders

#23  Gabriel  "The Franchise"  Keech

#35  Ethan "Mo Mo"  Maynor

Coaches:  Danny McKneely, Dallas Dunn

Scorekeeper:  Chris LeRose

Also like to give thanks to all the other coaches who volunteered their time and helped Poca have another great all-star season.  The kids will be a lot better come next year because of the time you put in with them.

3rd Grade:  Brian Miller, John Toney, and Joe Payne

5th Grade:  Ken Lilly, Bub Payne, and Jimmy Cook

6th Grade:  Scott Combs, Dave Cottrill, and Jeff Whittington.

Sunday, January 12

Final Regular Season Standings


3rd-4th Standings 

1st Place:  Oregon: 9-1  

2nd Place:  Ohio St.: 8-2 

Louisville:  7-3

WVU 3-6  

UNC: 2-9 

Wichita St: 1-9 

5th-7th Standings

1st Place:  Bulls 10-0  

2nd Place:  Lakers 7-3  

Celtics 6-4   

Spurs 4-6 

Magic 2-8  

Heat 1-9

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