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Tuesday, November 18

Updated Schedule Released

Please click below.  Keep in mind schedule is subject to change.  We are at the mercy of Poca Middle and the Weather so check back for any changes.  We will also try to communicate via email so check that as well.


Handout: 2014-15 Schedule

Tuesday, February 25

Poca 4th Grade All-Stars Repeat as KVYBL Champions!


Front Row:  Jackson Toney, Christian Lerose, Kambel Meeks, Trey Dunn

  Back Row:  Coach Dallas Dunn, Ethan Maynor, Isaac McKneely, Head Coach Dan McKneely, Gabriel Keech, and Logan Saunders.

 Poca 4th grade All-Stars finished up the regular season with a 13-2 record and went into the playoffs with a #2 Seed.  They defeated the South Hills Patriots 39-33 in the championship to claim  their 2nd straight title. The Poca 4th Grade All-Stars are as follows:

#00  Jackson "Handles"  Toney

#1  Christian "The Chosen One"  LeRose

#10 Isaac "Big Mac"  McKneely

#14  Kambel "King James"  Meeks

#15  Trey "The Highlight"  Dunn

#20  Logan "The Terminator"  Saunders

#23  Gabriel  "The Franchise"  Keech

#35  Ethan "Mo Mo"  Maynor

Coaches:  Danny McKneely, Dallas Dunn

Scorekeeper:  Chris LeRose

Also like to give thanks to all the other coaches who volunteered their time and helped Poca have another great all-star season.  The kids will be a lot better come next year because of the time you put in with them.

3rd Grade:  Brian Miller, John Toney, and Joe Payne

5th Grade:  Ken Lilly, Bub Payne, and Jimmy Cook

6th Grade:  Scott Combs, Dave Cottrill, and Jeff Whittington.

Sunday, January 12

Final Regular Season Standings


3rd-4th Standings 

1st Place:  Oregon: 9-1  

2nd Place:  Ohio St.: 8-2 

Louisville:  7-3

WVU 3-6  

UNC: 2-9 

Wichita St: 1-9 

5th-7th Standings

1st Place:  Bulls 10-0  

2nd Place:  Lakers 7-3  

Celtics 6-4   

Spurs 4-6 

Magic 2-8  

Heat 1-9

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