Pittsford Panthers Swimming: Archived Meet Results

2010-2011 Meet Results

Pittsford v Irondequoit 12.07.10Pittsford v Irondequoit 12.07.10

Pittsford v Gates Chili 12.09.10Pittsford v Gates Chili 12.09.10

Pittsford v Canandaigua 12.15.10Pittsford v Canandaigua 12.15.10

Pittsford v Shenendehowa 12.18.10Pittsford v Shenendehowa 12.18.10

Pittsford v Hilton 12.23.10Pittsford v Hilton 12.23.10

Pittsford v Rush Henrietta 01.06.11Pittsford v Rush Henrietta 01.06.11

Pittsford v Fairport 01.11.11Pittsford v Fairport 01.11.11

Pittsford v Penfield 01.13.11Pittsford v Penfield 01.13.11

Pittsford v Webster 01.18.11Pittsford v Webster 01.18.11

Fab Four 01.08.11Fab Four 01.08.11

Eastern States 01.22.11Eastern States 01.22.11

Sectional Results 2011Sectional Results 2011

State Prelims 2011State Prelims 2011

State Finals 2011State Finals 2011

2009 - 2010 Qualifying Times

This document lists Sectional, State and All American qualifying times for the 2009 - 2010 season.

2009 - 2010 Qualifying Times2009 - 2010 Qualifying Times

2009 - 2010 Meet Results

12.9.09 Pittsford vs. Brockport12.9.09 Pittsford vs. Brockport

2009 Owego Invitational 12.12.092009 Owego Invitational 12.12.09

Victor vs Pittsford 12.15.09Victor vs Pittsford 12.15.09

Pittsford vs Shenendehowa 12.19.09Pittsford vs Shenendehowa 12.19.09

Spencerport vs Pittsford 12.29.09Spencerport vs Pittsford 12.29.09

Pittsford vs RH 1.7.10Pittsford vs RH 1.7.10

Fab 4 1.09.10Fab 4 1.09.10

Fairport vs Pittsford 1.12.10Fairport vs Pittsford 1.12.10

Pittsford vs Penfield 1.14.10Pittsford vs Penfield 1.14.10

CA Dive Meet 1.16.10CA Dive Meet 1.16.10

Pittsford vs Webster 1.19.10Pittsford vs Webster 1.19.10

Canandaigua vs Pittsford 1.21.10Canandaigua vs Pittsford 1.21.10

Canisius vs Pittsford 1.23.10Canisius vs Pittsford 1.23.10

2010 MCCI Results2010 MCCI Results

2010 Sectional Results2010 Sectional Results

2008 -2009 Meet Results

Eastridge vs Pittsford 12.9.08Eastridge vs Pittsford 12.9.08

2008 Owego Invitational2008 Owego Invitational

Pittsford vs. Fairport 12.18.08Pittsford vs. Fairport 12.18.08

Penfield vs Pittsford 1.6.09Penfield vs Pittsford 1.6.09

Pittsford vs Hilton 1.8.09Pittsford vs Hilton 1.8.09

2009 Fab 4 Invitational2009 Fab 4 Invitational

Rush Henrietta vs Pittsford 1.13.09Rush Henrietta vs Pittsford 1.13.09

Pittsford vs Webster 1.15.09Pittsford vs Webster 1.15.09

Canandaigua vs Pittsford 1.19.09Canandaigua vs Pittsford 1.19.09

Pittsford vs Gates Chili 1.20.09Pittsford vs Gates Chili 1.20.09

Greece vs Pittsford 1.22.09Greece vs Pittsford 1.22.09

CA Diving Invitational ResultsCA Diving Invitational Results

Pittsford vs Victor 12.4.08Pittsford vs Victor 12.4.08

2009 Section 5 Class A Sectional Results2009 Section 5 Class A Sectional Results

2008 States Standings Summary

2008 States Standings Summary2008 States Standings Summary

2007-2008 Meet Results

Lockport Sprint InvitationalLockport Sprint Invitational

Bath FAB FOUR InvitationalBath FAB FOUR Invitational

Pittsford-Canandaigua 1-21-08Pittsford-Canandaigua 1-21-08

2008 Section 5 Class A Sectional Results2008 Section 5 Class A Sectional Results

2007 Owego Invitational2007 Owego Invitational

2008 NYS Championships Finals2008 NYS Championships Finals

2006 - 2007 Meet Results

2006 Lockport Sprint Invitational2006 Lockport Sprint Invitational

2006 Owego Invitational2006 Owego Invitational

2007 NYS Boys Swimming Championships2007 NYS Boys Swimming Championships

2007 Section 5 Class A Sectional Results2007 Section 5 Class A Sectional Results

2005-2006 Meet Results

2005-2006 NYS Boys Swimming Championship2005-2006 NYS Boys Swimming Championship

Section V Class A Boys ChampionshipSection V Class A Boys Championship

2005 Owego Invitational2005 Owego Invitational

Meet Results 2012-2013

State Finals 03.02.13State Finals 03.02.13

Sectional Finals 02.15.13Sectional Finals 02.15.13

Gates-Chili v Pittsford 01.29.13Gates-Chili v Pittsford 01.29.13

2013 LISCA Eastern States 01.26.132013 LISCA Eastern States 01.26.13

2013 MCCI 01.25.132013 MCCI 01.25.13

Rush Henrietta v Pittsford 01.17.13Rush Henrietta v Pittsford 01.17.13

Irondequoit v Pittsford 01.15.13Irondequoit v Pittsford 01.15.13

Webster v Pittsford 01.10.13Webster v Pittsford 01.10.13

Penfield v Pittsford 01.08.13Penfield v Pittsford 01.08.13

2012 Fab 4 01.05.122012 Fab 4 01.05.12

Fairport v Pittsford 01.03.13Fairport v Pittsford 01.03.13

Victor v Pittsford 12.20.12Victor v Pittsford 12.20.12

Spencerport v Pittsford 12.18.12Spencerport v Pittsford 12.18.12

Shenendehowa Holiday Invite 12.15.12Shenendehowa Holiday Invite 12.15.12

Greece v Pittsford 12.13.12Greece v Pittsford 12.13.12

Canandaigua v Pittsford 12.04.12Canandaigua v Pittsford 12.04.12

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