Pikes Peak Bass Masters: CCC Sudden-Death Rnd

Saturday, October 11

Gentzel, Cubbage, and Phillips  survive "Sudden Death" round!

Next stop-Top 3-Championship Round!

The "Sudden Death" round of the "Challenge Cup" is three hours of who can make it to the posted weight with everyone else sweating out the time.....

The qualifiers for the Sudden Death attempt to make the Top 3 to fish for their share of the "$1000-No Entry Fee prize money! All 12 contestants, knowing what it takes to get to the Final Round-Top 3, do not take anything for granted when given the chance to be part of this event!

The 6 contenders in this 2014 "Sudden Death" round were Joe Conway, Todd Gentzel, Derek Phillips, Steve Cubbage,Vince Carpio, and Brian White.   Some of the usual suspects had been here before, after all Todd Gentzel is the reigning "Challenge Cup Champion" of 2012 and 2013. Steve Cubbage is the reining 2014 PPBM AOY.  Heavy favorites today were Conway and Gentzel due to their overwhelming success on Pueblo earlier in the year.  

 Gentzel and Cubbage both jumped out as seeming aways in front of everyone else during the first period with Conway owning the third place spot.   Phillips, White and Carpio all were without a fish at the end of the first period.  

Shortly into the second period, Phillips jumped onto the scoreboard then proceeded catch two more bass in a short time frame.  At the conclusion of the second period, Phillips, Gentzel and Cubbage were the top three.  Conway was on the bubble a short distance away.  

 During the third period, Gentzel posted another bass, held the number 1 position.  Cubbage was second.  White and Carpio both added fish, but not enough.  Conway only needed one bass to edge Phillips out for the number three position, but could only watch as the seconds of the final period ticked away to fast.  

Congratulations to Todd Gentzel , Steve Cubbage  and Derek Phillips for surviving through the competition! 

Saturday, October 12
2013-"Sudden Death" Round

Mike Rathe---Under dog extraodinare!

Gentzel, Cubbage, and Rathe

survive "Sudden Death" round!

Next stop-Top 3-Final Round! 

The "Sudden Death" round of the "Challenge Cup" can be exactly that.....the sudden death of a contestants attempt to make the Top 3 and fish for their share of the "$1000-No Entry Fee prize money!  All 12 contestants, knowing what it takes to get to the Final Round-Top 3, do not take anything for granted when given the chance to be part of this event!  

The 6 contenders in this 2013 "Sudden Death" round were Troy Limmer, Todd Gentzel, Derek Phillips, Steve Cubbage, Steve Ealey, and Mike Rathe.  Most of the contenders had been here before, after all Todd Gentzel is the reigning "Challenge Cup Champion" of 2012.  Steve Cubbage had never fished in this type of event until this year.  Mike Rathe fell short of qualifying for this event by making the club end of season Top 12 total points (14th). Basically, he was not even supposed to be in the event this year, except for some good fortune going his way.  Two of the original qualifying anglers had other priorities, which opened the slot for Rathe to move up into this event.  Once in the event, Mike did the rest all by himself, by first fishing against a very tough crowd and qualifying in the Top 3 of the "Elimination" Round, and then having to fish against five of the toughest anglers in the club here in this "Sudden Death (SD)" Round!

Gentzel(12-5) and Cubbage(10-4) found themselves in a great position after the first period of the SD round.  Both were a medium fish or two away from hitting the "goal weight" of 12lbs-8oz.  In third was Rathe(5-12) with Ealey(1-4) being the closest of the remaining 3 anglers.  Shortly into the second period, Gentzel qualified himself for the Final Round by adding another fish(1-12) to his weight total. Within 30 minutes of that outage, Cubbage caught a couple of fish (2-5 total) to take himself into the Top 3 Finals also.  That left one spot open to one of the remaining four anglers.

At the end of the second period, Rathe(6-14) still held tight to the third and final spot into the Final Round.  He was not as comfortable as Limmer(6-3), Phillips(4-9), and Ealey(2-5) also had all caught fish in the second period.  The final spot would be decided in the third period!  If nobody caught enough weight to hit the "goal weight", then the most weight wins the spot!

The third period found a few fish getting into the boats for the anglers.  Both Limmer and Phillips made a move to overtake Rathe, but Rathe ran further away from them with a few added fish of his own.  Rathe was within reach, but time was running out on those chasing him.  Once again, Rathe had to stare at a clock that seemed to have stopped completely! At the end of the third period, the final tally for the third spot into the Final 3 was as follows:  Rathe(11-4), Phillips(7-14), Limmer(7-5), and Ealey(3-6). 

Congratulations to Todd Gentzel, Steve Cubbage (first timer), and Mike Rathe (a first timer and considered an "Under dog" all through the competition!  Not bad for a guy that wasn't even supposed to be there!)




Nov. 10, 2012

Derek Phillips with 3lb-12oz Largy!

Gentzel, Phillips, and Limmer

survive "Sudden Death" Round!

The "Sudden Death" round proved to have both the "sudden" and the possibility of "death" as Mother Nature decided to invite herself in all her fury to Round 2 of the PPBM "Challenge Cup!"   The morning started off around 38 degrees with some slight winds out of the west and some menacing wintery clouds way off to the west along the Wet Mountain range.  Too far from us to worry about...for now.  The target weight for the cut was set at 17lbs.  

The "beeps" of texting on the phones started off almost immediately for the anglers, as some got on to some fish right away.  Lucky for the majority of the anglers, there were only two guys catching fish.  That left the 3rd qualifying slot open for any of the other four anglers trying to get into the race.

Then it happened!  During the first period the winds blew a cold, rain and sleet filled cloud across the eastern plains, including the entire lake we were on.  The winds kicked up into at least the 40's and brought lots of wetness with it.  Coming down the middle of the lake from the west was a particularly evil looking dark cone shaped cloud that had the waters stirred up much worse within it than the weather outside of it.  Most of us anglers on the water believe we were looking at a small tornado going by.  Most of us except those directly in its it path.  Those in it's path say it was definetly a small tornado!

Walt Scully and observer John Santos found themselves dead center of the erie cloud and fought against the sudden onslought of wind and rain with little success.  They were forced to go with the winds towards the north marina, hook the corner protected by most of the winds and get themselves off the water.  Slightly shook, they had had enough and called it a day as the rest of the anglers made their way to the first period break area.  Everyone understood the feeling of leaving early as some of the remaining anglers broke out in laughter watching the faces of the remaining boaters arrive to the rest area with that look as if they had just seen a real live Stegasaurus on the bank!

By the first break perod, the winds had subsided substantially and the weather cleared as sudden as it appeared.  We had 50 degree temps and hardly a ripple on the water.  A beautiful day to be on the water....for now.  During the break, the anglers discussed what had happened, weatherwise, regrouped and hit it again.  Halfway through the second period, Mother Nature payed us another visit.  With winds gusting again in the 40's, but without any clouds or real cold, she beat on us and our boats until another angler said "Uncle!"  Steve Ealey was the second angler to succumb to the weather and get himself to a more comfortable setting.  With a 2lb-5oz fish on his card, he was in contention for the third slot, which was only 3lbs-3oz, but decided he also had enough for one day. 

Phillips and Gentzel were tied at the beginning of the third period at 12lbs-7oz.  That left Conway and Limmer to fight it out for the third position as Troy had 4lbs-2oz and Conway had 3lbs-3oz.  With the winds subsiding slightly, down into the twentys, the anglers made a decision to switch from Zone 3 to Zone 2 to avoid the winds at a maximum, in case they come up again.  The winds really never got worse and stayed fishable for the remainder of the period.  Gentzel was the first to hit the 17lb mark and qualify himself and then Phillips did the same just shortly behind Todd. 

Conway and Limmer had a little trouble catching any fish at first, but Conway managed to get a 1-5 in the boat 30 minutes into the final period and take the lead by 6 oz.  Then Conway spotted something on his graph as he was heading into another area and decided to investigate it further.  After about 10 minutes of setting himself up, Conway put "back to back" fish in the boat....a 1-8 and a 1-15.  Limmer, felling a little discouraged made the decision to move.  With time getting skinny, Limmer stayed at it and produced the best charge of the tournament.  Catching a 1-0, a 1-10, and a 1-12 in about 30 minutes, Limmer put together a (8 lb-2 oz) limit and surpassed Conway's (7 lb 15 oz) limit stealing back, in the closing minutes of the tournament, the prize he had been fighting for all day....the 3rd and only position left into the finals and his chance to "three peat" his winning of the "Challenge Cup!"

Congrats to Todd, Derek and Troy on a great showing of perseverance and stamina in a very trying day on the water!   

 On to the "Finals!"  Good Luck to all of you!   

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