Pikes Peak Bass Masters: CCC Rules/Qualifying!

The $1000 ~No-Entry Fee~ 
 Pikes Peak Bass Masters members have the opportunity to qualify for their shot at the top prize of $500-$1000.....or more! 
Ferguson Buick/GMC has teamed up with the Pikes Peak Bass Masters to create the "FERGUSON Fishing Team" and sponsor the "Colorado Challenge Cup" for 3 years! 
Join our club today!...for your chance at taking home "The Cup!"
2014 "Challenge Cup" Schedule
September 13th-14th---------------Elimination Rounds (6 & 6)
*October 11th--------------Sudden Death Round (6)
*October 12th-----------------Final Round! (3)
*** Keeper size = 12" fish! ***
* Days are tentative-Will "attempt" to work with "Top 6" competitors if involved in Colorado's hunting seasons.
Anyone qualifying, but unable to attend, will cause an invitation to be extended to the next angler qualified to participate! 
"Boat and motor size is not an advantage for contenders in the Challenge Cup!"
2013 "Colorado Challenge Cup" Qualifiers: 
~~First Round~~ 
Group 1-Saturday Oct. 5th                                       Group 2-Sunday Oct. 6th
2) Joe Conway                                                                                1) Steve Cubbage
4) Derek Phillips                                                                          3) Todd Gentzel
6) Brandon Boyd                                                                            5) Vince Carpio
8) Frank Bianchi                                                                             7) Dave Withee
10) Troy Limmer                                                                             9) Larry Krueger
12) Walt Scully                                                                              11)  Bob Zyer
                       13) Steve Ealey                                                                             14) Mike Rathe                          
Only the Top 3 from each group (6 total) move on to the Sudden Death Round!
From those 6, only (3) move on to the Final Round!
"2012"  Qualifiers:
Round 1-Group 1-Odds                                          Round 1-Group 2-Evens
Todd Gentzel                                                                   Branden Boyd
Derek Phillips                                                                    Bob Radney
Larry Krueger                                                                    Troy Limmer
Vince Carpio                                                                       Bob Zyer
   Joe Conway                                                                   Michael Klabon
Frank Bianchi                                                                     Steve Ealey
    Mike Rathe (Special guest)                                              Mike Garrett (Special guest)
                                                                                                      Walt Scully(Special guest)      


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