Pikes Peak Bass Masters: Team Series Schedule~2014

Team Schedule-2014
Jack and Cheryl Hunter and Dee Withee
Team events are ran from 5/6 a.m. to 11:00ish a.m., on average, at the Pueblo Reservoir South Shore ramp and marina. Real weigh-in is on the south marina east beach, then lunch will be served immediately after weigh-in!
( Interested parties are invited to fish one (1) event as a non-member!* )
All events are a two (2) "keeper" bass limit.
All other PPBM tournament rules apply!
2014 Team Series Schedule
Team #1 (March 22nd)--------- "Jerkbait Joust"  Withee/Hunter
Team #2 (April 26th)-- "Early Bird Shoot Out"  Cubbage/Phillips 
Team #3 (May 24th)---- "Mid-Spring Madness" Conway/White
Team #4 (June 28th)-------- "Big Belly Brawl"  Allen/Austin
Team #5 (July 26th)----- "Summertime Slam"
Team Series Winners!   
Team #1 (March 30th)--------- "Jerkbait Joust" ---Radney/Scully
Team #2 (April 20th)- "Early Bird Shoot Out" ---Ealey/Ealey
Team #3 (May 4th)---- "Mid-Spring Madness" ---Withee/Klopfer
Team #4 (June 22nd)----- "Big Belly Brawl" ---Klabon/Torres  
Team #5 (July 27th)----- "Summertime Slam" ---Gentzel/Barron
John Barron--2013 "Shared Points" Team Series Champion!
*-"Potential" members are invited to attend (1) event without being a paid PPBM member!
(Potential member must be partnered with an active member!)  
Entry, Payout, and Point System
Hotdogs and/or Brauts,Potato/Macaroni Salad, and Chips will be served at every event for lunch! 
Please buy drinks at South Marina store! 
(***Winners of prior event are asked to be the cooks at next event!***)

Entry will be $60 per team...$10 per team "Big Bass" pot ($70 total) 
Payout will be based on $50 of entry after $10 is removed, per entry, for food & expenses:
Big Bass is 100% payout to two positions:
Points are awarded to team members based on finish, with a declining point system:
 1st---100 each
2nd--95 each
3rd--92 each
4th--90 each
 5th--89 each  
New for 2014!

2 Points will be added to teams for each new, newer, or potential member being part of that team!


"Points are shared! Partners get the same points!"

Teams not catching fish receive points that are two positions below the last team to catch fish.  

~~~~~ Partners are not to fish with each other more than once in a season! ~~~~~

"Team Champion" will be from a contestant's best 3 events!     

The PPBM member with the most points at end of the season is awarded the
"PPBM Memorial Trophy"
in memory of loved ones we have all lost over the years!

John Barron captures the 2013 PPBM Memorial Team Title!

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