Pikes Peak Bass Masters: CCC Elimination Rnds

Saturday, September 26
2015 Challenge Cup-Elimination Rounds

Derek Phillips, Steve Cubbage, Ron Giebel movin' in the 2015 "Challenge Cup!"
Withee, Choate, Krueger

Phillips, Cubbage, Giebel

Move on from the 2015 "Challenge Cup"- Eliminations Rounds! 


"Sudden Death Round"-October 10th!






Friday, October 3
2014 "Challenge Cup"-Day 1

Day 1-Conway, Carpio, White


Day 2-Phillips, Gentzel, Cubbage  

best the rest in the

2014 "Challenge Cup-Elimination Rounds!"


*****Group 1 ~ Day 1*****

Joe Conway (6-0)~~Vince Carpio (3-13)~~Brian White (2-8)

The first day of the Elimination Rounds found the weather at a balmy 39 degrees at 7:00am. 


 *****Group  2 ~ Day 2*****

Derek Phillips (4-3)~~Todd Gentzel (4-3)~~Steve Cubbage (4-2)

 The second day of the Elimination Rounds started off a wee bit slow for all those in competition. 



Saturday, October 5
2013 "Challenge Cup"~Elimination Round

Troy Limmer

Day 1-Limmer, Phillips, Ealey


Day 2-Gentzel, Cubbage, Rathe 

best the rest in the

"Challenge Cup-Elimination Round!"


*****Group 1 ~ Day 1*****

Troy Limmer (16-11)~~Derek Phillips (12-3)~~Steve Ealey (6-14)

The first day of the Elimination Rounds found the weather at a balmy 24 degrees at 7:00am.  The contestants and officials were dressed for the occasion with gloves, hoodies, and heavy coats.  Although it was the first real freeze of the year, the anglers fished as good as ever for the conditions they were handed.

Joe Conway drew first blood with a 1lb-15oz fish to get things started, but quickly lost position as Troy Limmer and Derek Phillips charged into the top 2 positions.  Conway had the third spot by a mere 2 ounces just ahead of Steve Ealey as the first period came to an end. 

Limmer and Phillips kept the pressure on the rest of the pack by steadily adding weight in each period there after and easily walked away with the Top 2 qualifying slots.  Steve Ealey was hanging around that final slot and finally took over the 3rd position from Conway at the end of the second period by 6 ounces.  At the start of the final period, Ealey knew he needed to catch a fish to get away from Conway.  Conway knew he only needed to catch a measurable fish to change the outcome of the race to his favor. The pressure got to both of them in that third period and neither could manage a fish that would measure. The third and final spot qualifying for the upcoming "Sudden Death Round" went to Steve Ealey!


 *****Group  2 ~ Day 2*****

Todd Gentzel (18-2)~~Steve Cubbage (15-9)~~Mike Rathe (6-11)

 The second day of the Elimination Rounds started off a wee bit slow for all those in competition.  The cold morning air was still hanging around, although it was not as cold as the day prior.  All anglers struggled to get a pattern established, until the end of the 1st period, where Steve Cubbage began a climb away from the crowd with Todd Gentzel and Larry Krueger hot on his tail. 

As the second period began, everyone thought they may have found their patterns in the last minutes of the first, so they all ran to their best spots and fished hard.  Unfortunately, the fish had other plans....at first.  The fishing slowly started to heat up and a few of the anglers, that nobody saw coming, jumped into the mix.  At the end of the second period, nobody was a lock on any position.  Going into the 3rd and final period, it appeared that Steve Cubbage would find it hard to fall out of the Top 3 with his weight of 11 lbs.  Todd Gentzel still held second place, but with only 8 lbs 5oz and Krueger(5-8), Mike Rathe(5-8) and now Dave Withee(5-5) just behind him, he knew he was still very vulnerable. 

The 3rd period started off well for Steve Cubbage when a 1-14 jumped on his hook and gave him a little jolt of security in his race to stay in the Top 3.  The importance of what this one fish meant to him mentally was evident in the uncontrollable "shaking" he was experiencing trying to get the hook out of the fish's mouth.  "Now I feel like I am safe",  he stated as he gave a few fist pumps! 

Also making a move the 3rd period was Mike Rathe.  He pulled a 1-3 in the middle of the match and put tons of pressure on the others behind him.  He knew he was not safe at all, with Krueger and Withee just one medium fish away from catching him!  Krueger needed a 1-3 and Withee needed a 1-6 to catch him.  Easy!....Right? 

As luck would have it for Mr. Rathe, nobody could get that elusive last minute fish to overtake him and he managed to hang on to the 3rd place slot until the bell!  Gentzel, sure that he was in, but always trying to do his best, came charging up in the last period and pulled a whopping 10 lb limit to take the top spot for the day!  Although Cubbage knew he was in, Gentzel's charge was a reminder of how fast someone can overtake you and bump you...possibly out of the entire competition for the day, if you don't wach it and make adjustments all the way through the event! 

Congrats to the 6 moving on to the Sudden Death Round!

Todd Gentzel

Oct. 20, 2012



Gentzel, Phillips, and Conway

make the cut on "Day 1-Elimination Rnd!"

The first day of the new competitive format in the Pikes Peak Bass Masters Challenge Cup went off without a hitch, although some bluff signal blockage was a minor, temporary set back.  Some of the best weather we have had during a tournament, in many a October, greeted the 6 anglers that were set to prove they could make the Top 3 cut.  Yes....only 3 would move on to the "Sudden Death Round!"    

Todd Gentzel, yea-that guy again, had a massive 30lb-2oz limit after the first period (second place had 12lb-12oz).  Thanks to Todd and his observer for volunteering some of their rest time during the first break period to help lift everyone's bottom jaw back up into place.  Gentzel continued his domination of the club members this year by stroking an impressive total weight of 42lbs 12 oz (No, that is not a misprint) to take the top spot of the 3 that are moving on after this Day 1 match up.

   Derek Phillips, who had held the third spot all day, pulled a last minute fish, (a real "last minute" fish) that weighed 2-6 helping him to take over and finish in 2nd place by just a couple ounces with 17 lbs even.  

Joe Conway felt the pressure all during the first period as the text message "beeps" kept coming in consistantly and right away.  He finally started to relax once he got a few texts to get sent out for himself and felt like he was in position to at least "hang" with the Top 3, for now, knowing nothing is for sure in bass fishing.  By the third period, Conway was slightly concerned with the possibility of Phillips running him down, but felt comfortable, and very fortunate, about having a good grasp on the 3rd position, as 4th place was a good 13lbs behind him.  Although Conway took the 3rd spot comfortably with 16lbs-14oz, he really wasn't totally happy about being beat out in the final seconds by Phillips.  Losing a couple of good keepers to tree limbs in the third period, Conway knew that getting bumped like that could have been much more devastating and he can't let that happen in the future.  Next time, those 2 ounces that pushed him down, could be for 3rd and 4th place, knocking him out of the event.  What a nightmare this could have been!    

The next group of 6 anglers await their chance tomorrow morning, Oct. 21st, 2012, to see who belongs in the final 6 that compete for the final 3 spots in the "Challenge Cup!"


Oct. 21, 2012

Walt Scully

Scully, Limmer, and Ealey

make the cut on "Day 2-Elimination Rnd!"

 Walt Scully (6lbs-7oz), Troy Limmer (6lbs-5oz), Steve Ealey (5lbs-13oz)

Oh my! What a race the second group had for the Top 3 spots in Day 2-Round 1 of the "Challenge Cup!"  Predictions of who would make the Top 3 were abound, but a few anglers decided they had as good a chance as anyone else to catch those 13" keeper fish and gave everything they had.....right up until the final cast!  Next up-"Sudden Death Round-Nov. 10th!" 

Walt Scully was given the opportunity to fish this event when a spot opened up by Brandon Boyd dropping out ("Boyd has a new baby in the family-Congrats!").  Walt hadn't fished for months after getting another heart attack recently.  Although a giant underdog in this match-up, he decided he could get himself together and would make the event, as this may be his last chance to get on the water this year.   

Once finding out the "unit" or "area" he was to be fishing in, Walt made the dicision to fish an area that he knew well, but wasn't sure the fish would participate with him at this time of year.  He stayed with his game plan and fished hard with what he knew, but was rewarded very little for his efforts.  Fortunately for him, those few fish he did catch, kept him in 2nd place after the first period of his round.

The second period found Steve Ealey catching a few keepers and sent Walt falling to 3rd place.  Now he was within striking distance of the hard charging 4th place angler,  Mr. Bob ZyerBob had moved up to within a good fish of over-taking 3rd place.  Walt knew he had to finish the third period strong, or he would be out of the Top 3 and the event!

Staying with his one pattern, which was producing no attention by keeper fish in this third period, Walt held steady and believed in his decision (out loud occasionally), that it would work out for him to make the cut and he would stay in 3rd place.  With just 20 minutes to go, and not one keeper fish recorded as being caught by anyone else in the third period, Walt hooked a fish that immediately went airborn numerous times after feeling the sting of the Spinnerbait hook!  The fish was one of the largest Walt had hooked this day and he stiffened up like a telephone pole while trying to get that fish into the boat, talking to someone out loud (perhaps our Lord), to help him get that fish in the boat....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

With a "straight up jerk," and a not so good 90 degree swing that kept the big fish hanging over the water a long time, the fish made it to the bottom of the boat and fell off the hook! The fish proved to be the biggest fish of the day for these anglers, and barely slipped Walt past the leader Troy Limmer (whom held the top spot all day up to that point) for the top spot of the 3 moving on to the "Sudden Death Round" taking place Nov. 10th!

Another One Bites the Dust