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Saturday, April 27
Pitch Count Rules
Handout: Pitch Count Rules

2014 Manager/Coach Application
Handout: Manager/Coach Application

Handout: Accident Report Form

Incident/Injury Tracking Report and General Liability Claim Forms

Here are links to the Accident and Incident report forms included in your Safety Manual in the event you need additional copies.  Forms must be turned into Safety Officer Gilbert Trujillo.
Incident/Injury Tracking Report:

General Liability Claim Form:

Reporting Game Scores, Rainouts, Incomplete Games and Other Rescheduled Games

Winning Teams are responsible for emailing game scores to the Information Officer,  Deryle Davis at the night of the game. That way, standings will always be accurate & current.

The A Division doesn't keep score and therefore will not have wins and losses but all Divisions must report rainouts & other rescheduled games so they can be promptly rescheduled. If you agree not to play a game for other reasons such as not enough players, be sure to follow the By Laws for notice requirements. You're required to contact either the Division Rep, President or Umpire Coordinator in person or by telephone no later than 24 hours before the upcoming game. A courtesy call should be made to the opposing Manager. A violation of this rule may lead to forfeiture (discretion of the Board of Directors) so be sure to git 'er done. Although it's not in the By Laws, an email or phone call to the snack shack coordinator will also be appreciated so we can adjust our snack shack staffing.

Remember... if your game is incomplete due to darkness or weather, you must complete it the next time the two teams meet. You will finish the first game, then play the second game. It sounds impossible, but if you can agree to start the continued game 15-30 minutes early, take a crisp infield, and keep things moving, it's possible to complete both games with time to spare.

Important Reminders - Rules and Procedures - Please Review and Communicate to Your Team
The PALL Board of Directors have noticed several rules and procedures that are not being followed consistently. At the heart of nearly all of them is player, volunteer and fan safety so please brush up and remind your fellow managers, coaches, players, and families about them. If you have any questions, contact your Division Rep, the Director of the Night coordinator Dana Kern, or President Fred Hilliard. Thank you.
  1. Replacement ice packs for your first aid kits are stored in the equipment shed and may be obtained from a Board member. Please use these for practice if real ice is not available and request bags of ice cubes from the snack shack on game days. This keeps our costs down.
  2. Clean your dugout clean after your game.
  3. Players and coaches are not to wear jewelry. Only medical alert bracelets and wedding bands are allowed.
  4. Teams in all divisions MUST have an adult in the dugout at all times. If you don't have two adults, you must use two players as base coaches.
  5. All Players must be inside the dugout area. They are not allowed to stand in the doorway.
  6. In dugouts without doors, no one may stand in doorways, even adults. Everyone must be behind the protective screening.
  7. Do not lean bats against or hook bats into the chain link fencing.
  8. All equipment must be inside the dugout (the part of the dugout that is also covered on top).
  9. The player catching during infield or fly ball practice all divisions MUST wear a catcher's helmet with a dangling throat guard.
  10. Coaches and Managers may not take a job away from a player that a player could do (for example, warming up a pitcher). You ARE allowed to throw batting practice.
  11. A cellphone is required in the dugout in the event of an emergency, but cellphones must be kept in the dugout and not used on the field. This prevents distractions that could lead to injury.
  12. Umpires will determine when it's too dark to continue play. Umpires of PALL A-AAA division games will use the photo sensitive light in the Petaluma Valley Hospital parking (behind Kenneally field) as a guide. The light is visible looking north between the 1st base dugout and the snack shack from the end of the 3rd base dugout. The light can be seen between branches of the tall pine trees about half way up on the right.
  13. Patches are required on uniforms.
  14. A maximum of one rostered manager and two rostered coaches are allowed on the field or in the dugout during games. If a team wants to keep a book and communicate with the scorekeeper during the game, the book must be kept by one of these three adults inside the dugout. Communication with anyone outside the dugout is not allowed.
  15. You must always have a Safety Manual and a First Aid Kit at every practice and game.

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