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I would like to welcome you to the new Pendleton Little League web site. The Board of Directors hopes this web site will be helpful in providing you with answers to your questions, and give you information about Pendleton Little League as the season progresses. Please check out the website frequently as we will be updating information regarding calendar events, team rosters, tournament dates, tryout dates and many more items.

Again, welcome.

Josh Hanson,  President of the Pendleton Little League Board of Directors

11 12 All Stars
Thursday, July 2
Congratulations 11 12 Girls All Stars

9 10 All Stars
Thursday, July 2
Congratulations 9/10 Girls All Stars

Tuesday, June 16
Boys Baseball All Stars Announced

11-12 Boy All Stars

Manager:  Paul Rabb, Coach:  Bob Field,  Coach, Tim Simons

  Blake Swanson

  Brogan Biggerstaff

  Bryson Murray

  Colby Evens

  Curtis Simons

  Jayson Cropp

  Jimmy Jones

  Jordan Degeer

  Kyle Field

  Parker Persinger

  Tucker Zander

  Zach Rabb


9-10 Boys All Stars

Manager:  Michael Corey,  Coach:  Scott Breshears, Coach:  Rob Corbett

  Andrew Demianew

  Chas Corbett

  Clayson Cooley

  Colson Primus

  Dylan Alexander

  Easton Corey

  Gavin Clark

  Grant Clark

  Jack Lieuallen

  Keefer Breshears

  Levi Herman

  Luke Bensching

  Payton Lambert


10-11 Boys All Stars

Manager:  Dan Primus, Coach:   Rich Lani,  Chris Monkman

  Aiden Gunter

  Collin Primus

  Gabe Browning

  Jack Monkman

  Jacob Devereaux

  Jacob Parker

  Karson Lani

  Keith Burke Elwell

  Kellen Hanson

  Kobe Fell

  Kyle Liscom

  Mason Morris

  Tucker Pace

  Tyasin Burns 


Monday, June 15
Softball All Stars Posted

Age 11-12 Softball All Stars

Manager:  Ron Murphy,  Coach Julie Murphy,  Coach Scott Wilson

Mackenzie Burke

Jordyn Murphy

Celia Farrow

Jordan Jones

Delaney Ducheck

Alexia Laib

Brynn Cody

Maria Lilienthal

Katie Kline

Natalie Neveau

Josie Wilson

Kylie Parsons 

 Age 9-10 Softball All Stars

Manager:  Justin Samp,  Coach:  Kristen Garton,  Coach:  Jerod Broadfoot

Kylee Sellers

Allison Galloway

Jaden Samp

Sauren Garton

Charlie Mae Franklin

Ellie Samford

Brielle Youncs

Muriel Hoisington

Elsie McKay

Faith Broadfoot

Aubrey Lehnert

Emma Lanegan 

Congradulations girls!! 

Thursday, June 4
Pendleton Season Tournament Brackets Posted



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Thursday, April 23
Pitch Hit and Run Results

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The opening day Pitch Hit and Run results are in. Click on the thumbnails to see who advances to sectionals. Results are also posted at the ball park.

Thursday, March 26
Managers Meeting

There will be a mandatory managers meeting Sunday March 29th at 6:00 pm in the Sherwood Elementary cafeteria. Please be sure the have one of your coaches attend if the manager cannot make it. The meeting should not take more than an hour and a half.