Paxton Little League: Forms & Handouts

League Registration

Sign up forms are found below. A parent or guardian is required to complete the following forms “League Registration” and “Parent Code of conduct”. These forms will be collected at signups or can be mailed back to us. The School enrollment form is used by players attending PCS but do not live in Paxton. You can also signup online at

2018 Player registration2018 Player registration

Parent Code of ConductParent Code of Conduct

School enrollment formSchool enrollment form

Medical release formMedical release form

Volunteer Registration

All volunteers MUST fill out and submit a new volunteer application form to Paxton Little League each year. Volunteers are also subject to background checks; for consideration, a completed CORI form along with a copy of your driver's license MUST accompany your application. Background checks with other organizations do not apply.

2018 New Volunteer form2018 New Volunteer form

Proof of Residence

2017 Residence Eligibility Requirements2017 Residence Eligibility Requirements

Sponsor Registration

The Paxton Little League is one of the most well run leagues in all of Massachusetts. From a budgetary standpoint, corporate and individual sponsors have always been critical to supporting and sustaining a balanced budget. However, the combination of more families being unable to afford the registration fees and the ever-rising costs of maintenance, utilities, insurance, etc., makes your support all the more critical this year.

Sponsorship formSponsorship form

More Handouts: