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  Severe Weather Info  

Sunday, April 3
Severe Weather Information

Severe Weather, Notification, &
Rescheduling Procedures


Since the average distance between successive lightening flashes is approximately
2-to-3 miles, anytime that lightning can be seen, or thunder heard, the risk is
already present.  If lightning is imminent or a thunderstorm is approaching, all personnel, athletes and
spectators shall evacuate to available safe structures or shelters.

Rule —
lightning or thunder has been recognized, competition shall be suspended until
at least 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning is witnessed or thunder
is heard to begin or resume a contest. Any subsequent lightning or thunder
after the beginning of the 30-minute count should reset the clock and another
count should begin


Once a
match has begun, the referee is responsible and has the authority to suspend a
match for reasons of safety.  In the case
of youth soccer matches where youth referees are assigned, adult coaches and
managers are strongly encouraged to assist the referee with this decision to
suspend a match for safety reasons.  This
does NOT mean that coaches should attempt to influence a referee to continue
playing through questionable weather conditions.  This statement means that adults should make
the referee aware of imminent danger and to more quickly reach a decision to
suspend a match.  Referees are focused on
the field of play and may not be aware of the lightening observed by coaches
and spectators. 

to the start of a match, the home club administrators, and/or coaches of both
teams may confer and reach a decision that a match will not be able to be
started or completed.  If a decision can
be reached early, then the referee assignor should be notified immediately by
the club administrator to insure that the assigned referee can be notified in a
timely manner.  If the referee is already
on site, then the referee should be included in the discussion and final


weather-related decisions are “no-brainers”. 
Eg., It is an early April Saturday, and there are 6-inches of snow on
the ground with another 6-inches predicted over night.  Hey, cancel the game and make some proactive
phone calls.

spring-time weather events sneak up on us. 
Yes, we usually know that there is a chance of inclement weather, but
we’re never quite sure if the weather will or will not bring severe weather
elements, or just some wind & rain. 
And yes, these soccer games can be played in the rain.

most events, you will need to travel and make an at-the-field decision.  Let’s face it, travelling 10 or even 30
minutes to a field is no big deal, as compared to travelling out-of-state only
to turn around and return home because of weather/field conditions.  So, buckle down and just get to the field!

you are on-site, how long to wait?  While
there is no simple answer for this, all reasonable efforts should be made to
play the scheduled match.  Even if that
means waiting an hour past the scheduled start time.  If it becomes obvious that waiting will cause
the game to progress past daylight and into darkness, then use common sense and
cancel the match.  If the match was
suspended after starting, you should certainly wait as long as possible to
resume – this is especially true when teams travel from long distances, and
also when games are close, … so as to provide fair opportunity to both sides to
play a complete match.

the 30-minute rule.  Don’t rush and risk
safety just to restart a match!


If the
game has not started, or has only progressed into the first half, then the
match can be rescheduled.

If the
game has begun, and was suspended at half-time or during the second half, and
the match cannot be safely resumed, it will be considered a complete game with
the score/result recorded as such.


situation requires some patience.  And
while it is recognized that every team will have a few people who lack this
quality, it is appropriate to do all that is reasonable and safe, to see that
the game can be played on the scheduled date. 

be sure to notify anyone who is involved. 
It is better to over-communicate regarding these situations.

Parma Soccer Association
Parma Soccer Association

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