Parkway Little League, Saint Paul, Minnesota: Welcome


 The road to the Little League World Series begins at Parkway!

There is only one way to get to the Little League World Series. That is by playing in an officially sanctioned Little League Organization.

Come be a part of genuine Little League Baseball at Parkway for the 2014 season as we celebrate the 75th aniversary of Little League and our 60th season!

On June 6, 1955 a young batter stepped up and the first ball ever pitched in a Parkway Little League game headed toward the plate. There is no record of whether or not it was a strike, but either way it was a historic moment for the Dayton’s Bluff community. For 60 years, the men, women and children of the area have chipped in their time and money and have grown a voluntary organization with few rivals in the metro area.  

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 Congratulations to all the Parkway players that where nominated for the 2014 All Stars!  The All Star Teams are:

12U National All-Star Team:

Brandon O- LL Dodgers/ Ben K. - LL Dodgers/ Jared R. -  LL Dodgers/ Ty N. - LL Dodgers/ Damian C.- LL Pirates/ Blayde P- LL Pirates/ Joey M- LL Pirates/ Thomas H- LL Pirates/ Thaddeus W- LLPirates/ John H- LL Blue Jays/ Anders L - LL Blue Jays and Edward C- LL Cardinals - Coaches: Doug Olssen. Sean Cunningham and Greg Pogreba

12U American All Star Team: 

Zach D- LL Dodgers/ Chase C- LL Dodgers/ Goody B- LL Dodgers/ Jonah R- LL Dodgers/ Cole F- LL Dodgers/     Devlyn V-LL Pirates/ Drake T- LL Pirates/ Peter H- LL Giants/ Samuel K- LL Giants/ Anthony G- LL Blue Jays/ Johnathan P- LL Blue Jays and Domonick L- LL Cardinals  Coaches: Eric Froemel, Reatthon Chem

10U National All-Star Team: 

Max W- ML Rockhounds, Sam K- LL Rockhounds, Abe T- LL Rockhounds. Curtis B- LL Rockhounds, Hunter F- ML River Cats, Sam H- ML River Cats, Chris L- ML River Cats, Daniel B- ML Muck Dogs, Hayden P- ML Muck Dogs, Rutger H- ML Muck Dogs, Aidan W- ML Bee's, Noah J- ML Mets Coaches: Mark Weber, Jason Fischbach, Curtis Buchannan

Congratulations All-Stars!! 

Also- Parkway Hosts the 12U Tournament - June 14-15th and our 10U tournament- June 21st- June 22nd


Parkway Little League will be participating in the White Bear Avenue Parade on Wednesday, July 9th!

                                                            More information to come!



Stay ahead of the weather this spring with the new Little League Weatherbug App for IOS and Android

Until further notice, All games are to go on as scheduled,

If there is a chance of rain or storms the determination will be made at the fields near game time. If it has been raining or storming all day the decision may be made earlier and will be posted to the website, Facebook and Parkway voicemail.

All teams are to show up and be ready to play. If one team does not have enough players, and the other team is there and ready, then the team that is short players will forfeit. If both teams have enough players, the game may be moved back or rescheduled to a later date.


10U and 12U National All-Star scedules-  Click on Handouts: Allstars


Handout: Allstars

Thursday, April 24
2014 Parkway St. Paul Saints vs Souix Falls Canaries

Handout: Tickets - Saints and Twins Games

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Thu 9/18 star September Board Meeting 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Obb's Sports Bar & Grill
Thu 10/16 star October Board Meeting 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Obb's Sports Bar & Grill