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2014 Palmer Recreational Basketball League Season 

Palmer Recreational Basketball League(PRBL) is run by volunteers to promote participation, skills acquisition, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Hereafter referred to as PRBL is able to offer this program in cooperation with area schools, which work with us to schedule gym use. All parents are expected to help with monitoring the schools to ensure their continued availability.

PRBL utilizes schools throughout the Palmer area. Your child’s team practice may be scheduled at the following locations: Butte, Colony Middle, Finger Lake, Palmer Middle, Pioneer Peak, Sherrod, Machentanz, or Swanson. Practices are held between 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. during the school week, and regular season games are on the weekend. 2/3 games will be at either Sherrod Elementary or Palmer Junior Middle School. PJMS is the site for 3 / 4, and 6 / 7 / 8 division games.

Teams will be set up in December. Players will be contacted by coaches, usually two weeks prior to the first practice. If you do not receive a call before Jan. 7, please contact a PRBL representative at 745-3031 or

PRBL is designed to be a recreational learning experience. To reach this goal, the league will strive to create teams with equitable skill levels. Coaches and league directors will assign players to teams based on skill levels as reported on the self-rating scale and with input from local PE teachers and the Board. No trades will be allowed, and only the most serious of secondary conditions (transportation, etc) will be considered for team placement. Coaches will, of course, have their own children on their teams.

Please accompany your child to the first practice. Coaches want to meet you! Coaches will have sign-up sheets for all parents to take turns acting as hall monitors, time clock/score table and their own teams’ snack after games.