Pacific Youth Football League: Certification Info.

Monday, March 10
Birth Certificates

Any player that was certified and played the 2013 season must submit a copy of their birth certificate for certification. All new players coming into the PYFL must submit an original Birth Certificate for certification. No Exceptions!


***If a player played in the PYFL in the 2012 season and did not play the 2013 season the player is conciderd new and must submit an original Birth Certificate.***

Monday, March 10
2014 Weight Chart

A ten (10) pound weight gain during the season is allowed based on the top weight for ages based on the chart below. Exceptions: Bantams age 11, Midgets age 12 and Juniors age 13 will be allowed only a five (5) pound weight gain during the season.

Birthdate is as of 9/1/2014

  GREMLINS Age-Max Wt.   PEE-WEES Age-Max Wt.    BANTAMS Age-Max Wt.    MIDGETS  Age-Max Wt.    JUNIORS   Age-Max Wt.           SENIORS                  Age-Max Wt.

6 - 100 lbs.

8 - 115 lbs.

10 -130 lbs.

11 -145 lbs.

12 -160 lbs.

13 - 190 lbs.

7 - 100 lbs.

9 - 115 lbs.

11 -75 lbs.

12 - 95 lbs.

13 -105 lbs.

14 - 190 lbs.


"X" Man Unlimited Wt.

Monday, March 10
Junior & Senior Divisions

For the 2014 season the following documentation will be required for all

13yr. old Junior play downs and all Senior players:

Final original report card for 2013-2014 school year - no copies will be accepted. If the player is repeating 8th grade, he/she will need an original notarized letter from the school stating his/her enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year. 

Monday, March 10
Certification Book Guide - How To Do It Right!
Handout: How To Set Up Your Certification Book