Pacific Youth Football League: Certification Info.

Monday, March 10

Check back here on August 6th for PYFL Certification Dates, Locations and Times for each chapter to get certified.  As a reminder, please DO NOT bring your team early, later or to another location without prior consent from PYFL Vice President Tony Godinez.  (2014 Official PYFL Certification Roster has been sent to all chapter reps on 7/11/14).




Sunday, March 22
Birth Certificates
All new players coming into the PYFL must submit an original Birth Certificate for certification. No Exceptions!


***If a player played in the PYFL in the 2013 season or before and did not play the 2014 season the player is considered new and must submit an original Birth Certificate.***

Sunday, March 22
Junior & Senior Divisions

For the 2015 season the following documentation will be required for all

13yr. old Junior play downs and all Senior players:

Final original report card for 2014-2015 school year - no copies will be accepted. If the player is repeating 8th grade, he/she will need an original notarized letter from the school stating his/her enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year. 

Sunday, March 22
2015 Weight Chart

A ten (10) pound weight gain during the season is allowed based on the top weight for ages based on the chart below. Exceptions: *Bantams age 11, *Midgets age 12 and *Juniors age 13 will be allowed only a five (5) pound weight gain during the season.

Birthdate is as of 9/1/2015

  GREMLINS Age-Max Wt.   PEE-WEES Age-Max Wt.    BANTAMS Age-Max Wt.    MIDGETS  Age-Max Wt.    JUNIORS  Age-Max Wt. 

    SENIORS             Age-Max Wt.

6 - 100 lbs.

8 - 115 lbs.

10 -130 lbs.

11 -145 lbs.

12 -160 lbs.

13 - 190 lbs.

7 - 100 lbs.

9 - 115 lbs.

   11 -75 lbs.

   12 - 95 lbs.

   13 -105 lbs.

14 - 190 lbs.


"X" Man Unlimited Wt.