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Monday, March 29
Welcome to PA Water Polo

Wednesday, October 26
Just for fun!!!!

So every year at states we do our best to run a timeline of events during the games so people can stay up to date with what is going on even if they can't be in attendance. Often times I can't help myself and my sarcasm starts to kick in and I will say random things that amuse me. (I apologize in advance of that happening again). Well this year I have decided to add to the festivities and do "Random Trivia" during the timeline.

Here is how it will work:

During the live feed I will ask some questions and you will have to email me your answers ( by the end of the game. Different questions will have different point values due to difficulty

I will post the answers during the following game. If you haven't sent an answer by the time I post them then your response will not count.

Whoever gets the most points will win a prize (I have no idea yet what that may be) and also bragging rights. 

On a side note: Last night our season was ended in a great game against a very good Governor Mifflin Girls team. Much respect to their players, coaches and fans who were first class all the way.

Wishing everyone all the best at states this weekend! 

Monday, October 24
Girls State Schedule


Game 1                5:00  Wilson vs North Allegheny

Game 2                6:00  North Penn vs Reading

Game 3                7:00  Villa Maria vs Souderton

Game 4                8:00  Governor Mifflin vs Cumberland Valley



Game 5                8:00  Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 4

Game 6                9:15 Loser Game 2 vs Loser Game 3

Game 7                10:30 Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 2

Game 8                11:45 Winner Game 4 vs Winner Game 1 


7th place               4:00 Loser Game 5 vs Loser Game 6 

5th place               5:15 Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6

3rd place               6:30 Loser Game 7 vs Loser Game 8

Champs.              7:45 Winner Game 7 vs Winner Game 8 

State Awards following Championship Game 

Wednesday, October 26
Round 1


Wilson vs North Allegheny


North Penn vs Reading


Villa Maria vs Souderton


Governor Mifflin vs Cumberland Valley 

Monday, October 24
State Seedings and Scenarios

Below is the top 8 for boys and girls with adjustments based on play-in games.


1. North Penn

2. Wilson

3. Gov. Mifflin

4. Villa Maria

5. Souderton

6. Cumberland Valley

7. North Allegheny

8. Reading 


1. Cumberland Valley

2. North Penn

3. Cathedral Prep

4. LaSalle

5. Wilson

6. Gov. Mifflin

7. North Allegheny 

8. Pennridge

If Souderton beats GM they will be 8 and everyone will move up one spot

If Hazleton beats Pennridge they will be the 8 and everyone will move up one spot 

Sunday, October 23
Play in Games


GM vs Springfield @ GM

GM 14 Springfield 10 

Pennridge vs Reading @ Pennridge

Pennridge 10 Reading 12 


GM vs Souderton @ GM

Pennridge vs Hazleton @ Pennridge

All games will start @ 6:30pm 


Thursday, October 13
Western Conference Championships Saturday Oct 22nd

Here is the schedule for the Western Conference Championship on Saturday October 22 at the Prep and Villa Events Center.

Game 1            10:00am          G          Villa 13 vs Fairview 6
Game 2            11:15am          G          North Allegheny 14 vs McDowell 8
Game 3            12:30pm          B          North Allegheny 13 vs McDowell 7 
Game 4            2:30pm            G          McDowell 12 vs Fairview 5
Game 5            4:00pm            G          Villa 13 vs NA 6 (Girls Championship)
Game 6            5:30pm            B          Cathedral Prep 14 vs NA 12 (Boys Championship)
 Higher Ranked Team Will Be Designated As The HOME Team And Will Wear DARK Caps  

Wednesday, October 19
Central Conference Championships on Saturday Oct 22nd

Game 1           8:00                Gov Mifflin 15  (G)   vs.   Muhlenburg 5 (G)


Game 2           9:00                Reading 15 (G)   vs.   Hazleton 6 (G)


Game 3           10:00              Gov Mifflin 13 (B)   vs. Reading 11 (B)


Game 4           11:00              Hazleton 13 (B)   vs.   Exeter 11 (B)


Game 5           12:30              Wilson 10  (G)   vs.   GM 7


Game 6           1:30                CV 13 (G)   vs.   Reading 9


Game 7           2:30                Wilson 15 (B)   vs.  GM 7


Game 8           3:30                CV 20 (B)   vs.  Hazleton 9


Game 9           5:00                GM 14   vs. Reading 7


Game 10         6:15                Wilson W   vs. CV L


Game 11         7:30                GM W   vs.    Haz L


Game 12         8:30                CV W   vs.   Wilson L



Wednesday, October 19
Eastern Conference Championship Schedule Sat Oct 22nd

Game 1           8:00                Pennridge 12  (G)   vs.   Upper Dublin  11(G) 


Game 2           9:00                Springfield 14 (G)   vs.  Wissahickon  10(G) 


Game 3           10:00              Pennridge 18 (B)   vs. Wissahickon 12 (B)


Game 4           11:00              Souderton 11 (B)   vs.   Springfield 10 (B)


Game 5           12:30              Souderton W  (G)   vs.   Pennridge L


Game 6           1:30                North Penn W (G)   vs.  Springfield L


Game 7           2:30                LaSalle W (B)   vs.  Pennridge L


Game 8           3:30                North Penn W (B)   vs.  Souderton L


Game 9           5:00                Pennridge 10  vs. Springfield 8


Game 10         6:15                NP 8   vs. Souderton 6


Game 11         7:30                Pennridge W   vs.    Souderton L


Game 12         8:30                NP W   vs.   LaSalle L