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Monday, March 29
Welcome to PA Water Polo

Saturday, September 24
Note on scores

Just an fyi....

I can only update the google doc when scores are added. I also can't update when I am on deck coaching...sorry doing the best I can...thanks for the emails 

Saturday, September 24
Flight 1 on Youtube

Youtube WMP Live Streams for flight 1

Saturday, September 24
Saturday Scores in handout

Tuesday, September 20
News and Notes

Hello All,

Beast of the East is only a few days away so I wanted to make sure all of the scores are up to date. If you check your teams scores and notice that I am missing a game (Ex: Coach Kuser from Mifflin has a difficult time hitting send when submitting results). Just send me an email if you see something I am missing and I can adjust. (

For the site we are only posting scores that involve PA Water Polo teams. To be honest it saves me a ton of time and streamlines the site for the seeding committee.

For BOE we will have a google doc set up so each site can submit scores during play (HANDOUT SECTION). I will have that up soon. Also, we will have a link for live feed for flight 1 at Wilson on Saturday. That will be up soon also.  

Good luck to all teams this weekend 

Sunday, September 4
News and Notes

Just a heads up when reading the scores. Sometimes you will see a score of 1-0 and that score simply means that I know who won the game but I do not have an official score for it. I will update those scores after I recieve them.

Wednesday, August 31
2016 Master Schedule

The Master Schedule is now in the HANDOUT section.

 Please note: Changes to this schedule will take place and there will be games added vs Non PA Water Polo schools that will not be added on this master schedule.

The tracking of results take place by coaches sending me an email with those results. If you do not see your teams results please address that with your coach so they can send them to me.

All the best 

Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Tue 9/20 Water Polo Souderton Girls vs. Central York Girls TBA
Tue 9/20 Water Polo Pennridge Girls vs. Mechanicsburg Girls TBA
Tue 9/20 Water Polo Cumberland Valley Girls vs. Pennridge Girls TBA
Tue 9/20 Water Polo Cumberland Valley Girls vs. Mechanicsburg Girls TBA