PYAA: Lost and Found

Friday, September 23
Lost and Found Information

If you have Lost or Found something during a PYAA event, email our Office Manager and we will post it on this site.  Please include the information necessary for someone to get a hold of you (email or phone.)  We will NOT be responsible for contacting people or housing Lost and Found items. 

Many found items are left at the concessions stand at the ballparks.  Please check there also.

  • 6/5/2012 - FOUND - Honda key.  It's at the concessions stand.
  • 6/2/2012 - LOST - Black teebll Bat at field C1.  "Hammer" written on one side, "Easton" on the other side.  Please contact 

  • 11/5/2011 - LOST - Black mesh bag at 10:00 am Basketball practice at Sycamore.  It contained yellow pinnies, orange cones and a camera.  Please contact Brian Smith 614-638-2833. 
  • 10/10/2011 - LOST - Boys BMX bike (blue/black) was left at the PYAA complex.  Please call 580-4379.
  • 9/30/2011 - FOUND - Ladies watch was left at the PYAA office.  We don't know if it was left here by the owner, or turned in by someone who found it elsewhere.  Please contact
  • 8/15/2011 - LOST - A bat was left at the ballpark last spring during a Reds game in the 6/7 age group.  The name on the bat is "Pyros".  Please contact Danielle Myers  
  • 7/3/2011 - LOST - A cell phone was lost at a Pony/Babe Ruth game. Please contact Cindy Hillberry