PYAA: Background Checks

Saturday, April 7
Coaches Background Check


We have changed vendors for our background check process.

  • If you performed a background check in 2011 or prior, you must complete this background check if you are coaching this year.
  • If you performed this background check in 2012 for a sport currently in season (Lacrosse, Softball, or Junior League Baseball, you do not have to perform it again for another sport this season.)
  • Contact  or your sport president if you have questions concerning this process.

Perform PYAA Background Check

**If you have trouble completing the process through this link, please contact for the direct link.** 

You will be required to enter your full legal name, address, SSN, birthdate, and driver's license number.

  • The background check will be processed by third party Priority Research.
  • PYAA will be notified of any person who has failed to pass, based on preselected criteria called disqualifiers. Disqualifiers include convictions or pending convictions or arrests for any of the following:
    • crimes involving children
    • Abuse or assault/battery
    • Rape
    • Crime of sexual nature, including pornography
    • Homicide or manslaughter
    • Attempted murder
    • Domestic violence
    • Child neglect
    • Felony drug crimes
    • Animal Cruelty
    • Theft and robbery
    • Forgery and fraud
    • Kidnapping
    • Arson
    • Weapons Violation.
  • If you do not hear anything, you can assume you passed the background check.