PYAA: Contact Us

Tuesday, January 23
To contact us:

Click here for contact information for the Executive Board (including Sport Board presidents.)

For information or contacts regarding a specific sport please go to the respective sport page from the PYAA Home Page.

The PYAA Office Office hours are:

  • Monday 2-7pm
  • Tuesday 10-4pm
  • Thursday noon-5pm
  • Saturday 9-noon 

**See Home page for modified office hours for the holiday seasons**

392 Courtland Lane, Pickerington. (In the business offices behind the Dairy Queen.)

PYAA Office Phone: 614-920-9635. PLEASE NOTE - Voice mail messages are only checked when we are in the office.  If you need quicker response, please contact, Office Manager

Executive meetings occur at the PYAA Office the first Monday of each month (7:00pm). The meetings are open to the public.

Mailing Lists - If you would like to be removed from our mass email list please send an email to: Office Manager. Please describe whether you want to be removed from email, regular mail, or both.

Refunds - If you need to request a refund from a particular sport, please contact the Sport Board Registration Director or Sport Board President.  Please provide:

  • Your child's name, and the respective sport
  • Your name and address (so that we can mail your check.)
  • A brief description of the reason you are requesting a refund.
Please be aware that all refunds MUST be approved by the specific sport administration. You are strongly advised to make contact with the sport president and/or registration personnel. Also, be aware that each sport has timeframes in which full refunds, partial refunds, or no refund will be given. The specific sport administration will be responsible for determining the refund amount.

General information (not sport specific), or if you don't know who to contact, send an email to: Office Manager.  Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.

Mailing address:
PYAA (please specify sport) P.O. Box 32, Pickerington, OH 43147.

The PYAA Hill Rd Complex is located at 630 Hill Road, Pickerington.
The PYAA Milnor Rd Complex is located at 12740 Milnor Road, Pickerington.