Pony / Babe Ruth Baseball: Welcome

Sunday, March 27
Southeastern Pony and Babe Ruth Baseball

 REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR 2012.  Register to be on waiting list by clicking on the "Register Here" button on the main page of our website.

PONY LEAGUE:  Cost is $155.00 per player.  League runs from approx. Mid May-June 30.

BABE RUTH LEAGUE:  Cost is $155.00 per player.  League runs from approx. June 1-June 30.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Barry Cohen at Bcohen001@insight.rr.com

 The Southeastern Pony/Babe Ruth Community League will be hosted by Baltimore. Phil Barker is the Director. I am sure that Phil will welcome any help and support from the Community Team Coaches and Directors. 


The 2012 Southeastern Pony/Babe Ruth Community Leagues  (Everyone outside of Pickerington) will need to contact Phil Barker at  Barkerconstruct@greenapple for information concerning the 2012 Pony/Babe Ruth Community Baseball League Season.  An email will go out to Coaches and Directors of surrounding communities as to when the league meetings will be. 


INCOMING PONY & BABE RUTH PLAYERS:  Please note that ONLY the new bbcor technology -3 bats can be used for Pony &Babe Ruth(NO -5 or -7 bats are permitted).  Wood bats are also allowed.

ALL PLAYERS Please review ALL of the rules for Pony / Babe Ruth at the link on this site. 

Thank you.

Barry Cohen

Pony League offers a baseball program for boys ages 13-14.
Babe Ruth League offers a baseball program for
boys ages 15-18.

All baseball ages are calculated as of April 30, 2012, for the 2012 season.
Both Pony and Babe Ruth Leagues will play games against other PYAA teams,
but also will play games against other local community leagues. There will be 8 home games and 8 away games for Pony and 9 home games and 9 away games for Babe Ruth.

If you have questions, please email  Barry Cohen at bcohen001@insight.rr.com.

Prospective coaches should be contacted the beginning of April. If you are interested in coaching, please register at the time of registering your child.

Team selection will be made by mid April.

Practices should start the last week in April.

Games Start approx. on 5/29 for Pony and June 1 for Babe Ruth. 

For Questions concerning registrations, please email Barry Cohen at bcohen001@insight.rr.com.


This site has been updated with information for the 12 year old players who will be entering Pony.  Please see the Pony/BR news page,  for the "Letter to the 12 year old players and parents". Also note equipment changes for Pony,  please see " Baseball Equipment & Attire ".  Pony plays by the OHSAA Rules, these can be located on the Handouts page." You can view the website and take a look at our "teams" page for a list of teams and locations we played for the 2012 season. These locations are all local communities. Game times are 6pm for all games. Pony and Babe Ruth both play 2 week night games and Pony will play a game on Saturday, Babe Ruth will have double headers on Saturday, for a total of 4 games per week so that we can finish up our games by June 30.  Game schedules are always posted on the handouts page. All games and scores are updated after each game, and can be found on the games/scores/standings page.

Please email one of the board members from the Pony/Babe Ruth board member page with questions.


Dear Community Business Leader;

We need your support. The monies we are raising through fund raising help supplement the fees we charge to run and develop the baseball program. Your contribution will help us develop the needed facilities to give the youth of our community a positive outlet for their energy. All contributions will be recognized on a sponsor banner at the PYAA Sports Complex. Pony and Babe Ruth Team Sponsors will be recognized by having the business name on their teams jersey. Pony and Babe Ruth Leagues Team Sponsors will also receive a sponsorship appreciating plaque in recognition of your business' support for the PYAA program. Please download the form and mail to the appropriate contact person listed.

Thank you for your support.

Pony and Babe Ruth Sponsorship Invitation Letter.

Pony and Babe Ruth Sponsorship LetterPony and Babe Ruth Sponsorship Letter

2012 Season: Handouts, Rules and information has been updated for the 2012 season, See the handouts page for Pony and Babe Ruth Rules.

Teams page has directions to all home and away fields. It will also have the teams coach contact information and team rosters. 

See Baseball Equip. & Attire page for important information about equipment regulations. (Especially first time Pony players.)

Game scores and team standings page will be updated nightly upon teams reporting their game scores and logging pitchers on the submission page.





If you have any questions, please contact one of the board members on the board members page.

Play Ball !!


Pony/Babe Ruth baseball seeks to instill in its participants the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, discipline and respect for authority. It is our hope that the youth and young adults of the area will grow to be citizens whose adult lives will reflect those values.

It must be understood by parents as well as all volunteers that competitiveness will be automatically generated in a natural form by all of the participants both players and fans. Parents, fans and players will not be allowed to intensify competitiveness beyond those natural instincts. As our kids move to higher levels of baseball, those instincts will intensify. Anything beyond that will destroy the intent of our baseball program.