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Sunday, December 16
Links -- No Guarantee of Accuracy
Links are provided as a service to assist seekers in locating information about programs offered by Potomac Valley AAU District clubs. Neither the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) or the PVAAU has had any input in the information included in these linked websites.  

Therefore, the PVAAU neither verifies nor guarantees the accuracy of these websites' contents.

Sunday, December 16
Club Listing and Website Links NOT an Endorsement
Any listing of sites in a sports-specific PV AAU Girls' Basketball is not intended to be complete nor is it represented as such. AAU and the PVAAU do not endorse or recommend any specific club(s), coach(es) or group(s) of athletes.

Sunday, December 16

AAU and the PVAAU are not liable for any participation in any unsanctioned tournament(s), league(s) or event(s) held in the PVAAU District area.

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