Potomac Valley AAU District: AAU Rules and Governance

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Sunday, December 16
AAU Governed By The "AAU Codebook"
AAU Codebook
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All AAU sports and activies are subject to the rules, regulations, by-laws, policies, etc. of the "AAU Codebook."

The major sections of the AAU Codebook are:
.  Article I -- Governance of the Union
.  Artilce II -- Governance of the Districts
.  Article III -- Judiciary of the AAU
.  Bylaws -- Bylaws of the AAU
.  Policies -- Policies of the AAU
.  Appendix

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Sunday, December 16
Article II -- Governance of the Districts
The operation of the Potomac Valley AAU District are subject to the provisions of the AAU Codebook.

Article II of the AAU Codebook, Governance of the Districts, includes the following headings by which the Potomac Valley AAU District must abide:

A. Adoption
1. Amendments

B. Charter 

C. Name, Territory, Jurisdiction 

D. Objectives 

E. Management
1. Board of Managers
2. Executive Committee
3. Officers
4. Meetings
5. Committees
6. District Championships

F. Dissolution
1. District
2. District Sport Committees