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Saturday, December 22
Amateur Athletics Union (“AAU”)
About AAU
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The Amateur Athletics Union (“AAU”) is a national sports organization with members in more than 30 different sports. The Amateur Athletics Union is committed to the following: 

AAU Mission Statement
To offer amateur sports program through a volunteer base for all people to have the physical, mental, and moral development of amateur athletes and to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship. 

AAU Vision Statement
To offer amateur athletes and volunteers opportunities to develop their highest level through a national and local network of sporting events.  Through participation in AAU we achieve our dreams as athletes and as value citizens of our communities. 

Mission Statement and Vision Statement last updated for 2007 AAU Codebook. 

Sunday, December 16
AAU Membership
Four Classes of AAU Membership
The AAU offers four classes of membership under a hierarchical structure. 
·       Member Districts.  The Potomac Valley District is a “district member” of the National AAU.  As such, its role is to provide administrative services within its geographic area. 
·       Member Clubs.  Clubs within each sport apply with the National AAU to become member Clubs for that sport.  For instance, in girls' basketball, Potomac Valley clubs such as the Vogues, Classics, DC Heat, etc. are AAU club members that have met the registration requirements to be an AAU club.
·       Individual Members.  Youth athletes, adult athletes and non-athletes that have met the registration requirements are individual AAU members.  For example, players and coaches on Potomac Valley AAU girls’ basketball teams are individual members. 
·       Affiliate Members.  Non-AAU organizations engaged in athletics or sports-related activities that have been approved by the AAU Congress.  

Sunday, December 16
Information on Becoming an Individual AAU Member
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Click on the logo to go to the National AAU website page with information about becoming an individual AAU member and/or finding a team or organization in the area offering the AAU sport in which you may be interested.