Port Stanley Senior Softball Club: Welcome

Wednesday, September 14
Port Stanley Senior Softball Club (PSSSC)

The 2012 website can be found at:


 Welcome to the 2011 Port Stanley Senior Softball Club.

The league was established in 2006 and is dedicated to the enjoyment and pleasure of the senior softball enthusiasts of the Port Stanley community and surrounding area. Fellowship and recreation bring together approximately 75 players on 5 teams, who on weekly basis enjoy playing the sport of slo-pitch softball. The league is unique in that wooden bats are mandatory for batting and while using regular slopitch balls.

League Commissioner: Paul Caldwell, 519-782-3189,  pncaldwell@sympatico.ca  

Around the Diamond news:

Paul makes appearance and appears to be recovering well. Great News!

Commissioner talks of expanding league from 5 to 6 teams next year. 

Order your year-end CD of the Port Stanley Sports Pictures from the 2011 games. Makes for a great gift.

* Season is over. Golf and BBQ next week!  *************************************************

** New Videos added Sept 14 , 2011  (see below)

Game Results for Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

 9:30am  Shedden 8 vs Pirates 4

11;00am   Blues 5 vs Shedden 8

12;30pm  Maroons 5 vs Sailors 6 


#1 Sailors,   #2 Blues,   #3 Pirates,  #4 Maroons,  #5 Shedden

Schedule updates are now completed. Please contact Rick Robbins(Dirt @ 519-457-7485) if there are any discrepancies with the printed copy or posted results that need to be addressed on the webpage.

See attached tabs News, Calendar, and Schedules.  

See "News" for 2011 Rosters to be updated as available.

or the Port Stanley News/Francie's review of the games and pictures:


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Current Radar Picture:http://www.theweathernetwork.com/index.php?product=satradarmaps&pagecontent=satradarmaps&lowres=true&map_strd=on&genre_strd=satrad&idx_strd=12

Baseball Songs & Video Links

Ultimate Batting Pratice (Extreme) (This guy is too good) * Sept 14 http://www.wimp.com/battingpractice/


Baseball Bloopers Aug 5



Switch Hitter vs Switch Pitcher (Unique to say the least) Aug 5



Third Was The Fence (A Must See *****) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mhzknah8fo&feature=related 


“I am the Greatest”  (Kenny Rogers baseball video/song)



Come Home to Baseball



Top 10 Baseball Songs Over The Ages: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuclrJk23wc&feature=related 

2010 Blue Jay Song and Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygUyVyjjiyU&feature=related