PSA CROSSFIRE Soccer: Team News

Thursday, January 5
2012 Season

Greetings all,

In the words of “The Blues Brothers legend”, Jake…..”hey man, we’re gettin’ the band back together”……YES, we are planning to play U-19 premier this summer. It will be flexible so you can work and practices will be limited and it will not cost very much. Everyone is welcome to play, it does not matter if you played in college this year or not……PLEASE….PLEASE….contact me ASAP to let me know yes or no…..or maybe. You can also let me know if you know of another player who might be interested. PLEASE contact me NOW!!!!

Chris Laird 

State Winner
2010 State Champions
Wednesday, July 27
2010 State Champions

Monday, July 25
Thank you's
Another very successful season has passed and it doesn't happen without the help of many people.  First, thank you to our coaches who have put in many hours to help each and every player on the team!  The U18 season is never easy with graduations, jobs, and the anticipation of college but they did a wonderful job of keeping the players involved and encouraging them in soccer and life.  Thank you to all of our parents for supporting your sons by attending games & "writing the check" to allow them to play.   Thank you to the Raether's for being our team sponsor, we really do appreciate your behind-the-scenes support!  Our end-of-season party was outstanding thanks to the Wong's!!!  Thank you to Dave Slack for the picture slide show and Sue Norstrom-Waldon for the bars at the party.  Finally - to all of the players - we have thoroughly enjoyed watching you play some outstanding soccer and grow up to be wonderful young men!!!          

Monday, July 25
Team Party

Thank you Fu, Suet & Jonathan for hosting the team party!  We couldn't have asked for a better day; great weather, a beautiful home & pool, and a State Championship to celebrate. 

Tuesday, July 5
League Playoffs/Regions/State Tournament

We will be going directly to State and will not be in league playoffs or regions.  The following is the State Tournament schedule link:

Saturday 7/23, 5:00pm game, players at 4:00 @ Coon Rapids (CRA02) vs St Croix Valley

Sunday 7/24, 1:00pm game, players at 12:00 @ Coon Rapids (CRA01-if we win on Sat.) (CRA02-if we lose on Sat.)

Thursday, June 16
Game Times

Games times listed on the calendar are when players should arrive, 1 hour before the game begins.

Friday, April 8
Game & Training Schedule

The training schedule has been updated for the season.  We only have a few training times outside before our first State Cup game, so please try to attend ALL of the sessions! (We've missed time as a group because of the different spring break schedules.)

Our game schedule comes out April 16th & I'll update the calendar.  We are in the south district this season.

Our regular training schedule will be: Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30-8:15 pm at Heritage. (We will practice on Tuesday/Thursday when we don't have a game,)

Friday, August 6
Team Stats

Over-all Record:    39 gp  21w  9d  9l   66gf  34ga  19so

Breakdown by competitions:

MRL   4w  0d  2l    5gf 6ga  1so

State Cup  1w  2d  2l    5gf  8ga  1so

BoMW   2w  2d  0l      5gf  0ga  4so

MYSA   8w  1d  1l      18gf   4ga  6so

Individual Stats:

Chuks Iwe                           17g  3a  20pts

Michael Kirsch                   13g  5a  18pts

Chase Carey                        10g  7a  17pts

Ian Taylor                            9g  7a  16pts

Paul Graupner                     1g  8a   9pts

Scott Carlson                       1g  7a   8pts

Nick Kieser                          1g  5a  6pts

JD Wadsen                          1g  5a  6pts

Jonathan Wong                   3g  3a  6pts

Davey Kulberg                     2g  3a  5pts

Anthony Slack                      3g  2a  5pts

Matt Elder                            1g  1a  2pts

Scott Vezzosi                        1g  1a  2pts

Gus Waldon                         2g  0a  2pts           

**We have 4 unassisted goals

GK stats:

Matt Elder           22.5 GP  23 GA  1.05 GAA  117 saves  5.85 SPG  10 SO

Alex Leiter           16.5 GP    12 GA    .67 GAA  52 saves  3.46  SPG  9 SO

Sunday, February 6
Fee Schedule

PSA sent out the first invoice for our team.  Since we did not have tryouts our team was not invoiced on the traditional club schedule and they decided to split the bill between two payments.  PSA asked me to give you this friendly reminder, if you have a balance from a previous season you will not get a player pass until your account is current.  You should call PSA to create a payment schedule. 

Our fee schedule is as follows: 

$50 Registration Fee

$550 - Commitment/Club Fee (1st Invoice)

$550 - Team Fee (2nd Invoice)