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2011 State Champs
2011 State Champions!

2011 MYSA State Tournament Champion (U18)

2011MYSA League Champion (U18)

2011 State Cup Semi-Finalist (U18)

2011 Futsal Tournament Champion (U18)

2010 MYSA State Tournament Champion (U17)

2010 MYSA District Tournament Champion (U17)

2010 Best of the Midwest Finalist (U17)

2010 Midwest Regional League (U17)

2010 Futsal Tournament Champion (U17) 

2009 State Cup Semi-Finalist (U16)

2009 MYSA State Tournament Finalist (U16)

2009 MYSA District Champion (U16)

2009 MYSA West League Champion-Undefeated (U16)

2009 NSC Spring Cup Champion (U16)

2009 Midwest Soccer Challenge Champion (U16)

2009 Prairie Cup Finalist (U16)

2008 MYSA District Tournament Champion (U15)

2008 MYSA C1 West League Runner-up (U15)

2007 MYSA State Tournament Champion (U14)

2007 MYSA District Tournament Champion (U14)

2007 North American Challenge Champion (U14)

2006 MYSA Fall State Tournament Champion (U14)


Thursday, January 5
2012 Season

Greetings all,

In the words of “The Blues Brothers legend”, Jake…..”hey man, we’re gettin’ the band back together”……YES, we are planning to play U-19 premier this summer. It will be flexible so you can work and practices will be limited and it will not cost very much. Everyone is welcome to play, it does not matter if you played in college this year or not……PLEASE….PLEASE….contact me ASAP to let me know yes or no…..or maybe. You can also let me know if you know of another player who might be interested. PLEASE contact me NOW!!!!

Chris Laird 

Monday, July 25
2011 State Tournament Champions!

Congratulations PSA Crossfire players and coaches on winning the State Tournament two years in a row!!! That is quite an accomplishment and we are all very proud of you!  Thanks for working so hard again this season and for giving us an opportunity to watch some terrific soccer! 

Thursday, July 21
PUMA Beach Soccer Winners

Congratulations players on winning the PUMA Beach Soccer tourney!  Enjoy your new PUMA boots.