Northern PRIDE: TRY OUTS info

Friday, November 13
Try Out information

Elite (PINK) Team Try Out times:      Sat. Nov. 14, 2009  6:30-9:00 PM

TEAM ages 13 and older only.

Northern PRIDE club team (NAVY) try outs:    Sun. Nov. 15, 2008   1-3 pm

12 and under only attend this session.

PRIDE VBC will support teams based on talent and interest levels for the 2009-10 season

Confirmed PINK teams for 2010: 18's, 16's, 14's

All other age groups will depend on the try out player talent. 

Elite levels will go by PINK and CLUB levels will go by Navy in coding. 

downloadBadger region 2010 membership form download Badger region 2010 Medical form

download2010 age definitions for team try outs

Wednesday, October 24
3 Simple Steps to Prepare for TRY OUTS @ any club
3 Simple Steps to Prepare for TRY OUTS @ any club

1.                  Go to the CLUB web site and check times, dates and fees for try outs. 



2.                  Go to the Sign Up to Play web site and register for each club you plan

Attend try outs at.   Fees are not due until try out date.

Create an account for your daughter with all of her information.

Every club has access to this information if you are offered a spot.


3.                  Go to the Badger Region web site - go to forms, fill out the

Membership form and the medical form

                        ***Make sure you and your parent have signed the forms in ALL spots.

 At try outs you should be prepared to have a few statistics recorded:  block jump, standing reach, approach touch, pro agility quickness score, vertical jump and shuttle time.Try out evaluators are looking for athleticism, leadership, court awareness,knowledge of the game and skills.  DO YOUR research on the clubs your trying out for prior to try outs.   Ask lots of questions ahead of time.  Many clubs will make offers at the try outs and you should know your rights if you are trying out for multiple clubs.

Wednesday, October 10
Know your rights when choosing a club!!!

Make sure you as an athlete know your rights when you go to a try out.   REMEMBER- club is not like High School, there is no advantage to playing up in age, unless you cannot find a team of your talent in your age group.

 If a club offers you a position on a team you should ask some questions before you accept:

1.  What level and age are you offered?   How many players on the team?

2.  How many practices per week?  Where are the practices?

3.  Most importantly "who is the coach?"   coahing is the biggest issue in club and many time if your not on the top team the coaching may be poor or average.

 You do not have to accept an offer on the spot and with the new short first acceptance date many clubs will be offering positions at try outs. 

Be informed before try outs,  do your home work on the club and last years age group that matches you!!!!  Good Luck to all.