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Kent Twisters Three- peat
Twisters Three-peat as POWHA Most Sportsmanlike Team
The Twisters have now won the POWHA Sportsmanship Award 3 years running, making them the only team in the POWHA to ever win the Award.

Though this year the team from Kent came close to doubling their PIMs from last year with 24, they still remained well under their nearest competitor, the Columbus Capitals with 30.

They averaged only 4 pim per game.

Way to keep out of the box and your minds focused on the game!

Kent Twisters PIM in 2004-2005: 24
Central Pittsburgh: 42
Cincinnati Rising Stars: 36
Cleveland Blues: 52
Cleveland Heights Ice Hawks: 36
Columbus Capitals: 30
Pittsburgh Puffins: 64

Kent Twisters Average PIM per game in 2004-2005: 2
Central Pittsburgh: 3.5
Cincinnati Rising Stars: 3
Cleveland Blues: 4.34
Cleveland Heights Ice Hawks: 3
Columbus Capitals: 2.5
Pittsburgh Puffins: 5.34

Kent Twisters average PIM per game compared to average GAA per game in 2004-2005: 2 PIM/ 1.91 GAA
Central Pittsburgh: 3.5 PIM/ 2.33 GAA
Cincinnati Rising Stars: 3 PIM/ 2.50 GAA
Cleveland Blues: 4.34 PIM/ 3.18 GAA
Cleveland Heights Ice Hawks: 3 PIM/ 3.92 GAA
Columbus Capitals: 2.5 PIM/ 4.17 GAA
Pittsburgh Puffins: 5.34 PIM/ 3.33 GAA

Missy Rose, POWHA's Top Goalie: 2004-2005
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Congratulations to Missy Rose! This year's Goaltender with the best GAA. A 1.91 GAA and a save percentage of 92.8! She gives her team a chance to win every game she steps on the ice. She stops and average of 22.5 shots per game.

Abby Greer, Defensive All-Star: 2005-2006
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Congratulations to Abby Greer ~ Defense: Kent Twisters (11 games, 4 goals, 4 assists, 0 PIM). Her stellar performance on the ice helped the Kent Twisters win the POWHA Sportsmanship Award avoiding many penalties and obtain the leagues lowest average GAA with a 1.91. Greer and her defensive teammates worked to keep shots to an average of 24.25 per game.

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Finishing 4th in the League with a 4-6-2 record, the Kent Twisters continue their stingy ways only giving up only ...

2004 Sportsmanship
Monday, March 29
A Repeat Winner of the POWHA Sportsmanship Award
Congratualtions to the Kent Twisters who not only shocked the POWHA as they took out the defending champion Cincinnati Rising Stars in the 2003-2004 POWHA Playoffs, but also once again took home the Award for the Seasons's Most Sportsmanlike Team.

Kent Twisters '04 Autumn Classic 2nd Place
04 Autumn Classic 2nd Place Twisters
The Twisters went 3-1 in the tournament losing only in the Championship Game to the Niagara Coyotes, 1-0.

Verses Fellow POWHA Member Pittsburgh Puffins: 3-1
Verses Circle City Sirens: 6-0
Verses Strongsville Stingers: 5-0
Verse Niagara Coyotes: 0-1

Most Sportsmanlike Team Surprised!
When award the POWHA Most Sportsmanlike Award was handed to Abby Greer of the Kent Twisters, she said, "That's ...

Kent Twisters Team Picture
Autumn Classic '03 Pioneer Division runnersup- Kent Twisters
Autumn Classic '03 Pioneer Division runnersup- Kent Twisters

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