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Monday, March 21
Playoff Prevue...
Caring on from their Championship season last year the Blues dropped only 2 games this season and amassed 19 pts going 9-2-1 in a domination of the league.

The Blues finished first in the regualr season overall and scored more goals (49) than any other team scoring more than 4 goals per game on average.

They handed every team in the league, except for Central Pittsburgh, at least one loss.

They went 3-2 in their final 5 game after starting the season 6-0-1.

With all stats reported their leaders are as follows:

Zajac 32
Clifford-Stepka 23
McFadden 9
Stack 9

Zajc 22
Clifford-Stepka 9
Stack 4

Clifford-Stepka 14
Zajac 10
McFadden 6

Stack 22
Zajac 8
Mazzarella 8

Bott 2.0
Slack 3.0
Knapik 3.0

Save %:
Slack 88.6
Knapik 85.7
Bott 81.8

Slack 7-2-1
Bott 1-0-0

The Blues first playoff was less than stellar as they were unable to show to the playoff tournament with a good number of players. They played a good game but lost the the eventual champion Cincinnati Rising Stars in the first round.

They made up for the loss, though, beating every opponent they faced in last season tournament to take the Championship. With strong play this year they have secured a bye and will not play until Saturday at 2:30 p.m. when they face the winner of the #4 v. #5 match up between Kent and Columbus.

Saturday, September 17
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